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Full text of "Our hymns : compiled for use in the services of the Baptist Temple"

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DlYfsion ^CjC, 
Section H*£&f 

Our Hyrrytg 

gift of mijfc 

23 1934 

'fl»C»l RF*^ 

Compiled for use in the services of the Baptist Temple 





DAVID D. WOOD, Mus. Doc. 

Copyright, 1903, by Grace Baptist Church, Philadelphia 

For sale at the Business Office of 
THE BAPTIST TEMPLE, Broad and Berks Sts., Philada. 


JOHN J. HOOD, 1024 Arch St., Philadelphia 
52 Michigan Avenue, Chicago 

Price Board Cover, 30 cent^, £25 per 100; Full Cloth, 35 cents, 

$30 per 100. 


HEN God created the heaven and the earth 
11 The morning stars sang together and all 
the sons of God shouted for joy." Thus, 
in the very beginning, song was the choice 
expression for profound emotion. But 
song changes with the changing conditions 
which inspire it. New songs, and new 
arrangements of songs, are needed, therefore, as new conditions 
arise. For t his reason the Psalms call over and over again for 
"a new song" and John declares even of the blessed ones in 
heaven that "they sang a new song." And such service is 
inspired of God Himself, for in an hour of special deliverance the 
Psalmist cries, " He hath put a new song in my mouth." 

Many old hymns are specially dear and helpful to worshipers 
at the Temple, but there are new ones full of rich promise. God 
has put these into our mouths. They are preeminently "Our 
Hymns," and what has done us so much good will do good to 
others when they meet for worship, or in the privacy of their 
own homes. 

In compiling this book every phase of church work and 
worship has been considered, and all classes of sacred songs 
have been examined, many authors and many publishers have 
kindly aided this effort, to each of whom special thanks are due. 
Believing that "Our Hymns" will be found inspiring and 
elevating wherever used, we send them forth on their divinely 
appointed mission. 

RUSSBLL H. Conwii.i., 

Harry C. Jon i 
ROBT. B. Lini'ii.i.. 
The Baptist Temple, mitUi . 

Philadelphia, November, 1902. 


cJ* c5* «^* «3* 


jbt 4— J=*» 


Out* ©IjtircO pjomt. 





D. D Wood. 



i r ■ - ~ t * r r " r v r 

We come to our "Church Home" to-night, With Bweel and Bolemn gladness flll'd; 

Tis here we learn of Christ's great love, And by its fullness gnide our own. 

No «»ld. no young, no Stranger here, Kut all as one in Christ we meet; 

Come join with us in works of love, In serving Cod and man so true, 

Here we know the Father eares for us, Here we feel his arm around us throws, 

I s j w . . . *n 

For i iod this" home " thro' his great might Did or- der and did build. 

We know that an- gels sing with joy. Above our loved Church home. 

No friend betrays, no foes we fear, Sheltered by this Mer- cy Seat. 
That the ech- o of this hymn may prove A call of Grace to you. 
Here we sing and pray, and praise his name For the blessings we have known. 

Wfl l C i ft 


Tis a blessed Home, ' tis a blessed Some, Surely, sorely 'tis a blessed Home 


, ' 

s ' 




^ s 

s h 






rfr* r^r 

Tisour H'.ine. tis our Home, Bnrely, sorely 'tis a blessed Home. 

Our Church Home, our Church Home, ^ 

f ri ij i • . II 

j Oaprrickt, IWt. bj V D. WMd. & \t 


Wtmi tfjc J3rt0tflroom comrs. 

Rev. 1). R. Mili.kk, D.D. 

A. B Morton. 



! I I 1 N S 

1. In the Bhadowa of the evening, Will the Bridegroom come? When the 

:l. In the Bilence of the midnight, Will the Bridegroom come? When the 

:>. In the beauty of the morning, Will the Bridegroom come? When th« 

•1. Oh, be read - y, all be ready, When the Bridegroom conies! Come, () 


/ > i 





\j v 


|r-j -h- 

f= 3tat 



world is dark aronnd us, When the sins of life have bound us, And the 
reap - er deatli is reap- ing, When the soul in sin is sleeping, And no 
eyes of faith are clear- er, When the pear- ly gates are near- er, Aud the 
sin - ner, be for - giv - en, From thy sins be wholly shriven, Ere the 
f- f- f- .0 * ,» i ,^-i f f f , •- 



* * '? f r~*~fH 


--U J- P— N rn=-H s— Vr— I >~rH — i * — K"rd 1—, — — . 

handoffearhascrown'dus.Will the Bridegroom come? When the Bridegroom comes, 
guard the watch is keeping, Will the Bridegroom come? 

Saviour is the dearer, Will the Bridegroom come? Refrain for 4 th verse, 
throbbing sky be riven, When the Bridegroom comes. For the Bridegroom comes, 

S*s ♦ .-_•*■ ~* - _ _ - 



feu. t ; 1. 1 [! fHrtfttfy l » II la 

• ^ 

When the Bridegroom comes, When the Bridegroom comes? 

Will your lamp be trimm'd and burning, 
Fee, the Bi idegroom corner, May your lamps be trimm'd and burning, ete 


k ii MortM I «cd i.t per. 

J3e ©race auout. 

Ida Scott Taylor 

l The—. 

J. Howard Emtwislp. 




1. A. message sweet is borne to me On wings of joy divine; A wondrous 
'J. I hear t hf mes- sage that I love When morning dawns anew, I read it 

3. Oh, wondrous grace tor all mankind. That spreads from sea to sea! It heals the 







a f— *- 


* N 

message, glad ami tree, That thrills this heart of mine; I'm Bav'd hy grace, hy grace a- 

in the sun above That shines across the bine; I hear it in the twilight 

sick and leads the blind, And sets the pris'ner free; The soul that seeks it cannot 


N N -X- 




-0 0- 


,N r\ 


rv v 

lone, Thro' Christ, whose love I claim, No other could for sin atone, Ho- Banna 
still, And at the sunset hour-I'm sav'd by grace! what words can thrill With such a 
fail To see the Saviour's face, And Satan's pow'r cannot prevail If we are 




-> : 


•S ~0> -0- -0- 







to his name! O glorious song that all day long With tuneful note is 
mag- ic pow'r ? 
sav'd by grace. 

glorious song 

all day long 




r- r* 

# #- :» 






ringing, I'm sav'd by u race, amazing grace. And that il why I'm singingl 

I'm sav'd by gnicc, a - mazing grace, 

11 M Y00 ' I "-r=x=£=r:*=i 

^OWjr^fci, lau, by J. U..U4 fern*. /W • / 


■p~p"> • 

b; JofaoJ. 

fttitatina in 3ftatt0 &lout. 

Flora Best Harris. 

Chorus altered 


Jno R. Swbnby. 

1 . \ burden was laid on my spir- it, Whose weight was too heavy to bear; 

2. The shadows of doubt gathered round me, The skies all above me were dim ; 
.'*» Then weary I sat by the wayside, The tears falling fast from my eyes, 


• # >»• /» # 

And so I just brought it to Je- sus, And his loving heart heeded my pray'r. 
A ml scarce could I see thro' the darkness, The road that would lead me to him. 
When, lo, on the far away mountains. I beheld the glad morning a- rise. 

m m m m m m m . ^ * * * "•" m "•" mTT* 'm 



4— 4- 

->— V 

V~ ^— =^-^ 



y y y y 


SZ ' , * £ % l 0-0— 0— 0-^0— 


Living for Jesus, my Refuge and Guide, Living for Jesus, what want I beside? 

y y y u y w 

^ ^ ^ ^ s 

N n - K~N- 

Earth'a golden treasures seem nothing but dross 

Since I have anchored my heart to his cross; 






>— (- 




Trust - ing, 

Trusting in 

tru-t - ing, Trusting in Jesus a - lone. 

I'm ^_^ 

> > ^ NU 

y— y— >■ 

-^— y-n ^zzzzfe: 

Coprrifht. n.dJohn J. Hood. 



•1 it^ radiance came down from the hill tops 
And railed on the valleys below, 

My sang aloud in its gladness, 
For tin- beautiful sunshine's bright <il<»\\. 

") 1 looked on the nice of the Master, 

It shone thro* the glory Of day; 

And, leaning my spirit upon him, 

The burden slipped softly away 

dSoJi ftfpall Wipt mi Stare ntoai?. 

Lotta B. Whiti 

Kli.ih \\> 


-* -* V V ^ 

A. B. Morton. 

^ * ' * ^ 


I shall wipe all tears a - way, By and by, by and by, 

2. God shall wipe all tears a - way, 

3. God shall wipe all tears a - way, 

1 God shall Wipe all tears a - way, By and by, by and by, 

±& -^ 

1 1 1 J~ 

-UJ * 

— .V. 

H — -*-*- 

7*7 — i 

J * * 

When earth 

In that 

All earth' 

We shall 

K N 

-J J «— 

L # ■ 1 < — 


s night has passed 
res-ur - rection 
3 sorrows will re 
ring his praise for 

v , — 1 — u 

1 * 

a- way, By and 

■ pay. 


-75—. Ci 

X ' P * X 

by, by and 

By and by, 

N» # * * N» 

J^S 1 


by and by; 
N r* 1 

• r 

^ *- 

L_^_>J 1 



r-J 1 1 h- 

: -] K" f<- 

r i i i 4- 

— ' — i 

(H?-r—0 — f— 

— ' * *f~ 

— i 1 — - — 

-4H — € — 5- 

— # — # — J — -i — 
— • — — 


•^ -#• * - - .#. Ej* - • ^L • 

In that laud that knows no night, But where Je- sus is the light, 

In that land so bright and fair, With our loved ones we shall share 

No more partings, no more tears, No more sighing, no more fears, 

hall nev-er know a care, Nor a grief nor burden bear, 

c^ ■* ,*!— -»-g— :-r-e-- r. t rf f * ; i ** i 



^ • « m 

-I ^— >- 

— m m m m 

-~\ — r i — _ 


tit. e dim. 




* * * nr* 

We shall walk in robea of white. By and by, 
All the glories o - \ er t b 
Bpend with Obrisl the endleaf year-. 

Always bap] By and by, 

by and by. 



-_i — i — fi — 
u * ■ 

Copynjbi, 1**. by A R Morta*. U*«l by per 

by and by; 


8 3k0Uff of flafaretfc iJn.ootU mg Wan. 

Birdib Bbll. J. Howard Entwislb. 

Feelingly. ^ s s s s 


>/ e 


1. Je - sus of Nazareth passed my way, My heart is tilled with singing, 

2. Je - sus of Nazareth passed my way, He gave me sight for blindness, 

3. Je - sus of Nazareth p;issed my way, Oh, precious is the sto - ry ! 

» ' # — # 0-t — ft-# — r# » — f — r0 #- 



» it 








* ■* -^ 

■• ♦ V 

My darkness he has turned to day, New life and gladness bringing; 
Tormenting doubts he did al- lay With words of heav'nly kindness; 
I'll sing it thro' life's lit - tie day, And chant it up in glo - ry ; 

> . -0- ■ 


r —r 











' -'- 




My garments, soiled and stained with sin, I cast a - side, un - heeding, 
With- in my heart he woke a song, He taught my lips to praise him, 
The Great Physician made me whole, Redeemed my life from sadness, 

I **■ 




i — r 




He clad me in his raiment clean, In an - swer to my pleading. 

Although temptations 'round me throng My grateful heart o - beys him. 

And while e - ternal years shall roll I'll sing this song of gladness. 


: ,'> 







m — m — i-M. 





Je - sus of Naz - areth passed my way, Redeemed me by his pow'r : 


T J ' J U V V 

Otpplfht, 1W7, by Joba J. Howl. 



I 1/ 1 


3fr#u0 of Uiajarttt), etc.— concluded. 



*> rit. 


■¥ — r 

Oh. hear the cry, " he pans- tth by," Give him thy heart this boor. 




jj p l»^ # 




I— I 

©fcrrcomins Eu tftr Jiame of 3K0U0- 

Jbnnif. Wilson 

A. B. Morton. 

rs rs rs ps j_ 

1. I have fouud release from the bonds of sin, Overcoming in the name of Jesus; 

2. O'er temptation's pow'r I have gain'd control, Overcoming in the name of Jesus; 

3. I will sing redemption while here below, Overcoming in the name of Jesus; 

4. I will prove the wonderful depths of grace, Overcoming in the name of Jesus; 

^— 4 > > | l= 

n y P^ Lf. y n f t.ffff f y ,f- f 




V — >-- 


There is holy gladness my heart within. Overcoming in the name of Jesoa. 

Evil's charms no longer allure my soul, Overcoming in the name of Jesus. 

With a joy triumphant I onward go, Overcoming in the name of Jesus. 
Till on high with sav'd ones I find a place, Overcoming in the name of Jesus. 

Pt j t . i f7ff i PfFFT 

=t — I— ^ v^L -^-j ? - f 

"* t^i 

D.S. — Till the crown of life shall at last be mine,Overcoming in the name of Jesn& 


V V V 'J I I 

Overcoming, o - rereoming, I will fully trust in the strength divine, 

in the name 
-.-*-■•-. M-*-A-tiM- M. M. JL JL JL f: ± ±1 — M- 

pt=)& 3=*=Szpr^rZiri5=>— j#_ I - I if L L if f-4 

__ t 1 Ui 1 1 1 La m m a 1 m W 1 1 * 



1 — I- 

• • , , 

C^yi%kt, 1K*. k7 A* E;Um4-M «rt«* Co. V—i+jfm. & W 

* ' 

' ' 


J%iQt)tt ffirounDf. 

Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. 

s s . 

Chas. H. Gabrirl. 

\ - r -l 1 N — \-i & |V 1 \ — P — v-r™ I r 

i — 0— -.— \-m-'—m 0- £ %-i * * -%— L 4-^--E^-0 — 0— «-#---■. 

1. I'm pressing ou the upward way, New heights I'm gaining ey'ry day; 
2 My heart has no de- sire to stay Where doubts arise and fears dismay; 

I want to live above the world, Tho' Satan's darts at me arc lmiTd; 
1. I want to scale the utmost height, And catch a gleam of «;lo- ry bright; 

' t 

i/ u i 




— s-r-l £— A— »ri ^— N , N — 1 (—p- 

Still praying as I onward honnd," Lord, plant my feet on higher ground." 
Tho' some may dwell where these abound, My pray'r, my aim is higher ground. 
For faith has caught the joyful sound. The song of saints on higher ground. 
But still I'll pray till heav'n I've found, "Lord, lead me on to higher ground." 



* ji 




Lord, lift me np and let ma stand, By faith, on heaven's ta - ble-land 

I s I s -0- 


r r r if ' p r r ii : i h 

> — » — *-f-f y — y— *-4f - - f P — ," 

ltd ^ ^ — h 

**• ± 

-r rV T- ri r 



A higher plane than I have found. Lord, plant mv feet on higher ground. 

rr,- • — # — •— r*-4— • — a — i if' — — — - r # — # — • ■* — r f-~-r ~ 

i .j LJ *' I L. luAd I t if I ■>_•— l_t~ jAhn 1 Kmwl nvrutr 

<.oj>irl|bt, \*K, b; 

, by J. Uowwd 1 

Eii^nW. -»«»> J »«««1. ownw 

SfHiJ Ottt ti)t SHHlC'SOt. 


Ellkm Dakb. 




~^ ^^Uy= *=4±£T±*=t=i l i i J lii-jji 

Bend out the sunlight, the sunlight of eheer,Shine on earth' 
Send out the sunlight in letter and word; Speak it and think it till h< 
Bendoul the sunlight each hour and day. Crown all I ilh itslun 

Send out thesunlight that speaks in a smile. Often it short- as the long, w 






N I 


, I J ! , 

pear — Souls are in waiting this message to hear, Send out the sunlight of love. 
Btirred — Hearts that are hungry for prayers still unl 

Send out thp sunlight of love. 

ray. Nourish the seeds that are sown en the way, Send out the sunlight of love. 

mile, Often the burdens seem light for awhile, Send out the sunlight of love. 

— ?-2=z= h — ■ r : — r rH-r ~r-4t±g-i. 


I I I 





Send out the sunlight of love Send out the sunlight of love 

the sunlight of lore, the sunlight of love, 

;• * 

o * 

X X yp ? 

^j^j^i^i ^^^ iil 

Bend oat thesnnlight, Send ont the snnlight, Send oat the sunlight of love. 

the sunlight of love. 


-_ #_^.._*_ r # -T — ^.^L-TT 0_».^m #_*_# - r -^-'-» <? — _ 

Up7ri«l>m«»S, bj Jdo. E. E»».j. ^ 

od out the sunlight, as free asthesirl 

will follow with none to com- 


Blessimr* ofpeaee, that will ri*e from de- 


doutthesunlight.yonhaveit in] 
Clouds may obscure it ju.^t now i 
your new; 

. out the sunlight of love. 


Rev. Henry Burton, A M. 

ftasg ft ©n. 


I \ — \__ *_ | q 

# . « - u #-r— 4 #-v-# -jr 

1. II iv«" you had a kindness shown ? Pass it on. 
2 Did von hear the lov - ing word ? Pasa it on, 
ft. Have you fonnd the heavenly light? Pass i1 on, 


p tsa 

• is 
on ! Twaa noi 
on ' Like the 
on! Sonlsare 

C C B I 



_* A- 

#— * *Ti 

given for thee alone. Pass it on, pass it on' Let 
_-ni<_ of a bird ? Pass it on. pass it on' Let 
groping in the night, Daylight gone, daylight gone \ Hold your lighted lamp on 



it trav-el down the 
its inn - sic live and 

a % 

— / 





it wipe an- oth - ei^s tears ; Till in heaven the deed appears 
it cheer an- oth - ert woe ; You have reaped what others sow, 
a star in some one's sky, !{•• may live who else would die, 

D.S.— Chi lot, you live a- gaii 


-Christ, yon live a- gain, 
Fine, chorus. 

Live for him, with him you reign, 

OapTilfht, I ■«■. kf » ■• J. Kim»r»T»i. • 

" For ye arc bought with a price."— i Cor. vi : 20. 
E. E. Hkwiii. C< mpanfon tO " 1 Know He's Mine." 15i:nj. Boi is. 

PS fS 



— V 


1. Not mine, but thine, the hours thai pass, Like light and Bhade above the grass . 
*2. Not mine, but thine, this life on earth, Naught but thy grace can give it worth ; 
'.). Not mine, hot thine, the joys I own, Bright gifts of love from thee alone; 

•1. Not mine, but thine, the cross I bear, The works I do, the robe ] wear; 


-i s — P — i 1 -, — h — P— # — r m-i — 5 — *- — — rw - t — s — 9 — s — r*-* - i 

U I 

-I J H ^-i Nj b N-r-4 S jr r\-r— I 


Bought with a price, thy blood outpoured, Thine would I be, my ris- eu Lord. 
Lei all its pow'rs surrendered be, To car- ry out thy will for me. 
Used by thy help, so rich, so free, Oh. may they smile and shine for thee! 
Not mine, but thine, tbro' endless days, The swelling song of grateful praise. 

±7 • • Ik 


l> ]/ b 

V— ?— lil 


rs in r\ 

Not mine, but thine, O Love Divine ! To thee my all I now re- sign 
000 .0--—*— , ,#-.—£- ^-*-r-<-* m ,4 

* * 



?— • •" 


^ b 1 

V * *" 

p / 

» • # — v 


*-• ' • v '♦ 

• 11 

me its dross, its '_ r <>ld re- fine. The starry crown, not mine, bnt thine. 

V s s 


' r ^=? —*—0 

* I \ u Irj : : 

• > Copyrt^t. Wi. b, E On*. B 

Butu UMd bj pn. 

Will <gou tic <Qnt 

Kkank M. Davis. 

# — 9 — r 

\J \J \J 

; Vv'ill you he out- in that beautiful land? Will yon be one, will yon be one? 
2. Will you be one whom the Saviour will claim? Will you be one, will you be one? 
;>. There will be joy in that fit - v so fair, Wonderful joy, wonderful joy; 

U \J u 

Around the white throne of the Saviour to stand? Will you, O will you be one? 

An heir of salvation thro' faith in hia name? Will you. o will you be one? 

There'll never be parting nor sorrowing there, All will be wonderful jov. 

-0 . ..-_ ■ v K 

y j v 

Will you be there in the glorified throng? Will you be there, will you be there? 
AVill you with Jesus forev - er abide. Safe- h at home, sale- ly at home? 
There will be glory for sinners redeem'd, Glo- ry for you. glo-ry tor me, 

£\& 9 r r r r r r 





> * 

b b b b b b ^ 


,V N 




-#— #- 


og the sweet strain of thai blessed new Bong, \\ ill you.O will you be there? 
Where ev'ry heart-longing shall be satisfied, Safely forev- er at home. 

Beyond all thai mortals have heard or have dreamfyGlory for you and for me. 

* r , * « _ # 00 


b b b 

„ u CHORUS. 


b b 

•j > 


lb ^ ^ r n tt 

j - -/ 

J J J J j j, Li 4 ^ ^^ 

L> Li 


Will you be one in that beautiful land? Will you be one, will you be one? 

-*— *—*—*-' -T-* ■ 2 '-'-r*Z=f f* 

syy r f ' f r ' 


b b b b b 

b b b 

Copjr^bi. lSVfl, bj rt»nk M. XMtU. 





Will J?OW t>t ©lit?— CONCLUDED 

fl" j j j J i i 'i i .5 i : V-^-p-^- 


Kv- cr rejoic - ing at Jesus' right band, Will you be one? . . . 

Will von be one i.i! byt 

r> h c i I is i 


s, . 3-^ — 9 w w m w w — r-w w- 

• w y r r r T [ r [ r 

Ernst ?l}tm. 

Jbnnib Wilson. 

Howaku E. Smith. 

1 j* J j HJ .M i j k ^ 3 

1. Fully trust the loving Saviour. Weary, doubting soul, Givethy lit'*-. with 

2. Trust him when thy heart is aching, When thy load of care Seemetb to thy 

3. Trust the Saviour when the storm-clouds Veil from view the light, li«- is closer 

4. Trust the Saviour 'till each trouble Of this Hi'.- Is o'er, Then a - bid- ing 










Pi U 1 U I U I I v 

all its trials. In- to his control. Trust him, trust him, Trust the 8a\ ionr 
fainting spirit More than thou can'st bear, 
in the darkness Than when skies are bright. 

in his glory, Praise him evermore. j: Trust hi m,:|| |: trust him 



K -^ - N 


• • 


dav by (lav ; Tho' thy path be rough and lonelv, Trust him, trust him all ti 

, H| rrr .. .3 . 

1 U 1 

• — #- 

■# r*- 

-f £1 

- . ; 

Capjnffct, I*:, kj Jafca J. UW. 

t— 7 

£ . 



mtlnt fttiall f^abr mil. 

U. M 

Mrs. C. H Mofmra. 


' ) 


f; — i — r 



Not with di - via- ed heart Come I, O Lord, to thee, 
lo thee for help I cried, When I was lost in sin; 
Bonght at tremendous cost By the dear Saviour's blood. Saved to the 

*.- m- &- 


But thine in 
Je - sus hath 


! i I 


ev - 'ry part For-ev- er - more 
sat - is- tied. Now I have peace 
ut - termost, Under the crim 


with - in. 
son flood. 

Christ shall have 


4—J- * 


U U » 

all Christ shall have all my heart, For less than 

Christ shall have all, have all 

this I could not bring; My gift 


so small for thy 

My gift so small, 


Copyright, I '.«■'. by JoLn J. Uood. 

4 Dead to the world and Bill, 
Upward my (eel shall press; 
Alive to Christ my Lord, 

And to his righteousness. 

5 Yet more of love bestow, 
More of thy grace impart, 
And cause to overflow, 

With gratitude, my heart. 

J3» eiear (Gnltlcr. 


B. Morton. 

4 4 4 

1. By the clear waters of Gal - i - lee, Jesus \\;is teaching and praying; 
•J Tike thou my yoke, it is light to bear : Learn thou of me, I am low- ly ; 
:>. Peace like a riv- or 1 give to tint-, Earth has no surcease lbr sorrow, 
4. Tempted ones, I will yonr troubles share, Come to me, nothing can sever; 

Weary ones working on laud and sea Heard hi--; sweet words to them, savin] 
Find iu my service relief from care, Heaven is rest lor the ho- ly. 

Joy in its fullness your portion he, Come, do not wait for to - morrow. 
Mansions for weary ones I'll prepare, Conu- and n -*t with me for- ev - er. 

' 9 ■ » — • — • — P- 

\J \J 



I 1/ V V V 

Come un - to me, .... 

Come, come un - to me and rest 

Come un - to me, .... 

Come, come un - to me and rest, 




s i i 


ha\e been, like you, a man of great sorrow, Come unto me and rtv.t. . . . 

Come, com* to me and rett. 

' * * b ,m m . flf ,* 1 * '" „~ 


\jj A a Hvrum Um4 by pw U 

18 iioto are Wt tt)t Sows of <ffio». 

Soprano or Tenor Solo. 

i John iii : 9, 

Wm. G. Fischbr. 


He - lov - ed, Be - lov - ed, Now are we the sons of God, And it 


1 ** * 

a ^ ^ ^ 


P b 



Repeat as Chorus. 


# #— iJ 

doth not yet appear what we shall be, what we shall be; 

it doth not 

n _ j -> ♦ ♦ . . - j g a 

.— H 2 — b — 4— b— ^— 1— 


>— A 



1 2 

-N— *- 

ft * 


-0 — — — # 


b b 

# — 5 

r : 


But we know . . , . that when he shall ap - pear 

But we know he shall appear 


m^= ^ m 

-0 — — — — — — 0- 


H 1 • 0- 

w ~ w •--* 

-? — y — y- 


— #- 

I b b b b 

n * J — 1__| — U_T 

V}7 »— #— iPV=— #;£* 0—0—0^0-^—0^0 £~- 

N S S 



I b / 

we shall be like him, we shall be like him, But we know. . that when 

But we know 

f 1 f i t '- t^'- t C m* : i Vi * ~ 1 — * * - * " 

± J J T 'T. 


# * #- 

I I 


^zz^z^zz^zr: ^ I „ z _^z^zzzzzr;:jrzzzz^!z ^zz^^ 
g>zzz^pz^:^:= ^ 

^~"^' VA.* SS/ Vi' |j 

he shall ap - pear 

JH tAatt be like 
% % % ^ 

-): >.*zztzzzr fti ^H* * # -g =* 

^>^ = zzzzzz^:z IZ-t _ 2 , 



we shall be 
-# # 0- 


Copyrfbt. 1901. b; Wm Kucb.r tied bj per 

> J 

iioto art Wt tljr Sons, etc. 



8 *• n ^fj-^-^j ar,,.g,.j 

like him. For 

^ I- is 



* ? 


we shall Bee him as he ie 

We shall sec him as he 

IN £ IN IN h N. 
1 . * '."•■*. ^ 


shall see him as he is 

rp - f. * -E Jt J 1 . j > ^ 

•_l_L_^.? — * 0' — .' _ # ^ II 

y v v v 

-#— — •- 


We shall see him as he is 
N S N S S 


-5 — ^ — > : 

3or&an\g Wa*ta X tro not JFcar. 

C. J. B. 

Chas. J. Butler. 

^~ : t±&§^=£ 

i— -> * S 

1. Some day. I know not when 'twill be, The an- pel Death will come to me; 
'2. My sins he long a- go forgave, And still I feel his pow'r to sa\» . 
3. O'er me has sorrow's storm oft swept, Safe from the danger me he's kept ; 




But this I know, if Christ be near, ( >hl Jordan^ waree I will not fear. 

And if I keep the witness clear. Old Jordan - wav. a I will not (ear. 
If still I trust this friend so dear. Old Jordan I will not fear. 

t*pyncbt. iiM. b, J<*» J Hood. * * / ./ ./ 

4 My lov'd ones they have cross'd tin- tide. •"> Bo when at death's COld brink 1 stand. 

Hut safely crossd withChrist tbeirgnide; My hand ela>p"<l m my Sai lour- hand; 

They sweetly whispered in m J I DM Bball shoot in tones so cle:ir, 

Old Jordan's waves I do not fear. Old Jordan's waves I do 

20 ZEbtn ftotoc Sfiintfl *n. 

M.s. Fkank A. Bkhck. Wm. J. Kirkpatrick. 

■■■■■■■■ mmm 



1 > - I 

Jesad cornea it ith pow'r to gladden, When love shines in, Ev- 'ry life that 

How the world will glow with beauty. When love shines in, And the heart re- 
Darkest sorrows will grow brighter, When love shines in, And the heaviest 

We may have nnt'adin; 



ding splendor. When love shines in, And a friendship 

• •• I ; ■:-» • , » -• * — r * — » — » — »--, 


woe can sadden, When love shines in. 

joice in dn - ty. When love shines in. 
hnr- den lighter, When love shines in. 
true and tender, When love shines in. 

Love will teach us how to pray ; 

Tri - als may be Banc- ti- tied. 

'Tis the glo- ry that will throw 

When earth-vict'i ies shall he won- 




L| (/. 




i c 

' sr 

Love will drive the gloom away. Turn our darkness into day. When loveshinesin. 

And the soul in peace abide, Life will all he glorified, When loveshinesin. 

Light to show us where to <io;0 the heart shall blessing know When love shines in. 

And our life in heav'n begun. There will be no need of sun, For love shines in. 

t>T; i\i : } +=&}■ 

When love sliines in 

When love shines in. . 

* i I T — ■ i ^ J 

When love shines 

How the heart is 

I 1/ b I 

tuned tosinging,\\ hen h>\ e nhinea in; 

when love chines in 
* I h 


I .J'"*" 


• * 


When h>ve shines in, . . When 
When love shines in, . . 

4 ~t • « 

by Wm J Kirkp»lrick IxJ by p*r 

^a ^^^^y 

When love shines in, When love shines in, 

Wbtn ftoUc Stituro ju.— concluded 21 

love shines in, Joy and peace to others bringing, When love shines in. 

when love shines in. 

- - \ -I- : - - !, HS§] 

When l'jvc shines in, 

Smile in (GoO'a ilawe. 


ft N 

Adam Cifibpi. 

1. Smile in God's name, tho' dark the sky, Back of the clouds the snn doth lie. 

2. Smile in God's name, speak words ol cheer, Tell ol the Friend so true and d» ai ; 

3. Smile in Gods name, forget your woes, Trustingly say, my Father knows, 

After the rain comes gleam and glow, Newness ol life to all below. 
Scatter the sunshine while you may, Glo - ri- ry him each passing day. 
Ev - er re- fleeting, as you go, Some of his brightness here below. 

^^r~ *- 

Bmfle, smile, smile in God's name, Scatter the Bunbeams bright; Whc-r 

! ? If . 01 1 £ =rf 



I I 

i — > — >_ 






» ^ •-#. 


ev-er you go, whatever yon say, Try to reflect his light 

s ^ - 

Cfjnji.i, iwi, \>f MM « Man VM t. 

7 F"- I 


©arrg tfjc 7i.(Q0t. 

i i . i ■ 

Adam Geibel. 

V X 

■j-^-J * 


l. Many in darkness are for astray, Carry the light, carry the light, 
'J. Lei us d - nite in this blest employ, Carry the light, oarry the light; 
:*. Living for Jesus, we'll work and pray. Carry the light, carry the light; 
1. Clearer and clearerthe dayspring glows, Carry the light, carry the light; 

8 • ^=^=^r^y , 

^-~~7 v -"^"— J — * — l^ — l^ — + 

U U 'J 

gng-rz^ : $ : 

Spreading the beams of the gospel day, 

Tell the good news of salvation's joy, 

Walking with him in the shining way, 

Brighter and brighter the morniug grows, 

Car- ry the beauti - ful light; 

Car- ry the beauti - ful light. 

Car- ry the beauti- ful light; 

Car- ry the beauti - ful light. 

Tell them the gift of the Father's love, How the dear Saviour he gave; 
Singing of Jesus, our songs are bright, Bright with the blessing he brings; 

(). there's a glory that fills the heart, Sunshine of pardon and peace; 

Jesus is coming in wondrous might, Coming in splendor to reign; 

•> : V. 

-* -- f--»— t ^t^t-^ 

j j 

\j j j 

Tell them of mercy thai smiles above, 

Helping t<» scatter the shades of night 

Let us the se- eret to all impart, 

Borrow and sighing shall take their flight, 

■>.; v " 

Je- BOS, almight-y to Save! 

Bing of the Lord's healing wings. 

Helping the kingdom's increase. 

E- den shall blossom a - gain. 



Oop/r^ii. loW, i,; Jviiu J. Uwtd. 


v v u y 

#— j — • — — - 

Car rti tfjr afflfjt.— concluded. 

CHORUS. s s s S 

_ , . — — j p— n ^ a s z 

tzi=i . . . . .E « » « « t-y 


-A 1- IV- 

; i : 

Light! light! beantifii] light! Streaming from heayen'a fair height; Living for 


, >--z ^- r T > ^ ^ <s u i / Jg=E 

+ — * — m- 
fr i§ N 




Je- sns. our precious Sav- iour, Car- ry tin- beau- ti - fill li^ht. 
ts in rN in 

H. R. Haweis 

JE&e pjomrlanO- 

David D. Wood. 

J I J I 1 — fr"?*"! 


1. The Homeland, the Homeland, The land of the free-born; There's no night in the 
2L My Lord is in the Homeland, With angels bright and fair; There's no sin in the 
3. For those Hove in the Homeland Are calling me away ,To the restandpeaceof the 


Homeland, lint aye the fadeless morn. I'm sighing for the Homeland, My 
Homeland. And no temptation there. The music of the Homeland Is 
Homeland. And the life beyond decay; For there's no death in the Homeland,There's 

~ -0- ^ f^ ^ 

I U^W ^ f ^ fiM 

"1 I V I 

heart leaching here; l here i no pain in the Homeland To which I'm drawing near. 
ringim: in my ears, tnd n hen I think of the Homeland My eyee itnafa out with • 

Mnamwbtr bring ns all to the Homeland Of his e- terna! love. 

* Olfr; 

> > 


C«j>yn«tt. 19*. by 0. O. Wnd. 



■ ■'w 

7- * 


John l» M 
March ti'/t, . 



Phkcy S. Foster. 



- *_> 



1. True in heart and loy-al we are ev - er. To our Lord and Master, 

2. Ever on, from strength to strength progressing, Ev'ry pow'r impressing! 
:;. Marching onward, cv - er onward, upward, Marching ev- er forward, 

in each day's endeavor; True in thought, in deed, in word and purpose, 
we would by his blessing, Give ourselves in lov- ing- hearted service 
marching ever heavenward, Bearing high the cross- erahlazon'd banner 








i p Pray erf idly. 

& • 1 9 I I * \ • §__ 


to our Lord and King. Help us, Jesus, day by day, to be true to thee, 
to our Lord and Kiim. Help us, Jesus, day by day, to be true to thee, 
of our Lord and King. Help us, Jesus, day by day, to be true to thee, 

j v u 

to Uveal! for thee; Guide our steps in life's bright way, hear us, Saviour, King. 
to live all for thee; Guide our steps in life's bright way, hear us, Saviour, King. 

to live all for thee; Guid< 

iteps in life's brighl way, hear us, Saviour, King. 

Soldiers, loy- al. serving Christ our leader, We will nev- er fal - ter. 

log forth unto the world-wide reaping, Painting not nor sleeping, 

In the mighl of him who reigneth o'er us. We will be vie- torious, 

I'lVifl [ |l i ** ttfrfTft 

I i «ri »t pari >••• 

Honal SoiOttra.— 



we will never waw, Help US e'er Stand firm tor thee,Saviour, Lord and King. 
faith Mid COarage keeping, May we win the world lor thee,Sa\ iour, Lord and Kinj^. 
in OUT cause SO glorious, And the world shall worship thee,Savionr, Lord and King. 

\ \ t r i r a 


* a * * a- 

-r » — * — »— *-rr - 


£ am OPflUnff. 

H. H. R. 

Rev. H. H. Ryi and 

-N fS s- 

' r :- 


I am willing, blessed Saviour, Now to be no longer mine; 
All my life has been so sin - ful, Like a sheep I went a - stray ; 
Far a- way from thee I wandered On the mountains wild and bare ; 
Blessed Je - sus, now receive me. I come leaning on thy word ; 


V — *- 







♦ '• -ai * 

be lost in thine. 

Help me make a full sur- ren - der, Let my will 

Nev - er would I do thy bidding, Ev - er turned to my own way. 

Far a- way from the Good Shepherd, Turning from his tender care. 
Thou a -lone canst ful - ly save me! Let a sinner's cry be beard 


•3 • 

D.S. — Willing dow to give up Miming. Love, o - bey, and trust in thee. 








\ V V V 

I am willing, blessed Je - sus. Willing now thy child to be; 

^L^t—t V - * • ♦ ♦ ♦ 



i ii 

t^JrJTHbt, r>/J, 0* U II Kil**l V«4»>;|W. 


m Wan So amir. 

Ida L. Rrrd 

DUET.— Alto and Tenor. 

Mark ix : 41 

J. Howard Ektwislb. 

1. It was so little, the kindness you offered, The hand-clasp so tender, the 

2. " It was M Jittle," you say, and forgetting — Pass on, all unknowing how 

3. Is it so little a burden to lighten. — To bring to an aching heart 


* m 









/J 1 


fc Ps- 


-*— 1- 

— T- 



— A— V 


— i — 


— IN 


— K- 
-# — 

— # 


-# a — 

-7 — 





h J — 4— 






— + 


word, sweet and low; But all of the world for one soul was made brighter, How 
Je - sus has blest 80 richly, the words that for him you have spoken, Or, 
healing and balm? Ah, is it so lit- tie, a pathway to brighten. — Some 

> * > -Tuj n -I s I* - s £ £ J v 






rit. ad lib. 


-Ps — - 

r *- 



much, — on - ly Je - sus the Mas- ter will know. "It was so lit- tie," yet 
how you have brought, to some troubled heart, rest, 
storm of nn - rest in a sad soul to calm? 

J J v s ,» JJI1JUEW1 

t Aj— — r— r lj < 


V— + 


how can you measure The joy that these little deeds often may bring Into sad 


t—r I I 1 l 


h i ^ u u - 


L/UU^UU U i> U 

lives, all the gladness, the blessing That you may bestow in the name of the Kingf 

Owb«1 b/ Joha J. U«xL WMmm«S*lJ.Uw»ll»ii»l» 

as { 3m { Comt to 


: ■ « 



■ - « ■ !■ 

Mi 5 < 

-♦ * « • • 4h 

'. \\<- m ".:.-• :.■■ : -•• .•. '—*■ 

: m - 

n :. - n • 

# / » t 


-*— — 

• <s 

g * 

^ 1' : 

• + 

-» •— — 

! = I— - --I 

f ■•••'' i 

J C -^ 

1 — ■ V « » 

i~~i * * * m m - • * 

■i ■ -~. 

-- i I I I 

J.. s- • • • • • • m 

am ^hstJB I job 3 bhk "» Ti 

1 Jim. d arc 
#-#^ # * « 5 ** ' * * ' » » g 

- -■*" m 41 *] m -p. 

■=*= =-* -* — m m m m m tg _i-^ 

• • f ' ^ ^ ^ ' -Ij-1 


i * * . 

^. - — - - « , . — 

- - «. %. % 

■ m - ti 

167 • # » m m ' m 1 m - m ■ 

9 • • 0. -; -- fl 

Ok. inar jul liks at. vtiDt laauL Jdk «*■ an. 1 enm v^b. 

S ■ ■ P ' 
• — -•— • — f — ♦ »'•>#. • — a »- t- 

H T5 — • — « « : * * » I »- ■ 1 -+r 

\^ - _ • • • • 

: » i- it 

28 f&crp ©u tfte Sunnfi Sttre of aife. 

Ada Blbnkhokn. 

J. Howard Entwislk. 

W 1-tHtrr— 4^rT"J J. -T ! = T j i P P = ' 

1. There's a dark and a troubled side of life; There's a bright and a 

2. Tho* the storm in its i*u - ry break to-day, Crashing hopes tbst we 

\\. Let ns greet with a song of hope each day, Tho' the moments be 

z P — »5 r -i 0.!—o—+-»—o — p.* 0_» — 0±-*0 -f^ — +-±— # 

— 9-'— #— *—&-!■ 

\> i u 


sun- ny side, too; Tho' we meet with the darkness and strife, The 
cherished so dear; Storm and cloud will in time pass a - way, The 
cloud- y or fair; Let us trust in our Sav- iour al - wav. Who 

t Jl> 

■* ' — "j " j i f ~-r.'g'-. .» 



sun- ny side we also may view. Keep on the sunny side, Always on the 
sun again will shine bright and clear, 
keepeth ev- 'ry one in his care. 

N S J_ 

sun- ny side, Keep on the sunny side of life; It will help us ev'ry day, 

.v fc s 

BEES • '._ l^-p^pz— •> ^ -^:^g£^5r=-=^Tg^b 

It will brighten all the way, If we keep on the sunny side of life. 

Copjri(hi, JbW, bj J. Uu«»rJ J ihn J M'»d. wwt. 

Cransfo rotation 


" I will declare what he hath done for my soul." — P*. Ixvi : 16 
Bri-lah " J. Howakd Kntvmvlk 

With exprr&tion. .> 

} * J f -s — ■ — ^ I 

1. Once inv eyes >.i\n nothing comely Jn the low - ly Nas - ar- ene, 
*2. Once my ears eoald find no mu - >ic lu his ten - der, pleading voice; 
\\. Once my robes, by sm pol- lui- ed, Were as tilth - y rags unclean; 

4 Once 1 roamed in dea- erts dreary. Sought in vain a place of rest, 

All lus grace was hid- den from me 

Now he speak.-, and each low whisper 

In the gr.-at Kind's roy- al presence 

Now my soul, no long - er wea - rv\ 

By the clouds of sin hetween; 

Makes my trembling heart rejoice. 

I could nev- er thus he seen. 

Leans entranced np- on his breast; 

1 was hlind, hut now I see. — 
His dear word hath made me free, — 
I am wlnt - er now than snow — 
Bless- ed- u«-ss beyond de - <:rre. 

.Ie - sus paid the debt for me. 

Oh. wliat bonndleas lib - er - lyl 

•Je - sus' hlood has made m< 

Je - sus i- a n-t fur mel 


1 \sa» Mind, hut now I see, — Je - sus paid the debt lor m«\ 

Hi- dear \\<>rd hath made me free. — oh. what boondleai lib - er - w \ 

i am wrhit - er now than -now. — Je - -11-' hlood has made uu mi 

«-(i- neai beyond de - gree, ./.• - -us is a rest lor meJ 

5 Hallelujah, what a Saviour' 
Half his lore was never told ; 
I ha\e found hi- kingly : 

Richer trea-un- far than ^old. 
II r Praise him, O my ran-omed soul, 
While eternal airis roll. : 

6 Oh. that all who bear the story 
For themselTes would t..- 
Come to him ; his banni r n*ei thee 
Everlasting love -hall !>♦• 
||: To thy weary soul !»♦• given 

Heat on earth and rest in heaven :|j 

30 wt totU SHafee a 3Joj»ful Jiotee. 

[da Scott Taylok 




Howakd Entwislb. 

1. We will sing and make a joyful noise to God, We will tell his mighty 
'J. We will sing his boundless mercy, ev - er new. And his grace in showers 
I*. We will sing of Christ the Saviour and his love, We will worship our Re- 






:e ill 


I i T 

* • * ~*-T-»h 


— •" 

wonders all a- broad; Of his inaj- es - ty and wisdom we will sing, 
a - bundant as the dew; We will spread his gospel truths from pole to pole, 
deem- er- King a - bove; For his kingdom stretches w ide from sea to sea, 

! IN £ m m m * I 




s • 



Ji J* ft IS J* r E N S t ! , JJl 

g f X 

And a- dore him as our u - ni- ver- sal King. j oy am j p ra i se 
And his matchless love in songs of triumph roll. 
And his glorious reign forevermore shall be. Joy and praise 

we will 1 

aise »■ To the honor of his great and mighty name; Oh, rejoice, 

we will raise r\ \ fc fc \ r\ ^ Oh, rejoice, 

: : , / BirVK SWI !&• * Ixf BP 

heart and voice, Singhosanna, and his wondrous love proclaim! 

heart and voice. 

love proclaim ! 

— *- 

Ei)t Beautiful, Beautiful Pttlta. n 

" I will lift up mine eyes unto the hilK from whence comcth my help."— Pi exxi 1 i. 

Rev. (ohksom o.mman, Jr. I. Howard Ektwmls, 

N-H J^-rJ &-»*- 




V u y y U 

1. When my soul is oppreas'd > When my heart la distress d,\\ ltli its weight of life's 

2. That fair cat - y of God, .Mortal never hath trod. There the cold wind of 

3. Then- the angela of light Praise the Lord day and night, Heaven's courts with 

A_ a_ [their 
-0 1 1 — r0 * = • — r0 0- 

PES < 




V >- 

burdens and ills. — I will lift up mine eyes Un- to that par- a- diae 
death nev- er chills; There no tears can appallj There no tears ev- er fall 
melody thrills, While there rolls a new aoog I'.v that great blood- wash \1 thrnii" 

On the beautiiul, beautiful hills. On the hills, beautiful hills, I will 

On the hills, beautiful hills, 

D. S. -On the beautiful, beautiful hills. 

-0. l0.0M r r r 

lift up mirje eyes to the hi 

hall join intheaong With that glorified throng 
beautiful hills; 

Jots J. Hwi. »««. S * 1 > Copjncbi. IBW. bj J. How»rl ItlxiU 

4 Where my dear ones aw;iit. 

Just inside the pearl gate, 
I shall no when my dear Father wills. 

Then what joy there will he. 

When each othei 
On the beautiful, beautiful bills. 


5 There they never have Bight, 
For the Lamb is the light, — 

All the land with his glory DC tills: 
Soon he'll call nie to roine. 

And with 1 1111 real at h :iue 
On the beautiful, beautiful bills. 


RCV W. R Williams 
„ Cheerfully. 

3s £vLT tfo 

J. Howaku Kntwislb. 

1. Let us reuder Loving deeds, Freely unto him who needs, As we go, 

2. Lei us help the weary soul, Burden d (low u beyond control, As we go 
.'{. Let us others try to save Prom t be dark, untimely grave, As we £jo. 

1. Let us tell to Jesus Christ Who lor us was sacrificed. As we go, . 

f\ JU 

L K L *^ . 
J J S J S 

P U I? * 



— » Ki -H — -r* — ^ *— 2 1 Kr-* N — * K — — ■ 


as we go; It may save him from despair, And his life may even span-, 

as we go; If we make his burden light, Char his path and make it bright. 

as we go; It may lead them to the Lord, And to heaven *s rich rewind. 

as we <:o; Tell how he can save from sin, M.ik<' us clean and puie u itl.11^5 

fl 1 Li >J2p p ? 2 __J=T j ?->— ? I 




It' we <^ive him tender care, As we ;m>. 

It will tzive us all delight. As we go. 

It" we speak a kindly word, As we go. 

How the crown of life to win, As we jro. 

„ u m S _^ S - v > 

As we go, .... let us pur- 

As we go, let 

V — >- 


p — • 




What the Lord would have uxlo; Let us ne'er a duty shirk 

us pur- sue have us do, 

-# — » — # — » ' Ti t 1 — 0- &-- • *-#- , » --#- 

- N -4- 

— I ^ — m- — M -1- — m 

l'.ut for soul's salvation work, As we 

0- £ 


p@ •' ' X H-tH-*—- r = • • • > J -=tH^i| 

ri)f ©fjristiai! Warfare. 



A B M '■ n-17. 

Mortal A ring mtiodff, 


V 1: Morton. 

1. Aim for the battle! soldiers <>f Je- bos. Strong in the pow'r of 
*J. Stand, therefore, stand with Christ as your Captain, Girding yoor loins a- 

.akui'j the shield <>f faith in your Leader, Qneneh all the fler - y 

■ l 

N * 


his grea1 might ; I'ut on tin- arm - or of God, in its she! - U r 
hunt with troth, Shod with the gos - pel of peace, al - so wearing 
darts of sin: CJs - ing his Word as the sword of* the Spir - it, 




* , 


— 1 I 1 




i 1 j r p » i 
i 1 * i Ui ff = 

Stand gainst sin and for the right. Forward 
On your "breast his righteousness. 
Praying, watching, you shall win. Forward, hear the bat 

hear the battle cry 






On - ward, 

Onward, nev - er 


never asking why; Christ, the Captain of 

ask - ine why ; 

I * 1 *=b= 1 ' =EEz=3 



• * 


your sal- v:i - tion. Leads yon onward with him to ric-to- ry. 

M — ,.-* »- 

± z. 


• r r r ; u 

1 t 1 

o^ynckt. hoi. >, a. a. Mm-. c«4 by p« | \ Our Hymns C 


?L?tlj)rij fco ffyclpins <fiU)n-8. 


1. Helped by helping others; 'Tis a golden rule, Learned by happy lessons 

2. If we lift :i neighbor To a nobler plane, On the mount of blessing, 
:'». [f we love the Master, Not for self we live; Strength and sunny gladness 

3 : u"t r4 f 'TT" ' L j lf 'TT'ir I t I P' P P' H g Fl 

- » j l i f* — fe— * — 8— I :— r— * — fc— — 

In the Master's school ; In the dai- ly conflict We shall stronger grow, 
Higher ground we gain ; Taking from his shoulder Heavy loads of care, 
We must freely give; Cheering up a comrade, As we pass along, 
-0—0- r — fc^s? ,-»-•-#— #-•-#— — I— r _. -_ jfe-_i-»— ^— - 

Vi> I. I U 



±= >'" 


U PI/ * I 

-vi— z 






44 . I 

-d l — • # — J 

If we help an-oth-er O - vercome the foe. Help- iug olh-ers, 
Lighter seems the burden We ourselves must bear. 
Love's sweet notes re-echo, Fill our hearts with song. 

« • -0—0±-0— 0-1-0—0- • -^- 5 1 1 _ • 0- 

-H — b — rf- 

'tis a blessed way, Helping others, practice it to-day; Help'd byhelpin; 

others, 'tis the way that wins, Help'd by helping others, bear'nly joy begins. 

* \— r 0- * -0. i ? — I ill ]rf I 5/— * — — h — -i — j — i -n 

Copjnjbt, lvuu. John J. Hsod, uwiwr. 

Cfjtfi Sroug&t Hjnr (Gifts to SJrsus. ;i •"» 

F.hkn E. Rhxford. 

JosM'll (iAKKISON. 

1. They brought their gifts to Jeans, Ami laid them at hia feet, A.nd love for 
j. a - part from other gW-ers, A poor way far - er stood ; He saw the 

;;. Dear Lord," be cried in sorrow, " 1 know how kind thoa art. Take all 1 

r \} si l "r ?ik^ -;'-" l • 



A Si* 


this dear Suv - iour Made ev - 'ry off'ring sweet ; Good deeds and words of 
gifts they of- fered, The poorest counted good. And he was fill'd with 
have to give thee, Mv sin- fnl, wayward heart." Then Je - ens answered 

- m J -0- p 




v— - 

^t- 1 *^* 



kindness. Help lor the poor ot earth, And not a gift among them 
long-ing, A gift, tho' poor, to bring; A - las! all empty hand - ed 
soft- ly. " Count not the gift as small; Tho' all of them are precious. 

\\ afl thought of lit- tie worth. Would.>>t bring a gift to Je - sus That he will 

He stood before the Kiim. 
Thine is the best of all." 



x>unt most sweet ? Saj Lord, my heait I give thee," And lay it at hi 

Lm4 bj 1 



i Ml 

36 Since etortet tfir fLorfc to $&int\ 

Grace Whisbr Davis. 

Chas. H. Gabriel. 

1. No dan - ger can my soul affright, Sine*' Christ the Lord is mind 

2. No tempter shall my soul al - lore, Since Christ the Lord is mine] 
:>. Let earth- ly rich - es come or go, Binee Christ the Lord is mine! 



y j D— f- y 

U 1/ 'i/ 

No harm I fear, hy day or night, Since Christ the Lord is mine! 

In him 1 bide — I rest se - curt-, Since Christ the Lord is mine! 

In him the high- est wealth I know, Since Christ the Lord is mine! 

Since he is mine, There'speace di - vine, My soul he fills with 

Since Christ the King of kings is mine, Within my heart there's peace divine, 

joythatthrills,SinceChristtheLordismine!Sineeheisruine, There'speace di - 

Since Christ the King of kings is mine, Within my heart there's 

b b U I 

vine, My soul he fills with joy that thrills,Since Christ the Lord is nunc! 

peace divine, * ^ I s I s ^. M. ^-* a 

* * 





Jobo J Uood, u»n*r Cap.rrlflit, 1»WS. bj J. tluward fcntwUl*. 

4 My yoke is easy, — harden light, 
Since Christ the Lord is mine! 
Each day my pathway teems more bright) 

Since Chrisl the Lord is mine! 

7 • 

5 In him I have each need supplied, 
Since Chrisl the Lord is mine! 
In him my ROnl is satisfied, 
Since Chrisl the Lord is minel 

in eotTtf (fttim Ctmr. 

'And let us Q< t be weary in well doing : for in due scasuii we shall reap, if we 


Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. 

bint 11 >t."— Gal. vi : 9. 

J. Howaku Lntwislr. 

• ,r 3 

1. If otor thy way dark clouds are cast, Look up with faith till tin 

2. [fast thou pray'd long and fervently, And yet no an - Bwercametn 

3. Look np with joy, nor long- er weep, Thy God will ev - 'ry promise 

x. 1_ j 1 ,.g ^ — 1^0 1-0 a 

past. The sun will surely shine at last, In God's own time, in God's own time. 
thee? Tbypray'r will sometime answer'd be, hi God's own time, in G rd'sown time. 

keep, And thou wilt yet the harvest reap. In God 'a own time, in God's own time. 

Llp r i*& £ 

Then do not fear, tho'dark the night. But rise on wingfl of faith suhlime, 

rise on wings of faiih sublime, 

• I 


rise on wings'on wing< of faith sublinv. 


ForeVrything will come ont right, In God 1 

.'rything will come out ri^ht, In 

inie. in God's own time. 

yOpjntU, lt*». tr J H»w»rJ 1 »tw«l« y y i 

4 Tho' thro* the glass thon can's! not 
And wonder wl ingi must be, 

V • • ' mu wilt know . 

Ju God's owq time.iu <r time. 

And WOUld'st thOD l>e forever hlest? 
.Iu-t trust in God and do thy 1" 
Then thou shall enter into rest, 
In God'a own time, in God's own time. 


K B. Kkxfdiid. 

Do tf;e i3ret i?ou Can. 

/, k i -i-- , ^ hi — ^t-4 — is — I — -s 

Jno. R. Bryant. 

-#— •- 

* 4 

1. If clouds blot out the sunshine A- long the path you tread, Don't grieve in 

2. A- uay with vain repin - ing! Ring songs of hope and cheer, Till many a 

3. Ro in the time of trouble Let not your courage fail. The clouds must 

ff U M — tr-i — fcrVi- i— ^-=^^ — ^-h^ f- ^ 




hopeless fashion, And sigh for brightness fled ; Beyond the cloud the 

wea - ry comrade Grows strong of heart to hear ; He who sings o - ver 

sometime van - ish, The sun at last pre- vail: Trust we th'e- ter - nal 


• Jm 

*_#- :»=3p 

f— rrr^ f r ' r r r— r~ L r — i i> ' t — t?-i — t? 

1 * * \ v i i^ i i^ ./).#. — Let not your courage 

- j f i — 

-• *- — m 








sunlight Rhines in God's changeless plan. Trust that the way will brighten, 
trouble. With faith in God a - bove, Rees thro' earth's clouds the sunshine 
goodness. The all-wise Father's plan. And, brave with hope and courage, 



1 — FF. 



v i i i/ i — \ y . ~ ■ ■ 

fal- ter, Keep faith in God and man, And all a- long life's pathway 

And do the best you can. 
Of God's e - ter - nal love. 
Do just the best you can. 

C T C 

1 ~ J LJ U 

Then do ... . your best, . . . Yes, 

Then do the best you can, 


Do just the best you can. 

do the best you can; Then do . . . your best, Yes, do the best you can; 

Then do the best yon can. 

CmjUfbt, UW. bj Jobs J. UMd. 

Working, JSFntcutns, JJrasuifi. 


Mrs Frank A. Biikck. 



1. Go forth ! go forth for Je - sus now — He work - ing! he watch - ing! Th« 

2. Go forth! go forth to all the world! Oh, stay not! de - lay not — I Jut 
;>. Go forth! let heart and hand be strong! lie working! he watch -ing! Oh, 

Go forth ! go forth ! 


?v« s i: K 


•^-j r — f*-j — ri 

9—0 ' ' 

\J I 




1 . I --», 


rr * • ' r 

Lord himself will teach yon how To watch and pray. 'Tis not for thee thy 

let love's banner be unfurled, And grace be told. Oh, let redeeming 

stay the mighty pow'r of wrong Where'er you may. Equipp'd with love and 

•> : , 



- m 9 

-9 9- 

-I * 

t— f 


i^^fe ! 


1 — r 


field to choose — No work he gives must thou refuse — Be working! be 

love be sung — A song of joy on ev'ry tongue ! Be working! be 

strength divine, The vie- to - ry is sure- ly thine — Be working! be 

5 £ t t t 

U I 
watching] be pray - ingl Go forth to work, to watch and pray 1 'Tis Jesus who 

«. *~+. ^^ Go forth! 


-*-* — 



* # 



•— #r 

-* *U^ 


calls thee; The harvest waits for thee to-day; Go, bring some sheaves for God 

go forth! I N I I 

-+-^9 9—9 

* -tr 


' >. 

!> I 


-9 9- 


I s 

-9 — 9- 

-9^— X — 

Copmcbt, IMX>, i-» l'<nrell 0. KltbiM. U*d by p«. 


Wb» Sfetnno gc XKlc* 

F M. D "Why stand ye here all the day idle? ' 

Andante, i\ s 

'—Matt, xx : 6. Frank M. Davts. 

ib 12 fi hH"N J /-£:^- . . 

5Ert J J:M:J 

#B h JlJ." 1 rl J 

#• R-d * 

1.0 idler, « by loiter the brighl hours away - '' The hoars that will ne'er come again; 
2. O why stand ye idle? some soul ye may save, That's drifting away from the right, 
:;. o why stand ye idle? thy brother's in imd; No help or assistance is nigh, 
4. o idle no longer the bright hours away, There's work in the vineyard to do 

' t: 

i — " — g h -j — j — i — H 1 j — i 1 1 — i 1 \J — ( — u i. 

- n * * , . # j — • — -»— -* —* — -^-F ^-^-jt^-*— j > ^- r -^--<M : 

The fields are all white of the harvest to-day, Ungather'd the slieaves on the plain. 

( ) hasten ere it shall sink down to the grave, Be lost in e- ter - nity's night. 
Oh, then to his suff' ring and cries now give heed, Lest he for thy carelessness die. 
The harvest is passing, is passing away, The Master is calling for you. 

# . m m - . - ~ . n ^ ^ 


v v v 

-» — * 

O why .... stand ye i - die? . . O why stand yei- die to- da\ ? 

O why stand ye i - die? O why stand ye i - die? 



; r-j—J—s ^ j Lf-f— f — f~* 

:g::^=g -J-'"^ : 

► — y— >- 


J \J \J J u ^ 

V • 

• • •§. * * — *~*^ 

O can you not see that the night's coiniug on, And the har- vest is 

■ ► E 'r. b r 8 h 'r b r r e e~ 

~t V Z> J j j j 

coda. 4A er tost* verse only. 

m • 


K Slowly. dim. 

IHM 1 f i J. J j jjoGiTOiai 

i>a"inc a- way? The harvest is passing <i - way, Passing a - way. 

■aSJV. /-at 

# • # 

frvm " Br|bu»« ^i " ibJ Howl 

CtK <0tuttt 5K?our. 



Mult, vi : 6 Psalm en 

Frank Burn 

Wm j-H^-^4 

1. Oommun- ion with my Fa- ther, In calm ami qui - el hour, [s 

2. When storms are fierce a- bout me, Ami sorrow's oil* lows roll. I 

3L Oh. leave life's noise ami tin- moil. Ami seek the qoi - et hour. That 

m = „ 

•) : (i . 



r— r 

• i 

XT f. + 

H P> S-, 

sweet and rich in blessings, An<l spirit's gracious pow'r: — He speaks in 
hear the lias- ter gen - tly Speak peace un- to my soul; When bearl is 

he who sees in se - eret May give thee spir - it- pow'i ; There find your 

b— 1 HS 1 H H- 

tones. so gen- tie. Be hears my bnmblesl pray'r, In se- cret ot his pn sence 
with anguish, And eyes are dim with tears, A qui - et hour with Jeans 
strength in weakness, And gird your armor on. Then forth to life's great conflict 

i? '» ur - r-f 





■0 0—i _ I— 1_ L 

-0- + 4r •f^jf' 

I feel my Father's care. 

Will banish pain and fears. 

Till vic-to-ry is won. 

•0- -0- i i f> _j | 




O Father, Spirit, Saviour, Fill us with 

~+ -0- ■%■ *V# 

1 r. m 

tbineown pow'r; Oh, lead thy loving children To seek thequi-et hour. 

— ~ - 


5 62 ! fe I ^ 

. * . . 


42 ffuws aoUc tljnt itcO JLHtn. 

Mis .ahi B I imikr. \ I; Morton. 

1. <> s.»n of God, that lov- edst me, And gave thyself for me, 
•J. Go, measure all the height, the depth, Prom heaven's highest throue, 

•): i 3 % I | !_ii.Ji.,_Jt lj ■ 

* rr 




How in - ii- nite tliy mighty love, Com - pas - sion- ate and free; 
To yon dear cross <>n Cal - va- ry, Where Je - sus bled a - lone, 

* — , — f * I 1 m — r~»— — • •- » — r3*~! — m * — 

r?V I 1 U — tf 1 * 



bzz^. I= t-r; -v---^=§; 


*-r~ l * ' — 1 " 

1 K-t 1 

T. J! j M 

Oh, love beyond all measurement! Snr - pass- ing hu- man pen, 
He suffered for his en - e- mies Who nailed him to the tree, 

. ): ^=pfclr£^fc j-f«-; rr * F 



■*• S l> 

h-f * bJ-- * I - . S ' -S r B ft ^^T : 

So ten - der and so pit - i - lul Thou art to .-in - till men. 

He waits to wash as in his blood. He lov-ethyou and me. 



oh, love that led him all the way 

The wea - ry way he came ! 

* * : ; &= 

• ■ * » f r r Ipsp ' ' ' - 

i -.-J bj ptr. 

TuiAft ilo\)i ttm atjj id tm. 



rit. >id lib. 

*v : 

Oh, love that led him to the cross, l'o bear oar guilt and Bhame 







(gottu, ttrsi atofjtlr. 

1. Come, rest awhile, and leave the world behind tine, Come where the 

2. Come, rest awhile, aud let the din of voic - es Pass with the 

3. Come, rest awhile; a ho - ly ben - e - die - tion Falls on the 

4. Gome, real awhile, and thou shah he the Btronger When from thy 

delights to meet his 
aud leave thy spir- it 
heart that finds in him its 

own; Turn from the glare of all the 

free; Come where the Lord the qni- et 

rest; Sweet is the hour that brings a 

Lord some truth shall touch thy soul; Then, with new love, thy heart shall 

'i~T\ 2==jg±^ I 

- - I 

- that blind thee, Aud with the liaster spend this hour a - lone. 
soul re-joic - es, And words divine thy strength and stay shall be. 
sure eon-vie- tion Of grace within and glo- ry with the blest, 
faint no long - er, But, pressing onward, thou shah reach the goal. 

i h riff it if g^g \m. by Mtrj Rub.oo U« n It* by ptr 


1 II 


Fanvy J. Crosby. 

Et)i f$i|U)» gsons. 

F. Burgbttb Short. 

1. Oh, the joy that we may know when u- ni - ted here be- low Wc are 

2. oli, the rap- ture of the soul, tho' the stormy billows roll, If in 

3. Oli. the tranquil peace and love that he giv - eth from a-bove. And the 
A. When our journey here is past, and the twilight comes at last, When the 

A — **—* — * »~± . — m. 



marching to the palace of the King; With our faith serenely bright ev'ry 

Jesus we are sheltered from a- lanns; "We can shout aloud his praise.w ho di- 

comfort that his sacied presence brings; When he calls his own apart, and com- 

deeper shades of evening shall descend ; What a morning will be ours, in those 

#--— — b^—^ — I ' N- ~n — ^— *-^ — • — ■ ♦ m — #- i — n— -&n — f 


burden will be light, And togeth - er of hismer-cy we shall sing. 

rect- ed all our ways. For beneath us are his ev - er- last - ing arms, 
munes with ev'ry heart, While we rest beneath the shadow of his wings. 

nev - er-fading bowers, When we join the nobler song that ne'er shall end. 

«.i_* — m #.i_# p-i-—*- — _ — u — ts — u — h-r- 

•jy— f- *— f J [ - -f-i-.— mr- 1 **■•*• 







V V V 








N r 

Sing the song the hap-py song That fills with 

Sing the song, the hap - py song, 

^ mmssm 

jov the realms of glory; Andpraiseandpraise.hisnameforevermore fills witli joy 

9-— t*->-y-»-t/— •-; v- 

1 f 

: I :*Jt 

Will gou @omr to tt)t iFeaat. 


Harriet E. Jones. 

J. Howard Entwislh. 

1. Will you come to the feast? Will you sop with the Lord? He will welcome theleasl 

2. Will you come and he led By our Savioui and Lord? With ourgreat KitlgSJld head 

3. Open wide la the door To the banqueting hall — Are you hungry and poor? 

N N I N S 

^$ h-^^U 





* * 


u b 

V ^ * 

* v 



y y 

-rt^rr B 


-# # 

-# — # — #- 

Tohis bountiful board ; There's enough and to spare, and right royal the tare. 
Will you sit at the board? He invites you to-day. dare you longer delay ? 
There is food foryouall; Come and sup with the King,with our Prophet and Priest, 

w e e i f r *g 

^ S r _g — t — »_ — l_ 

. r 

W ill you come, one and all, to the feast? Will you come, will you come, . . . 
Is there one who will dare to say nay? 
Come, oh, come, one and all, to the feast. Willyoucome, will you come, 

N I ■> IS 

Will you come to the feast? For the world there is room, Lo! the King will pre- 



v — \t 



V / 


. • 

v v 

j j ; is ; j 


side, for each guest will provide, Will vou come, will you come to the feast 




Ootrncbt, 1«W. by J. Uuwiri lutuu. Jofc» J. Hood, i 

-I fi 

ClK fbavftot fLCflfjto of ^ome. 

Mrs. I da M. Bood. 

Cham. H. Gabkirl. 

i : ! 


J : * • 

— J-.-b^s 


1. o'er the trackless deep the sail 

2. O'er life's sea the Christian sail 
::. So when fair Bkies bend above 

_^ , — m •_# .#_•_* — m. 

or sails for many a wea - ry day. 

<»r Bteers bis bark with stead- y band, 

kg we glide the nil- lows o'er. 

Long-ing lor the peace- fal ha- ven and the dear ones far a -way; 
Knowing thai his chart and compass will di-reci him sate to land; 
Or when darkening shadows gath- er, and the tempests rage and roar, 

r * ^ 

' 1 




l'.iit he keeps his heart with courage as his good ship parts the foam, 
And he 1 1 i i c 1 — a calm in tn- mult, and a brightness in the gloom, 
We will trust that to the ha - ven of onr hopes we soon shall come, 

0- • #_• 0— •- r-*- • »_• * 0-1 0. 

&j l . l g : e L . I L . =3 

< — V- 



Ss-d-i— , 




-i — rv-af- 

- — • — W- 


For he knows that iu the distance shine the bar - bor lights of home. 

A-> bis lace beholds the shin- ing of the bar - bor lights of home. 

Gnid-ed by the stead - y gleaming of the bar - bor lights of home. 


, . 


The home lights are shining! The home lights are shining! Bright • Ij 

Brightly beaming 

v* ' v Upjright. lew. ij chM ii 


# • 




<i»lr,.l J.LoJ Hood, owoor. 

y \J 

&t)t ftarltov atflijt0 t etc.- concluded 

I — h * ^ h fc' i — V > -I r-.— ^-3 N— ^ — fe s ^ 

^ y y y 
beaming ev- ermore; rho they sometimes gleam but faintly thro' the 

brightly beaming, beaming eteiMMe ; 


• 9 ' y 9U y \y $ L> 

/ ' t 7 s E - - "=P - t . „4.-f ?7=j- £-£-!- T? 
zx — <r* «i #-.— * — s+ — -0 -.— n — — i- 1 — • — * j — ^ o — H- 

mist that veils the shore. Yet we know they are shining, Bhining ev- ermore. 

Mrs. E. C. Ellsworth 

Even Christ pleased not himself "--Rom. xv. ; 




* J- • 4 4 4 ' •» 

Wm.J. Kirkpatrick. 

"* *■ 

1. Steps are before me, dear Bav-iour, Marking the path thou bast trod; 

2. Dai-ly thy work was appoint- ed, Wrought by no hand but thine own: 

3. Burdens were laid on thy shoulders, Meekly thou suffered the cross; 

4. Not for thyself, but for oth - ers, Living and dy-ing for love; 





- * K h 

h_ n. S 



#. N ^ < 

k. fc. N P P 


iV ^ K 


H r r J 

- — - *f 1 

ffv * - " 


J J , 

-*-• * ' 1 

V ,. 

J. t • 

0. 1 

• # 1 


Bo would m j Teet be progress- ing Upward and on-ward to God. 
So in my field I would la - bor, Tho' it be small and un -known. 

roold I take up my tri - als, Counting them gain and not 1"--. 
Bo would I dai-ly be spend- ing, Till I shall meet thee a - hove. 

-* — ^ S N S — m m — .-^_ , * ■ m * C — -T- 1 ,-Jf - • -Jf .- 



» ■ 

-_! 1 1 f 


N « p* • 

f T 

HJ y -J V V tf— J 

L^_»_jp — 

/).5. — Born in thine image,and growing Ifore and more like un - to thee. 



n 41 ^^^^^l^. 

, 1 

^ ^ ^ f\ h IS 





1 1 


K * # # ' # ^ J 


-^- ' -4 — — — d- 


More of thy likenesf 

■ \ • ~*~ * — * — — — — S~ 

Etavionr, I 

1 J . %:- 

L r- — * — — — — r— ' 
of my- self I would 

S S V 

i-# -p — | 

0^0 ' 


9 ^-#— 0-+— i s 

-i-- : -S-^\t 

- — ? U 1/ t — ? — ? 

y y y y * * 

4-H— u 

XK ky wi J. K^/kp»^^L 

48 fcSJrlcomf, Zlmvj)!? JHorntnfl! 

\ H. C I oltTUNATUS. 1'r. J. KlLHKTON. 

Arthur Sullivan. 




. •*—* 

| J J I « I TTQ j 

1. Welcome, happy morning! age to age shall say, Hell to-day (a 

2. Earth her joy confess- es, clothing her lor spring, A.U good gilts re- 

:i. Months in due succession, days of Lengthening light, Hours and passing 
4. Mak-crand Redeem- er, lite and health of all. Thou from heav'n he- 


m W ^ i .* i 



* 2 

vanquished, heav'n is won to - day. 

turned with her re - turn - ing Ring; 
moments praise thee in their llight 
hold - ing hu - man na - hire's fall, 
•»-•»-•#-<«- -&• 

+F 5* tZ £-__ 5Z 2?_ 

Lo ! the Dead is liv - in-, 

Bloom in ev - 'ry mead -ow. 

Brightness of the morning, 

Of the Father's Godhead 


God for ev - er - more : 

leaves on ev - 'ry bongfa 

sky and fields and sea. 

true and on - ly Son, 

Him, their true 
Speak his sor - 
Van- quish - er 
Man - hood to 

Cre - a - tor, all his 
row end - ed, hail his 
of darkness, bring their 
de - liv - er, manhood 


i — i- 




Z3Z.Ti ,— E— r. 


works a - 


praise to 

didst put 


crzr^L Xw 






Welcome, hap- py morning \ age to age shall say. 
H-ll to-day is * vanquish 'd, heav'n is won to - day. 
Welcome, hap- py, morning ! age to age shall say. 
Hell to-day is' vanquished, heav'n is won to - day. 




*■ * ? 



5 Thou, of life the author, death didst undergo, 

Ti.-ad the path of darkness, saving strength to show ; 

Come then, True and Faithful, now fulfil thy word; 

'Tis thine own third morning: rise. () buried Lord! 

Welcome, bappy morning! age to age shall say. 
8 Loose the souls long prisoned, bound with Satan's chain, 

All that now is fallen raise to life again; 

Show thy face in brightness, hid the nations see. 

Bring again our daylight; day returns with thee. 

Hell tO-day is vanquished heaven is won to-day ! 

©&, It {0 fcrnutiful 

Rev. Gbo. P. Beaku 

M 49 

B Fhank Bom, 


, i T1~l i I I I I I l ^=j-— — 1-^+ 3=3 
— i — i 1 — — # — m — -2 — o-.-\ — m — -2 r« * 

1. Beanti- fnl rit - y. tlu> borne ol the blest, Beanti- t ul mansion! where 
'J. Beauti-fnl angels around the white throne, Beanti- fnl children for • 
'A. Beanti- fa] service of worship in song, Beanti- fnl fam-i - ly - 
4. Beautiful greeting when friend meetetfa friend, Beautiful meeting that 

*)V : 

wea- ry shall rest, Beau- ti - fnl riv - er of life, nev - er old, 

ev - er our own, Beau- ti - fhl saint- ed, en- robed in pure white, 

perfect- ly one, Bean- ti - fhl bar-mo- ny — liv-ing in love, 

nev-er shall end. Beau- ti - ful day, with no shadow of night, 


1 — r 


1- i -» — « — * «=^rt 







*•- -0- -0- 
Beau- ti - ful streets of the pur -est of gold. 
Beau- ti - ful Saviour, re - fulgent with light. 
Beau- ti - ful scenes that a- wait us a - bove. 
Bean- ti - ful vis - ion, e - ter- nal - 1 y bright. 

.m 0^.0 f f- ,g- 


Oh, it is beauti- full 


I I [ 


"eye hath not seen," Neither hath ear heard the heavenly theme; Oh, it is 


beanti- ful! all I bare seen. Thrilling my soul with the heavenly theme 




^ • 


* • 



m- 1 



C. j. 

iit a <£ooO samarttnn. 

" Go, and do thou likewise." — Luke x : 37. 

Chas. J. Butlf* 

frUfifJ I Jim i J . / J jL jN. I 

1. Christ speaks of one, ;i helpless one, "Who by the way- side lay, 

2. A Le - vite, filled with selfish pride, Had coldly passed him by, 

3. And one had passed in priestly robes, Whose lips oft moved with piay'r, 
1. In love the good Sa-mar-i- tan The snJF'rer's wants re-lieved, 





, n u 

N ^ 

1 / , £ 


1 "s 1 


fifl H * -T 

{ *. d J 

N i \ m 



1 U i 

. — T^J — 

-<? — 

r-l— 4 

if' '" 

— — > =/ — h~ — m — — >-& — 


Un - til a good 

Sa - mar - i - tan In mer - cy came 

that wav. 

EKa cry for help 

he heed- ed not, But left him there 

to die. 

But piay'r his frozen heart ne'er warm'd, Self seem'd his on - 

ly care. 

And from our Lord, 

for kindness shown, A rich re - ward 

re - ceived. 

s ! 

1 * 1 

h f ^ J . * • t f9 

— — , — =—. — . 

£)7rf? * j d IF * 

* hr~ 

T - — 1» — *~T 


■* b it J d 

r r r 1 m 

1 1 

" ( > r 1 L* 1 ' 


1/ 1/ j ' ■ 

| l 

L> '' 





1 K . 

i 1 ^ is is r 

1 hi 1 1 ^ • j r is 


J L_ b 1 L 

J • m 1 W * m 1 


^aZJ2 J « J 

-S-* # — J — #— UJ-i — i — # # 

i 1 

- . A 

5^K # — — *— L - --• 

Oh. he a good Sa - mar - i - 

,f 000 

# ' 

tan, The world nee 

■0- ■#- 
pf-* j 7 — 4^ S-n 


Is thee 

to - day, 

■ -»-'-! 

9 T s t F = r— M*4'-— •— ] r— H 

_W • — # — ' 

^i — F-HrH 

P.|?_U Jj — ^_Lu v — ^ — U 

-1 U — V J - 

1 1 1 • 1 



For thousands, crnsh'd by Satan's hand, Aredy-ing by the wav. 

Li \j U < .T.ib.. 1*M.U, Johu J. U«od. I \J U U 

Cfjr pjxvtn of ttriet. 


H. L. t 

Gbo. P. Iloou. 

XT ^J. 





i : 

1. My soul iu Sad tx - tie WM cut on li 

2. i yield - ed my -self to lus ten - dex embrace, And 

3. The BOQg of my soul, since the Lord made me whoL\ Has 

4. How pre - done the thought that we all may tv - dine, Like 
f>. Oli. come to the Sav - iour. he pa - tient- ly waits To 


!^= : 


-f ~i * 



■0 0- 



burdeut-d with sin, and 
faith taking hold of 
been the old story 
John the be- lov - ed 
save by his power 
S 1 . 

dis - trest, 

the word, 

so blest 

and blest, 

di - vine; 



I ill I heard a sweet voice saying, 
My letters fell oil', and I 
Of Jesus, who'll save who-so- 
On Jesus' strong arm, where no 

Come, anchor your soul in the 

V— yt- 

-0 — 0- 



i y ' 

D. 8. — The tempest may sweep o'er the 





&■ lfr-H V it- J- 


make me your choice ; 

anchored my soul; 

ev - er will have 

tern- pest can harm — 

ha - ven of 

And I entered the " Ha - ven of 

The ha - ven of rest is my 

A home in the u Ha - ven of 

- Se - cure in the "Ha- ven of 

And say. M iuy Be - lov - ed is 

Rest ! " 
Rest ! " 

-#- i — #- 

wild, stormy deep, 

. — ^. 1 — ^ r — -pSf 2 

In Je - sus I'm sale ev - er - more. 


.-J J7»J 

■*J 1— P5V 




z±:^r- *-$ 

ri * 

■j*—w c 

*-> * • 


^ ■ >S^ 


I've an . soul in the haven of rest, I'll sail the wide Beflfl no more 

cmrdcki. u*. w j.^. j. 

"T&rr rT # Cf <~t f" 


&t), 2®on't sou HWret we ©&mf 

Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. 

J. Howard Entwmlb. 

1 I -I 

1. This life will soon be ended, A few more doubts and fears. Then we will be for- 

2. There all the walls are jasper, There all the streets are gold. But of that city's 

3. Dear sinner, start for glory, Where all is fair and bright, Just bow before the 




■+-i — *- 

#-s — 0- 

ev - er Beyond this vale of tears; My Saviour has gone over, A mansion 
beauty The half lias not been told ; For you and me. my brother. Christ once the 
Saviour, He'll save your soul to-night; He'll write your name in heaven. In answer 


to prepare. So when we cross the river, Oh, won't you meet me there ? Oh, won't you 
cross did bear, That we mi»ht see its glory. Oh, won't yon meet meth'ie? 
to your pray'r,Therefrieudsforyouarewaitiug,Oh,won'tyou meet me there? 

'-?>, * f 



-0 1 0- 


D. 8. — There's room enough in heaven, Oh, won't you meet me there ? 
I N . . . . ■ . ! I _> 

■•— r 

* q 



ineet methere? Oh, won't you meet me there, In that e- ter- nal Cit- y Where 

meet me there ? meet me there 

all is bright and fair? I'm going home to glory, A crown of life to wear. 

-Pi - -N* I ~ 

". -*"*•*- -0-Mm ♦ m . •»•■» - -0- -0 -0- -0-' f- 

I^T OmjiSftii. \m. by .,»i.n J .l.~d | I • • ^ 

JTtU ?i?te (GooOnrao &tt anO ©'ctr. 53 

F F. Hkwi i i . 


Chas. H. Gabriel. 


-*— f 

Come, O come with anthems of rejoicing, Come with happy songs of love. 
Thanks we give for all his kindly leading, Our glad Eb - e- nosers raise; 
3. Oome,dear friends.and help to swell tfaechorus^Precioiishopesandmeni'rieAblend, 

m m +- M. 4LM.M-M- *. + - * £ 4 A 

m f t \ \ \ vWu=i , r ■ =«= fa =* 

D. C— Praise him! praisehiin! come wiih happy singing,Tell hisgoodness o'er and oYr- 


Singing, sinking of the wondrous favor Show'red upon us from a- bove. 
Wav'riug footsteps guided surely onward, Sing, O sing our Father's praise. 
Looking onward to the davs before us, Still our thankful songs ascend. 

gJ L7~f """Hf ft r *t? 



-f— H- 

Joy- ful anthems thro' his temple ringing, Bless his name for- ev - er- more. 


Daily, daily, like the morning sunbeams, Tender mercies smile upon our way, 

O, with hearts of gratitude review them — Count the golden moments of the past 

Brightly is the bow of promise gleaming O'er the clouds that linger in the sky ; 

i ■ m * mf&' m 





n # 0- 

Gently, gently, like the evening dewdrops, Sweet refreshings cheer us when we pray. 

E'en the seeds of pa in and sorrow blossomed Into joys that evermore shall last. 

Brightly now the rays of glory streaming, Light our journey to the home on high. 

$& , --■-*■ *- *■ 

inf f f ni'H'irrff ' Tf' iii ff r i 


J 11 E 


©nfte tfje J^OflO for 3k.ou.Qt. 

J. Howard Entwislb. 


" Take the world for Jesus," sound the great battle-cry, Let the mighty chorus 

* - - N might- y 

ring; " Take the world for Jesus," raise the bright standard high, As we shout,as we 
ehorusring; N jS 

Fine. 1st time female voices, 2d all voices in unison. 

« f! EF jiJ- 


march, as we sing, f Let the gos- pel sto - ry roll around the world, Ev'ry- 
Let all the nations now in him rejoice, Who hath 

tj_ ■*■ £ J" 

. J *.t , r-... t> fc . »-f r 1 

cy d i:i i f-.|. r j 




i=i— i— r 




where let joy pre- vail, Since the sac - ri- fice of Christ our Saviour 

by his precious blood Re - deemed us, and prepared a mansion 






^ i i_ 




For the sins of the world doth a- vail; 
In the {Omit ) blight glo- ry-land a - bore. 






CopjrttM. 1IW, bj J. UoiuJ >.nt»i«lc. Joho J. Hood, owan 

i — r 


Caftt U)t 22?0tiU, CtC*— CONCLUDED. 


SEMI -CHORUS. Smoothly. 

V-*— N- 

" :;•. 


Out on the mountains of sin and despair, Millions are perishing, Deeding our care; 
Tell themof Jesuswhorosefrouithegrave, Tell them of Jesus, the Mighty tnSavei 

V'-s-rfv-' 1 ' Li > j — • 1 — wh 1 fc — ^ — ft — t — L — »- A V- — ( 1 f- 

Shall we not send them the message to-day? Shall we not help without further delay? ) 
Plenteous salvation in him doth abound, Cleansing and healing in Jesus are found, f 


-?— v — s- 




-#— •- 

^— # 


^^^••^ • • • 

?Wr at.iDrtJj XHr, 


C. H. W. 


Mrs. C. H. Woolston. 

* — K 



1. He leadeth me! O words di- vine, What comfort thrills this heart 

2. He leadeth me ! my Shepherd,Guide, Secure- ly thro' the pastures 

3. He leadeth me! in sorrows he My Keeper is, where'er I 

4. He leadeth me ! his goodness tell, His mercy with his child doth 
K h fS I - _ IS 

of mine; 



dwell ; 


> — r. 





-V — cr 

*— 0- 


s — tv 

- h: 


*— fr 

'*- ♦ 

O blessed light in darkness shine, He leadeth me! he leadeth me! 

A- hiding close- ly by my side, He leadeth me! yea, leadeth me! 

In shady nook or stormy sea, He leadeth me! yea, e - ven me! 

Oh, let the theme his praises swell, He leadeth me! he leadeth me! 




TT"3 « — " 


c^rrifbi, iwe. t/ Mi». c. u. w« 


Come Suait as J|ou ate. 

A. B. Morton. 

1. Dome, sinner, come to Je - sus to-night, Out of your dark - ness, 

2. Come, sinner, come to Jo - sus for rest. Trust him and be e- 
:*. Oome, sinner, oome to Je - ens yonr friend. Knowing each need, he'll 
I. Come, sinner, come to Je - sus, believe; How can yon Ion - ger his 

N N S h S 




■0 ' 0--0- 

U U U 

1— #-•- # -0- * ' -^ # -j #- 



in - to his light; Tnrn from the wrong way in - to the right, 

ter - nal - ly blot, Tempted and tried, and sore - ly oppressed, 

help and de- fend; Nev - er in vain on him you de - pend, 

loy - ing heart grieve; Come now, while Je- sus waits to re - ceive, 

&&=$=? W N -f— ^ 


—' i-t — M 

Come, sin - ner, just as you 

1: j 7 


I * 1 


— iT-r— «-»>!■ — fe=! 

£ ^ \J \ u» 
Come, (sinner,) conie, no 

i — • • • — i 

n Th — £-~ 

W u U I* u- — i*=&= 

L tt 

L -T 1 & J 

Ion - ger delay, Come, (sinner,) come, time's passing a - way ; Come, sinner. 

C C b ! 

come t<» Jesns," the Way , w Come, sinner, jnst as you are 

Come, sin- ner, just as you ai 

• J/ Copyright, 1! 

1 F-= — P> — a 

roo I f«J I'T |*r. 


Strj) Knto tfyt Watttft of &otoe. 57 

Harriet E. Jones 


St. J oh 
S * .S 

J. Howard Entwislb. 


H -J? # — * — * — * — • 


1. The fountain of healing is o - pen, The waters are troubled t<>- 

2. There's nothing unholy can en - ter The beauti- ful kingdom <>i 

3. Oh, come with your sins and transgressions, This moment step in - to the 





: g ~[> V > * b 

££^& i 

* ■*- 

V V V 






night; to-night; And all who shall pluuge'neath the billows May rise in the 
light; oflight; The garments -of all must be spotless, Who sit with our 
pool, the pool, To rise from its depths with re - joicing, With not a dark 

raiment of white 
King on the right, 
blot on your soul. 

Then come to this fountain of healing, 

- - - to the waters of love; Be clothed ... in the 
to the wa - ters, in the garment, 
-0—0 9 * . . ^0 • •— 





-#— 0- 


v— » 


y y 

y • 



rit. ad lib. ^ 

— N s 


of beauty. Be heir .... 

■•■♦■#■ to the rich - es, 

♦" *" m • * 

to the rich- es a- hove. 

ww^r^fti, U*7. k; Jt^i. UMi 

y & y y y U l> It y 


58 3}ournri> in t&e Ainu's 2)fjsbu)as. 

Harciht E. Jonks. 

Adam Geibbl. 

^ t J. J i ;: f jj jtj J Jfrjfrrfrft 

1. Would you go re - joiciog on In the light of God's dear Sod? Come and 

2, Would yon tread among the flow'rs. Would you real in sylvan bow 're? Come and 
:>. Would you gain a home on high In the gold- en by and by? Come and 



i i> t i> 

-*. *- 


-# — m —0 — #- 



* I 


t u 

• » 

# !— # ' 4 # ' < g * #-- #C #-^— #-*—#—# 

journey in the Kind's highway; Would you ev'ry moment prove All the 
journey in the King's highway; Would you drink from living rilla Flowing 
journey in the King's highway; Would you livewithGod'sdearSon Whiles 



*'--* +. • r . 


• * *--•-+,- 







sweetness of his love? Come and journey in the King's highway, 
from the E- den hills? Come and journey in the King's highway, 
ter - nal years roll on? Come and journey in the King's highway. 


-0 — • 





M. •__•_ #_•_*_ ^_ 




.«_• « L| 

-# 0— 0- 

Come and jour 

p £ p y ^ ^ ■ g r 

ney, come and jour 


ney, Come and 

Come and jour- ney, come and jour - ney in the King's high - way, Come and 

i yM 


V V i> '\J * 
jour - - ney. come and jour - ney; Come this moment and be glad, 

j urncy, come and journey in the King's highway ; 

C«piri(bi. Utf, bj J i - 

j irncy.come and journey in the King s nsgnwav ; 
„ a m ■ m m . # S S S N N S J 

Qttf S» £ P» fi *±*. t\ f I 0-P- < J» if j' f £^j=f 

3outntt} in tfjr Rfttft'fft rtc*— concluded. 


-? -24 S - — r-0 w . — *- — P ^ — H N-* A 1 It 

Oome, in shining robes he clad, Ami go ringing in the King's highway. 

2!®t)rn ©Jjtiat &roar. 

Ida Scott Taylor. 





J. Howard Entwislb. 

1. Theearthwasfill'd with peaceaudlight,WhenChristarose;Theheaveus trembled 

2. The tomb was empty where he lay, When Christarose; And angels roll'd the 

3. The soul of man was born anew. When Christ arose; The cross divine ap- 





at the sight. When Christ arose; The sea rejoiced along the sands, The vernal 
stone away, When Christ arose; Asound of triumph thrill'd the air, The glorious 
pear'd in view,When Christ aro- : And from the 

Agloriouslight from heaven stream'd, 

9 : ft t • P % 








! | „ , J 1 11 

~r — i i 4 ^- 



valleysclapp'd their hands.Tln- mountains sang, and all the lands, When Chriel arose. 
tidings to declare, And tliere was gladness e¥*rywhere, When Christ arose. 
■ a radiance beam'd, For ev- 'ry spir- it was redeemed. When Christ arose. 

t. t. . ± 2. 

m. t: *. jl 


2*8 - 


■*■ ■?■ ♦. 


^ UwD»i ojr JoiiQ J. Hood Copyright, UN, k/ J. IJvwwi Latvtol*. 



Jambs R. Haiku. 

$ &m ijtflrtmetr, 

i Peter i : 18, 19 ; ii : 24. 

A. B. Morton. 

h-j 1 mA 

1. All we like sheep have pone astray, We've turned each one to his own wax 

2. TwM on the cross his life he gave. Twas there he died niy soul to save. 

3. In his own bod - y on the tree He bore my sins, he set ni<' free, 
1. Redeemed from all in- Iq-ui - ty, Fortius he gave himself for ni<-. 

r* ... *- 


■ # 


» I' 



: p 

— r r-T 1 1 —1 1 — r-1 * " ' 1 *~ 

~~h — k N V~*— * — * — *~ ~ « - T J — t^ -*t 

The Lord my sins on Je- sus laid, I am redeemed, the price is*paid. 
Who his own self our sins did bear That we might all his glo - ry share. 
'Tis by his stripes that I am healed, He by his blood my pardon sealed. 
He now my soul doth pu - ri - fy, And fit me for my home on high. 


'Tis not with sil - - ver, nor with gold, but by the 

'Tis not with sil - ver, not with sil- ver, nor with gold, 


V— >- 

# • 

S V V V V 

pre - - cious blood of Christ, .... As of a 

But by the precious blood, the precious blood of Christ, 

M. M. -». 

ami without 

A- of a lamb without 

blemish, and without spot 

L* Y If L< l> 
I am re - deemed 





Copjr.fht. ISO*, bj H II RilMd Um4 by prr. 

lUjolct in tlyt Ht&fjt. 


Jno. R. Clements. 

Benjamin Fkanklin Butts. 



-1 L £ yi 4& - 

1. Tho 1 clouds like night hang o - vei your way, Rejoice in the 

2. Tho' mists ol* doubt your pathway shall shroud, Rejoice in the 

3. Tho' loos shall frown and trouble you sore, Rejoice in the 

*> : 7-> ! 

a a 

i i i 



^-i — m- 


vy*^ * ^n^ 

HtJit, rejoice in the light ; You yet may walk in a perfect day. 
light, rejoice in the light ; That light can pierce thro' the deepest cloud, 
light, rejoice in the light; Those ills will then nev- er vex yon more, 

,,,. , , . ,, $• A J J J. . 



l> I I I 


n i ^siSv ^p^l^^| 


Rejoice in the light, in the light. 

Je - sus is the light, the 

^ • 

— -*_ — w- • — > — i p — y *r* - — *-y — 5* — * — y — I 1 — 

6 ' > | j — -j 1 ^ >> * K- — i w_ -r ^_' ,• 

li ' i ~ «i * rJ x " H ~ * . ~T~* " 3 J ?f"1 ^ : ? ==: *z=ti=:£- 

on- ly light, Jesus is the light of the world; Jesus scatters 






fi ■■ - 

S N S 

b P 



gloom, he (has - es the night, Je- sus is the light of the world. 

•> ; ,'• 




Cenmcht. 1HA. by K Ormo. Hutu l.'Md b 7 p«r 





3Jrmi.<5 is ^attains iiu. 

E. Hbwitt. 

Jno. R. Swrney. 


rs 5 i\ 

♦ • • 






1. Coinr, contrite one, and seek his unice, Je-sus is passing 

■..'. Come, hungry one, and tell your need, Je-sus is pawing 

& Come, wea-ry one, and find sweet rest, Je-sus is passing 

4 Come, burdened one, bring all your care, Je-sus is passing 




-\ *— 2 d— r-^^— ^ — ' p^t—, F ■ 








See in his rec - on - cil - ed face The sunshine of the sky. 
The Bread of Life your soul will feed, And ful - ly sat - is - fy. 
Come where the longing heart is blessed, And on his bos • om lie. 
The love that list- ens to your prayer Will "no good thing" de - ny. 

• ■* r^ 

1 •— r# — *—*> 





-v— t 



• ^ — 










Pas»- ing by, . . pass - ing by, . . Hasten to meet him on the way, 

Passing by, passing by, passing by, passing by, 

J. -mis is passing by to-day, Pass- - ing by, . . pass- - ing by. 

Passing by, passing by, passing by, passing by. 

Copitifhl. lcVl. bj Jl 

L| y-j «-f— y-+ 


mt (CavtU) for fHr. & 

: ill youi care upon him; for he careth for you." — 1 Peter 5: 7. 
Rev. W C. 1 Anna G Lambert. 

1. [t comes to me cv . er in Bor- row and woe, At net, orwber- 

2. It cornea to me ev - ei when Sa - tan is near, And from his dark 
:>. It comes to me e - ven in night's lonely boor, And when 1 am 

i. Lei this be my pleading before the white throne, When I for the 

■ ): -' : \ 



I 1/ I I I 


ev-er I be, 
pow'r sets me tree ; 

on bended knee. 
Judgment shall be; 

My Saviour's sweet promise, it comforts me so, He 
Behind this hlest refuge no harm need I fear, He 

This blessed assurance, it gives me great pow'r, He 
No mer - it have I, but Je- sus, thy Son — He 


I t r r r i ■ 


I! >: 




-i . i s i 



careth for e - veu like 

He car - eth for me, let the 


___ . #_• # # — ,5,-i & — — 0. • — # — ($, 9 ^ — 

--3- hvN 1 


nil- lows roll, Let wild tempests rage, safe will be my soul. Supreme with- 

*>■ ,' 





1/ I I 

v u j 

in this tho't shall be, Whatev-er be- tide, be careth for me. 

^ : /' 






I I 


F=FT : 




C^jr^t,!. HM». by J«fca J. 


lirmrmlirv, 3Jt.ous ILo&ts Jfou. 

Ida Scott Taylob. 

J. Howaku Entwislh. 

i? : ?-T 


-0 m m- 



1. Oh, re - member, Je- sus loves you, and lie knows each day Ev- 'ry 

2. When you're active in his service, and you do your best. You may 

3. Oh, re- member, Je- sue loves you, as the days go by, Tho'your 

{tff / t t i * - i * 

i ^ 

-1 N fc-i 

0-0 f *_ 

* " ' f ' f ' * 1/ i/ K l; I' D 
act that you are do- ing, ev- 'ry word you say; Not the smallest, faintest 
tell your ev- 'ry tri - al on his pen- tie breast. He will know and under- 
earthly friends forsake you, and no help seems nigh, For beyond the clouds and 

£V t> L * * '* * m m " nm m m 

"'0 * 

^ \y\V\ J j 1/ In' i f . 

. F r j j 

\J u v v 

^ ^— ^ -=? — ?- J 

A ! * 




-i'ify' i »k 



whisper but the Lord will hear, And w ill find its way to heaven to his 
stand them, and will cheer your heart. For there's no one but the Saviour can such 
shadows is his smiling face, He is near you to uphold you by his 

^— P — 0. «->_ |:tz=E=i =4==|= 

r f r r i = 

M ^p 

-* — » 




r* i 




^ L* yf if 



listening ear. Oh, remember, then remember, That no matter what you 
peace impart. 
saving grace. 


* s 


1 "Hi 


do, — Jesus loves you, always loves you. And will be a Friend to you 
#. ^2- 4L A *- *..• h 

* L--.^-V p 

J^u r UN* «.««. Ce W«t>». »<*». >»J J- U«wni i-ulwUW. j 


3lr0tt0 t0 liraDo, &rr £>ott* 


E. E. Hew i it. 



Is.ii.ih xxxviii : jo. 


BSMJ. Fkanklin Butts. 
N — s: s: 

* i 


1. Je - BQfl is ready, is read - y to save; T\\ as for poor sinners, His 

•J. Je - sua is ready to pardon your sin, "Wondrously heal you, and 

.'?. Je- -us is ready to help you to-day, Taming your feet to the 

4. Je - bus is ready the burden to lift, Waiting to bless you with 

,f • f f 



• • 

J-H 4 


-* -*- 



* * / * 

life-blood he gave; Hark, his sweet voice is now calling a - new ! 

cleanse you within; Can you not trust him? He's faithful and true, 

heavenward way; Goodness and mercy your steps shall pursue ; 

ev - 'ry good gift; Coming to Calv'ry, oh, will you not say, 

^^^ -0- * -0- -0- •#-•#- _.*. 




IN & *s 


r ' —9 — 9 ' 0~\ 

What is your answer? He's ready. Are you? Je - sus is ready, are 
Full of compassion ; He's ready. Are you ? 

A - ble to keep you ; He's ready. Are you ? 
u Je - sus, I'm ready, oh, save me to - day " ? 

«• ■»» •*• m . m m +- -m- m 


u tTu 


-#-* — # — 



v-j=X-^: q 

5. * 

:5r V 


you. are you ? He's a - ble and willing, 'lis true, 'tis true; His life-blood he 

gave to be u mighty to save," Je - sus is ready, are yon V (are you?) 

m -0- -0- -0- -0- *-•*.*-*. 

\ I ~r~ — • — i „ r # • # • * I— 

Our Hymns— E ^ * ^ Icwi^m. uua. t, * un*< 

66 stan» sap, StanU Up for Stsufl. 

Gbukgb Dupfibld. Adam Geibbl. 



1. Btand up. stand up lor Jesus, Ye soldiers of the cross; Lift high his royal 

2. Stand up, stand up for Jesus, The trumpet call o- bey ; Forth to the mighty 

3. Stand up,stand up for Jesus, Stand in his strength alone; The arm of flesh will 
1. Stand up, stand up for Jesus, The strife will not be long ; This day the noise of 

±=±d=b=fcH— l-r-l— i r-r-l -r I I I I 

pj g^jH ^ 

ban- ner, It must not suffer loss: From vict'ry un- to vie - t'ry His 
conflict, In this his glorious day: " Ye that are men now serve him " A - 
fail you. Ye dare not trust your own : Put on the gospel arm - or, Each 
bat- tie, The next the victor's song: To him that o- ver- com - eth, A 

t J J J iJ i i ii J. Jii-i-4-i-- 1 -^ 



i— f 




I I 



-^-- •-- 

army shall he lead, Till ev'ry foe is vanquish 'd, And Christ is Lord indeed, 
gainst unnnmber'd foes; Let courage rise with danger And strength to strength oppose, 
piece put on with pray'r; Where duty calls,or danger, Be never wanting there, 
crown of 2ife shall be; He with the King of glory Shall reign eternal- lv. 




-I #-#■ 


ur? *%:.. 



S 3 ^ 



chorus. Harmony. 

■J . I 

=|=: Z i 

m , 

Stand up 

up, stand up 



Je - siw, 


Ye soldiers of th 


f f i r ;« f LLUM m 

Frua - Lphfud VateM," bj par. of (MM * Uhoua. I'hiU. 

Stand £lp, StciuD 5lp, etc.— concluded 85 
i i i , i i i i * 


fcS II 

high his royal ban-ner, It must not. It must not Buf - fer loss. 



flo <fi>t&rr JHrsaaflc Will Do. 


A. B. Morton. 

_ *"« 

-0- -0- -0- * ' 

1. "Christ, and him crucified," preach we to-day, No other message will do. 

2. " Christ, ami him crucified," make this theory, No other message will do, 
;;. u Christ, and him crucified," marvelous plan, No other message will do. 

f '* 




-0 — •- 


■g— y- 

•» # * 1 r i 1 1 1 1 rl i-0 — -, 

P P f T i\ L L L ' L "f^M i 

• 1/ U U 2 ^ 

k iy -T ft ^ j i > rj w ; ; ; j j* i j^ t i 

" Chri>t. and him crucified." God's only way. Tell the "old story " so tine. 

Souls now are perishing, hopeless they die, Tell the "old story " so true. 

God in his Son, speaking pardon to men. Tell the "old story" so true. 

n£ g; f^ -^-4 

" m -0 0~ — 

M. 4L *-' JL. A. +. 

cv— --0 * m 



v— y- 

.1 r _ r __ I 


fc ft j ft t ^xj qjyj^f J fT7"7Tm 

No otli - er message will do, 

— r— *— f = /^5=i 

•h - er message will 
-# • — 

£% 5 C 5 £• h C I 


To weak ones with burdens of sorrow tobi ar, Tell the "old story" so true 


± , 


* , , * 

■ .,-rt-. i.'v l, a I 

00.0 . \ r-H H'-i-l - s I! 


Uitt tt)t (Elonous ijatuirr. 

W. B. J U • li - JUDEPIND. 

/// 'llllKi'll. 






R £ 






1. I. i!t the glorious banner of our Saviour, Lord and King, Crown trim with your 

2, Lift the glorious banner, o'er the world novt let it wave, Telling of tbe 

3 i,it'i the glorious banner, ye faithful, saved and free, Onward march to- 

1 J !F=^ =i±EEE=E^EE3E 




v — ^ — 1 s a s a 

s g s E Eg J I 


praises, let the happy children ring Till the vales and mountains with ho- 

s.i\ iour who from >in and d«ath will Bave, Bending out its gladness and the 

gether on to glorious vie- to - ry ; Never, never fol-ter, but to 

I -I 

•> : .v 

i I ■ ■ 

sannas sweetly ring, And Je - sus reigns su - preme. 
hope that many crave, Now lift this ensign high. 
Je - sus loy - al he. And soon he'll reign su - ju-i'nw. 

Male Voices. In uniSOH. 

tf> * I I » H 



•> : .v 

Lift . . . the glorious ban- uer, lift the ban - ner, lift the ban - ner. 





Efft tt)t (Slorfoua jjanner*— concluded. 69 


All Voices. In harmony. 
s — x, (- 

6 ; 



4 -r-^ 

> ^- * 

Lilt . . . the glorious ban - ner, lilt the ban - ner, lift the ban - ner, 

Lift it high, ban- ner fair, ban- ner fair, ban- ner fair, 






' ~.—m- 

, , . the roy- al 


en - Ugn grandly wave o'er all the world. 

in the air, wave o'er all the world. 




Henry t I.\ i k. 

Tune, EVENTIDE, ios. 

gHtfBt toftij jHr. 

J. Abide with me! fast foUstheeventide/Thedarknessdeepem 

Lord,* itfa me abide 



When other helpers foil. and comforts flee, Helpol the h« lpless,oh,abide \\ itfa me. 






to ita close ebbs oat life's little d;ty ; 

I I 

erow dim. it- glories pass away . 
rod decay in all around I 
1 l tbon, who ehangesl not, abide with me! 
'.'> I need thy presence every passing honr; 
What hiit thy irrace can foil the tempter's power? 
Who. like thyself my guide and stay can be? 
Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me! 

4 I tear no foe, with thee at hand to hi. 

[lis have no weight, and tears no bitterness; 
Where is (hath- sting? where, grave, thy victory? 
I triumph still, if thou abide with me 

5 Hold iIk.u thy cr o on before my closing i 

i and point me to the skies : 
morning breaks, and earth's rain shadou 
Jn life, in death, Lord, abide with me! 


Ettftititr jfiLotoc. 

ii Wn i nnai 

^ p h 

■ « . 



G. Fischer. 

— m- 

L # — 9 — # — #- 

— — 
— 0-r- 

— r 1 — r 

1. There's a love thai is sweeter than earth's sweetest thing, A love that is 

2. There is peace in this love, peace e - ternal and calm, That soothes all our 
:;. There ia pow'r in this loye, pow'r to qnicken the dead, A pow'r that trans 

ggi g §* ; fee '. i hh^ e 

u — ( ,2_| — 1 V „^_J — u_ — ^ — , 1 1 ^ m 9 — i 

— m — P-J-^ — i — *-«r -+•-.— * — • * — m > I II* — 1 

9 m i ' ' 0— M 0- X -0- ' —0 — 0* J 

free from alloy ; Not the jewels and w ealth that the whole woi hi could briufc 
SOT- row and woe: There is health in its touch, like sweet (.Dead's halm, 
fig- tires the soul : That gives joy lor the ash- es ot" sorrow and dread, 


' p> r ? t ' i i i^gJu # u u — u — u 

-* 0- 






>- -N- 

Could purchase such rapturous joy. Let the wehandthe woof of this 

That all who will test it may know. 
And life while the long a- ges roll. 

S 1, J J J \ 5 


— 5= # — — °*- -* — J '* ' 

in - finite love Enfold me and wrap me a - hout. Till I stand with the 

#-• Am 

556 / i , =* 


■ m A 

$ £f£ 


> y > -j u 


i/ - i — > 

saints and the an- geN above, Sale home. ne\ er more to go out 
• •*- ■*- ■*- -0- '. -0- -0- -S0- — -a- - ■#- i*.- 

Copyrifhi, 19W. b» w i -.d b» per. 


;T : II 

C. .KB. 

Neither is there salvation in any Other." — Act", iv: i? 


C'HAS. J. Bl 


I V 


-k — , J St : -» — c — -g-r — i 

1. I've do ref- age, Lord, beside thee, And life's storms are fierce and vsild ; 

2. Of this ref- age I'm un- worthy. I have strayed so far a - way. 

3. Thro' the storm I've hastened to thee. Dark and drear the way has been ; 
1. o thou ref - age for the guilt- y, Thou my on - ly hid-ingplac ; 

•w •*• ^" ■»" . m m «_. • ^ ' ■»" T^~ 


r: * i: 


In thy great pa - vil - ion hide me, Hide, oh, hide thy helpless child 

Bat I come thro' thy great mercy, Take me in, O Lord, I pray. 
Thou the sin - uer's Kock of safe - ty, In thy mer - cy take me in. 
Here I'll ev - er dwell se-cure-ly, In thy ten - der, warm embrace. 

-#-* — 0- 

.. r * 

-#-• — •- 


r f • * f ' f ,* ■ 

L, . — . jriLi i 


— w *- 


S ^_ Jv _> 

1 1 P 

Hide me, Je - sus. safe - ly hide me From the tem- pest fierce and wild ; 



-m — nt -j—i 1 — -. — i f i — = — i 1 , i . 


Thou the on - ly Bock of safe-ty, Hide tbywea- ry, helpless child. 

*— r#-f-€ *■ 


• H i j 



I ^ 

• • 

■ I II 

72 art U)t tsowl MSW S&fnc <&ut 

Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. 

Adam Gbibbl. 



-1^— -l^f . 


1. Standing like a lighthouse on the shores of time. Looking o'er the waves of 
'J. There are human shipwrecks lying all around, Oh, what moral darkness 

3, Do not let the bushel cov- er up your light, Keep your lamp in order, 

4. Try to live for Je- sus till this life is o'er. For along this pathway 

l x . 1 r 1- K — * * — 


v- — b J 






darkuess, sin, aud crime, O - pen up your windows, there's a work sublime : 
ev- 'ry where is found ; Warn some other vessels off from dang'rous ground : 
trimm'd and burning bright, Try to be a blessing,- brighten up the night : 
yon will pass no more. Till he bids you welcome on the oth- er shore. 




■0 — 0-'—0- 


-0 #_!_#_ 

it v 


y— •- 

1 — r 


-0 #-* 0- 



-fi b-fc £» K ^ ta 1 

1 — 99— s 1 


m . S 1 1 

■iffif * < £=£; £-.* l£ 


—0-'--\ l-'—g 1 | — 

-» . m m . S -W j— 

W < i u * ' — r- 

Let the gos - pel light shine 

r f TT 1 

out. /-s 

1 1 J 

Let the gos- pel light shine 

r\' k b y 1 5 1 

^•J2> ^ __J — ' J — I 1 

H* 2 -* ^--1-^ ^— y— ^ — ! •— 

y Vy J # 

-1 M— J J r- 




-B— p- 

# * ' ti 

III " * I 

out, (shine out,) Let the gospel light shine out,( shine out,) Keep your lamp in 




r\ N IN > 
*-i—0 0-»—0— 

y— ! 7- 



1 . s. , 




• > - I I l~~ V ' • u 

order,trimm'd and burning bright. — Let the gospel light shine out. 



= .? 


Copyright, llWi. t; U.IM * Lchia»n. 

..cU, aj ^r 




WnllunQ In Ujr SuuUaljt. 

Frank M. Davis. 

5 * 

f^ ^— -*^ m -■ 1— — f^— t— 1 — — T 

4 i^j=?trH^ 

: 4^g : 

1 A re you walking in the twilight of the Lord to-day? Walking in the 
°2 Aiv you walking in the Bonlight of the Saviour's smile ? Walking in the 
A Are you walking intbesnnlight beamingfromGod'swonftWalking in tin- 
s > . „ . S N _ _ / I* £ f- 

4 f If 


/ • / • 

b b 

E5 £— # — L_ 1 — , « # — _f PK-— P ' 1 m -f 3 — « 1 


sunlight, ev - er in the light ? Is your life reflect- ing Je- sus all your 

sunlight, ev - er in the light ? Does it keep your life from evil and your 

sunlight, ev - er in the light? Thro' it you can see the blessedness of 

♦ m - m _ M N S 

V— V- 

b b b b b 


b b 

3- IS 

light, beautiful 

pilgrim way, Walking in the sunlight clear and bright? Sun 
heart from guile, "Walking in the sunlight clear and bright? 
Christ our Lord, Walking in thesnnlight clear and bright? Light, beautiful light 


sun - light, Shining from the Father's radiant home above; Sun - light. 

Light, beautiful light, I Light, beautiful light, 

sjtf-f-d s : 


beautiful sun - - light* Are you feasting in the sunlight of his love? 

Light, beautiful light, 




I b / / i 

• • 

• • 

J±ia\n 0|)OtfI9 tor SpmH our Eimt* 

Ml K All 

■• Redeeming the time, because the dayi arc evil." 

Eph v. 16. Wm. J KlRKPATEICK, 

I "I v 

1. llo.\ Bhould we spend our time? In fol - ly and in sin? Nay, 

•i. li<>\\ Bhould we spend our time? In heap- ing word- ly gains? Oh, 

:>. How Bhould we spend our time? To gain th'-applause of man? No, 

4. Then lei us trea-sure time, And live in do-ing good, Kc- 







i i i 




J fflJH * 

N * 

rath - er let us seek while here Some souls for Christ to win. 
no, we'll lay our trea-sure up In heaven, where Je- bus reigns. 

no, we'll work, and al - ways seek To please the Great I AM. 
memb'ring that to God we owe Our last-ing ^rat - i - rude. 





r >t 



Thru, up and be do-ing, Go, work while you may ; Life swit't-ly 

-0^-0- -0 ' -0- m 

rr - 

V U V 

— J-s 1 r-r-l 1 r n r H ^ — * — *i — ' ' r 

fleet - ing; Why long - er 

Press onward to Uit - tl« 

;:M Mt» l r T :lrJi;|^|t 

Be strong in the Lord; Hell hear you up bravely; Go, trusting his word. 

0- -0- 

■ "m m m • * •" -* I fc" # " 3 ■ ")— " • • "f ' £ f m \ 
C ~0 i- -v-yj >-#-- -• — # • r- 1 — •- -r — -' r- r~ 

" CMB> Uoodj 

V ¥ v 

Idv Scott Taylor. 

3tHUH to Come, 

J. Howard Entwislb. 




s v 


1. Wake, li>t"niim skus, ami tell the wondrous story. Shout, mighty hills, and 
•J. Chime, bells of joy. your tuneful echoes blending, While on the air har- 
3. Chant, hoste above, yonrhaips celestial sounding, Tell oat thenewe ye 

praise Messiah's name; Roll, o- cean waves, and greet the King of glo- ry, 
mouious sounds arist-; Blow, breezes, blow, the theme of gladness sending, 
choirs around the throne; Sing, sous of earth, your hearts with praises bounding, 

*■' ♦ m . h mA. m m . m • . . m m . m ^ * P ^ 

I- ,' '- 

Je - sus is come! let earth her joy proclaim 

Wave, ce- dars tall, and tell it to the skies. 

Je - sus is come! oh. make his glo - ries known! 

m . -0- -0- ' <*■ +■ , -0- 

Je - sus is come! 

• ~ — j— 4- *-•- -*— T- — r 

? — ? , — I ; j 6-iZ-l 


~"1 ^"^^ 

rJ *~2 ^ —l ^t 

• . * * . 0- -2 — r 

glad- ly I'll receive him; 
L_ 0.- 0.- _#_» 

-4 J-.-W 

Je - sus is come! g 

-• • * _l_\ 

dad- ly I'll believe him; 

-r f f — -i — i 1 r 

k )> ? * • |f * f f 

J — . # 

# -"— # — ^ 

-i . 1 l -i—h V i 

-*> » — *- — # — | 1 i- 

1 A J > ^ / 

I V 

C i u i> ' ' 

. - 


M- -sage of peace, driving care away, Je- sua is come to my soul to-day 


c^***". us*, kj j. u«w»rt 

Joho J Qpod. ovaar 

Storrt tt)t fHomriita 

Adam GKiBKtr. 


S 3s ; S 


1. Bweel the mo- meats, rich in blessing, Which be - fore 

I !i - lv bless - cdis this station, Low be - fore 

'<>. Here it i^ I hud my heaven, While u,» - on 

1 Love and grief my heart divid- ing, with my tears 

Jin* cross I 
bis cross to 
the cross I 

his feet I 

fe^ s^^s 





spend,— Life and 

lie— While I 

gase : Love I 

hat he; Constant 

w& * ml; 


and peace possess -ing, From the 
divine conipas- sion Floating 

Fm much forgiv - en, — I'm a 

in faith a- bid - ing. Life de- 


f-f M 


-• w it*" 



my soul bedew - in-. Plead and claim my peace frith God. 

Fir fin i f^ci'a ^ 

CoryrtiLi. 1WW. kj Jam 

C. H. G. 

Slofljamrlj of 309110! 



Chas H. Gabkihl 

m-^in <nd B 

1. Amazing thought! Lord, can it kw 1 soinrtimes am ashamed of thee? 

2. Let not the morning's ran arise When I thy mercy shall despise, 

: Lord, forbid the day to me When I shall be ■shamed of thee; 

I I If * f J I ll I 1 


1 J|j,j-j.; i f,jij < i j: j H frM 

Sometimes forget that thou didst die For will - ful sinners, such as I? 
Or cease to call thee Father mine, The patient, loving the divine. 
The dav when I shall blush with shame To call thee mine, or own thy name. 

-gjf ^jHH 



-+-'■ — t 



r^>I t 

"Ashamed of Je - - - sus, that dear friend .... On whom my 

"Ashamed of Jc - sus, of that dear friend 

— 7 W^b 

hopes . . of heav'n de- pend? ... No! when I blush, . . be this my 

On whom my hopes of heav'n depend ? No ! when I blush, 

' V V V \J V y 

shame, .... That I no more revere his 

be this my shame, his name, that I no more revere his name 

M. + -H ' m JL JL JL *. M. JL±±~~ + 

: . 

v -j j—7^V- 

Mapjnftl >J»« bt Jots J H<*d. 

-#— # # 



3f02fuU!?, 3osfuU». 

M^. Shartlks^ " We rejoice in hope of the glory of God." — Rem. v. 2. Wm. J. KirkpatricK. 

4 — I — I- 

*$U i III i ) \ i44\'l lUUVi i 

1. Oh, joy- ful - ly. joy- ful - ly. onward we go; w<- see not our path, but our 

2. Thongh trials as- sail us, and 6Umger8anTigbt,Andneare9S8till nearer, comes 
:i. Then onward,still onward, tbro'life's varied track. In hope wepresson,nor look 

•s> -•■ -m- ••- -•- -•- -•- 


I I 'l — i— r 

m i—4r. 




C 1 

li 1 ' ' . ' 





Lead-er we know ; And where'er he may guide us, thro' shadow or sun. 
death's aw- ful night; Yet what shall dis-may us, when close at our side, 
mournful - ly hack; With our Saviour be- side us to point out our way, 

Ev- er joy- ful - ly. joy- ful - ly fol-low we on. Joy - ful- ly, joy - ful- ly, 
Stands he who can help us, our Sa\ iour and Guide. 
We'll joy- ful -ly speed us thro' life's little day. 

LP -•- -•- -•- . I J l 1 * . -•- ■*- -■-•-•■• 

w i uf i f M i f r iiliif-tf i riif i 

forward we go. Joy-ful-ly leav-ing all sor-row be-low; Onward and 

-Pir'iP : P Nrir* p f i t f r iM^ i r p m 

— t— 
-4— L-J 

N I 

upward, tho' 8a- tan as -sail; Jov - ful- lv onward, thro' Christ we'll prevail. 

I I 

^ •[• fftf- i i i:ii 

M • Uoodlj TearU. " bj par. of John J. Ui«d, 

m, ILitUc £$&Ur to Wait 


C' H Cranoai i. 


zr — :s — #— : £- %r •-• — * 0—0—0—0- 

l'has H. Gabrisl. 

* # ■ 


1. A lit- tie while to wait and watch and wonder, And then to know the 
•J. A lit- tie while to climb life's stormy mountain. And then to see tin* 
J. A lit- tie while to say, " not mine, bnt thy way ," And then to won - der 

Bpirit's glad release; A lit 1 1 ** while to bear the strife and thunder, And then to 
vale with beauty rif< ij A little waiting by the barren fountain. And then to 
we were not more wise; A little stumbling in the dusty highway, And tin n the 

_z_> 1 — 


h S N 




1 1 1 -—LF^-^V— F 

hear the harmonies of peace. 

taste the living streams of life. 
meadow-lands of Par- a - dise. 



A lit- tie while, .... a lit- tie 

A little while, 







-9— *- 


-S N 


HS^* * 

-% ^ 0— • ' 

while, ... A little while, and we shall 

a little while, 




«.— N 



go To be at 

32 E 



. * 


A little while, and we shall go, and we shall po, 
-*-*-* * 4 •-»- r -0-0-0-0-5—0 , 

v > > > / W 

^ 1/ u* 

- ? 

k r* r> 

-• ==+ 

^— * 

* h 

# 1 1 — 1 — 1 

— -jpnar 

N S h 


0— r 

home with Christ in beav'n forever, With all the saints eternal joys to know, 

-#_• 0-^-. •-! , • »_^#_1 L •** J <2~~^m 

b: z 1 fifty i*-*-^-*!** <■ ir r r r r ! 3V 

V V V W W tepjrifht. U*;. b, JO L* J I. soil. * I |x 

W &E?rlcomr, Storrt Sbpitit of Eofce 

Hakmki E 



1. Come, Holy Bpir- it. thee I am needing. That I be filled with the 
9 Come, Holy Bpir- it, dwell in me sweetly, Come to my heart all the 
::. Come, Holy Bpir- it, till to o'erflowing, Give mean anthem down 

-fi- r (2—0 r 

m—*- r <2—t 

bj^ r^r^ fc-fxlg g L UM*IL L [ IL L L"t 

i i i 


6 i , 

—I 1 1 - 1 Z^ 1 — I 1 •— I — ' 1 1 — I 1 1— i — ' 1 r 

life-giving bread; Bpir -it of blessing, come while I'm pleading, 
dross to consume; Come just this moment, fill me complete- ly, 
deep in my heart; If thou shalt ev - er in me be glowing 

S p $ t ? I i T"" T t L - ^ F . T t\ - — *— f-rP *— r 

Z).£. — Promise of Je - sus, Comfort -er precious, 
| Fine. CHORUS. 


Come, that my poor hungry soul may be fed. 
All my whole be - iug con- trol and illume. 
I may to oth- ers rich blessings impart. 
I -#- -s>- -#- i 

Coming, be - heving, 

Ba tf ? HI* • V f if f ' lfl:»l I? i C Iff ra= 

**» ' 1 1 i ii i ' r > j> M^Tf f j» if r =a 

Thou art most welcome, O Spir- it of love. 


I . Mi H I : 

• J 


g» -*x 

sweetly re - ceiving, Welcome, most welcome, O Spir- it of love: 

i i 





1 I I 

Copjrtjbl, IBV*. bj J ll*w»rj tniwuU. John J Hood, owner 

£ am SOclterra til EOrr. 


P M D. 

"Myv;: mg rock for a house ol defence."— P^ . \\m : ->. 

Fkank M. Davis. 





— te4\t r <=i 

i_ In- - 


s ; 

1. I am Baft in the Book that is higher than I; Tins my refuge thro' 
'.1. I am Baft in the Cleft that was riv- eo for me; Fromtbepow'rofthe 
;> 1 am safe In the Rock letwhatev-er be- tide; Death and hell have no 


a — *t 


S— S 


stornis eVr *hali be; Tho' my trail hark is toss'd on the billows' mad foam, 
tempter I'm free; Tho' my path way be dark and the storms sweep the sk j, 

ter- ror to me; I can walk without fear thro' the shadow - y vale, 




_* — ^ — '-*- 




Yet I'm sheltered for - ev - er in thee. Sheltered in thee, 

-cure-ly I'm sheltered in thee. 
For se - cure-ly Pm sheltered in thee. Sheltered in 

_- g s ir r i ' mH^^ 



— *- 

t< red in thee, O thou blest Rock of A- ges, I am sheltered in tbee, 



f no - >«*« «f folM." Jolia J. Hud, corner 

m : W. : : m 

by /nut V 


Hot SAbcfc. 

I no. R. Clements. 

.<.m. x : 

Benjamin Franklin But-is. 

1. Sad is the sound as it falls on the ear, Not saved, not saved, not saved: 

2. Sou I, thou art mad if thou risk one more day. Not saved, nol saved, not saved ; 
:; Many poor souls have Blipped over the brink, Not saved, not saved, not saved ; 
•I " Near to the line " is ou dangerous pronnd, Not Baved,not saved, not saved ; 

^ M - fi y w m ji nn 

€ Z 


i i 




_j £__ 


V + I M 

Is there any poor soul who is lingering here. Not saved, not saved, not saved? 

There is deatli at the end, 'tis a dangerous way. Not saved, not saved, not saved. 

Let their terrible fate at once cause you to think. Not saved, not saved, not saved. 

it is "over the line" perfect safety is found. He saved, be saved, be saved. 


E ft l f^jUfr-t* 


n , ^ ^ N N 

( s 


fc i 



J — r- 

-* =1 

^ ^ s4-s E 



* ^ %= 

— — 
— # — 

— • 1 — 

— • — 


Just be - lieve in 

t. £ £ e 



And con - less 

-0- •*- <0- 


thy mouth 



II! 1 

h.^ > ■* 

i ij ' ■ ! > U 



# # 

» i 

^ Wii ^ 2 

> ^ 



-^ '• 

9 v i 9 

— >— 


— V 1 

• ; 

U' u u» 

Christ who on Cal 



-# < 

r n^ if 

ry died; . . . Thou shalt siim then the sonj 

# , J J\ J — r 

^ — '^ — ^ 


5T > 

I u - CI - lied." 

With this gladsome re- tram : " I m saved by the One crn - ci - Bed. ' 

5 ' I' 

I Mil bi |*r s^ 

S.nurQ anD I>cj)t. 



A. B. H 

I. I'm re-joic-ing to-day Ev-'rv step of the way; In s 
• in- to-day, Tho 1 I faint by the way, 1 shall 
3, i have par - doc and rest Bince my Lord I confessed, And 

M * 3 i 

5 J 


X_ V I 

im sin, For the blood has been shed, To the 

r be lost, I am kept by his pow'r, Ev- 'ry 

perfect peace now is mine, I now walk not by sight, But by 


' > 

-*— r & «-•_#- 




*) : .' 

cross I was K-d, And my sins blot - ted out from with - in. 

d iv. tv - 'rv hour, I am his, bought at in - fi - nite cost, 

faith, in his might, Saved and kept by the pow-er di - vine. 

■ s ^ u I 

*- ,; 



-*— & 

• d by trust - ing in his might, Krj>t by walk - ing in his sight: 

'-- ; 

1 _, 1 > J 1 J / J L| 1 


N v 

• ' 

: >■ 



+* *+ v- J ir 

9 r I 

Oh. wd ace is mi:. »y pow'r di- vine. 

Copyist. IWJ. bj A b M^rwt. ^ £ 


Wbin ©tnist 10 m tt)t finavt. 

Rev. Juhnson Oatman, Jr. 

J. Howard Entwislb. 
I -A- 

y S V 

No Bcenea of mirth up- on the earth Such pleasures can impart, 
2. Tho' sorrows roll up- on the soul, And tears un- bidden start, — 
::. Tho' we may find ihe world unkiud, — Its wordsmay stinjzandsmart, — 
4. Bo we will Bing of Christ our King Till soul and bod - y part, 





r j 


As those which come to ev - 'ry one When Christ is in the heart. 

Yet still we find sweet peace- of mind When Christ is in the heart. 

Yet all the year the skies are clear When Christ is in the heart. 

Then we'll go home no more to roam, If Christ is in the heart. 




L 1 1- 


T i 



O roy - al Guest, fill ev - 'ry breast, And nev - er more de - part, 




-# — «- 

-* — ft. 


For this we know 

'tis heav'n below, When Christ is 

- T" "T" "1 — « 

flft E Ml I f 

a — > — > — «-i — 

C«pjrt«bt, 1»WV, bj J. Ho»wU A.oiwuto. 


— #- 


wtm am mttt at p.?ot«c. 



Johnson Oatman, Jr. 


Adam GuBl i. 

h s 


How ma - uy Bad partings we have on earth's shore, Yet there is a 

There death cannot en - ter to spread his alarms, Our dear ones of 

Why should these brief par tings briny tears to our eyes? We'll .-non be u- 

There Christ is prepar-ing a mansion so lair, And soon he will 

V V I 

9b • 



conn- try where friends part no more; There from those who love us no 

earth are not torn from our arms; No more the pale boatman will 

ni - led to dwell in the skies; With joy we will gath - er a- 

call us to dwell with him there; With joy we will go when we 

M , — #. 




Phi h L 

M \M — — 

— h n 

M • 


* m J P 

i ^ ^ i 

9 m A 4 

rr^ ' 

• m 

m ' a * m m a * 

2 # - 1 

J ?» 

* *0 


will we 

o'er the 
him say ' 

-0- * 

mm m~ m m m ~ m 9 w 



■ c >mi 

No more sad farewells when we all meet at home. 

To hear ns a- way, when we all meet at home. 

And make heaven ring when we all meet at home. 

"Todwell ev-ermore in thai beau- ti- fill home. 

/ tr #- -T m I s •*■ 4 

') ' ■ 

: : 

f — - * r r-H— r-f - = I 

JJfy ■ 

• • 

♦ • 


V V 1 J J Y m m | *T 

f V 

_chokus l .. | is i , 

Home, home, sweet, sweet home. In mansions of j:lo- ry we'll all meet at home. 

Opjn^ht, lev;, i j*w, a; J. amtn t .- •■ 


8 6 c&e ©^000 la not ©rcatrr. 

B. B. Gi;n. Balling-ton Booth. 

May be s>mg as a S<>lo and Choru*. 

* J H - i& —i- ii i J.J li\ti-i-* : f \ ij4- 

» » 

1 5 

1. The cross that be gave may be heavy, Bui it ne'er outweighs his grace, 

'J. The thorns in my path arenol sharper Than composed his crown lor me, 

\i. The light of his love shineth brighter, As n foils on paths of woe, 

4. Sis will I have joy in fnl- filling, As I'm walking in his sight, 


t: fit. t: 
dr4- C^Js3cJ^E*E£ 





^ •' ' b ^ ^ rrrr^Tt^c 







The storm that I feared may surround me, Bui it ne'er excludes his face. 
The cup that I drink not more bitter Than he drank iuGethsema- ne. 
The toil of my work groweth lighter, As I stoop to raise the low. 
My all to the blood I am bringing, It a - lone can keep me ri^ht. 

*-r* »— •- 

~:W w ^tza: 



b I H Li b f iTiTT 5 


fibd? — * 



The cross is not greater than his grace, 

The storm cannot 



Jt * 0^^m. 

t. t. 

■V : >- 

V ^ 1/- 

-> ' 

- .#_ 

V ?■ 

hide his bless - ed face ; 

I am sat - is - fied to know 

n N rs rs 

•w -w -w -w- J JL 

L ±= ±= tZ P-T-&.: 5-* * Z—r* * * *" — r 






H # r * * — # # ^ H 

That with Je- sns here be- low, I can con-qner ev - 'ry foe, 

JL JL ± ± ± 

* — • • , a 


z* r. 

' ? 



amcljor ootu- iinife. 


Lizzie De AllMWB, 

Adam Geibbl. 

1. Look well to your ea l>!« s, my broth - er. 
•J. Concealed by the gatb-er-ing dark- ueas 
So inch - oi your bark to the Christ-rock, 

S S S S S .S N N J N 

For sev - creel the 

Aif breakers of 

Ami a.-k the dear 

»): > ;L j't g 000 

! > -if-7-i -#-T- r 


fc: 1 > 

faith-strands may be. Take heed lest you slip from your moorings, And 
sin, just at hand; O soul, there is many a dan - ger To 

Je - sus to be Your pi - lot. to guide vou in safe - ty To the 

h J* ♦ 0. — 

storm-toss'd lie out on life'a sea. 
keep you from gaining the land 
shores of e - ter - ui - tv. 

Drifting a - way, 

drifting a - 

-0 — 


]/ i u i/ 

# * •? 

■A— K- 

M • 

*S\ — • 

drift - - iog a- way Far from the home of the blest; 

drifting a - way, driftiug a- way, v > w M l^.- 

+ •-0—0 — * 

? • — ?_>_>_jr=r ».._#J»_ii^=Z 

- J J f - 



Then anchor vour>o'il on the Christ-rock. For under its shadow Ifl i«-t. 
*-# 0-*0-0—i 0—0 0-r0- f -0—0—s — — m — T0-' 

i^i^^:- -;•; : •-: Spiel 


£ 7.%uoui not Wt>8. 

K. K. HitwirT. 

A. B. Morton. 

1. I know not why the storms arise. To overspread life's sunny skies, 

2. I know not why the mists appear, Till radiant bills are dark and drear; 

& I know not why ill schemes prevail, Why love's sweet plans oftseem to fail; 

4. I know not why, but in that land Where all is light we'll understand ; 

rW* It i * I W - I* It It 1* l* Hi Ere 


T j — -E-fc-H, rT j- 5 - 



Why all too soon the flow >s of May Should lose their bloom and fadeaway. 
The cruel thorns spring up and grow, While pleasant plants the winds lay low. 
Why songs are hushed, and tear-drops falls, But this I know, he ruleth all. 
Un- til that day I'll humbly sing, All's well with me, the Lord is King. 



-0 — r 0— -— — — — t*-t — s ' — m — r*~ — ■ 


-*- — # #- 

-1 n — & — fs-r-i ^ — ^ — s-rrt K — * — *-r-^— i 

0-1—0 — # — ^ ' j , #~E[# — #— c^- 1 — * * -^— 'j>— ■ 

I know not why, but Jesus knows, Bis hand restores the withered rose. 


H •" 

9*9 i 1 

k. k. /ss ritard e dim. 

-y 5*" 



And turns my loss to endless gain, Hereaf- ter he will make it plain. 

_ s P-r#— s — r-*- * — * * 0—r0~, — m F w~ r* ' ~ n 

w | / / Qopyi I I! Mortnq. OMdbTprr 

flcsus Sabrs. 




Wm J. Kll'KI'Al KH K. 


l: S ... i .. > ' '■ ' " '• * 

1. We have heard • joy - fill sound, Je bun saves, Je - mat 

2. Waft it 

tlit- mil - in« tide, J< 


sua -;i\ es> 

,s. Bing a-bove the hat-tie's strife, .!<■ - snsaavei 
1 Give the winds a might -y voice, Je - missavec 

.Ic - sun aves 
Je - bus saves 


Spread the - ia<l 
Tell t.» sin 
By hisd aih 
Let the na - 

n ss a 

nets, far 

and end 

tions now 

a- round, 
and wide, 
less life, 

Je - bus Baves, 

Je - sus saves, 

Je - sus sav< s. 

Je - ens Baves, 

.Ic - suv saves ; 
Je - bus saves ; 
Je - bus vi 

Je • BU8 s; •■ 


Bear the news to ev'- ry land Climb the steeps and cross the waves 
Bing, ye is - lands of the sea. E - cho back, ye o-cean caves, 

Bing it soft - ly thro' the gloom, When the heart for mer - ev craves, 
Shunt sil - va - t ion full and free, High- est hills and deepest e.: 

9 # 

1 *- 


# . .#. 




Onward, 'tis our Lord's command, 

ball keep her ju - hi - lee, 
Bing in tri - omph o'er the tomb, 

Thi- of \ ic - to - ry, 

Je - sus saves. 

Je - BDfl 

Je - sus Baves, 

Je - sus saves. 

Je - sus saves. 
Je - bus saves, 

Je - sus m 
Je - BUS saves. 

1 7 •' * / , ' ' / £— L G> — * 


Wt'll ifHrrt ©fjttu* 

Howakd F.«rrwi»LB. 

; J' J' |s =r= — i k rs-rs k r H " F^ E¥ 

1. <> Ur.iuti- ful borne of the weary, Where Jesus and cherish 'd ones dwell, 

2. <> beaati • ful horae of the weary, So far from this valley <>i' tears, 

3. () kingdom of beanty and gladnesStWhereGodandbisSon are the light; 


, s i^ ,^ r> 

g=^T77Z3 =^g^ 





-fi-S P-r-N * PS H fS . | -, P 


Where never's a path lone and dreary, Where never is heard a farewell! 
Where we with oar lov'd ones may tarry, Throughout all the rapturous years! 
Where nev- er are partings or sadness, Where never is Bickness or blight! 

Sometime we will reach the fair portals, O blessed and peaceful re - treat, 
Oh, sweet is the thought of re- union. Up there in the home of the soul ; 
Sometime, in the home of our F ather. Wh ere nothing shall mar or molest, 

I I i i ( I 


And there 'mid the shining immortals. Again our be- loved we 11 greet. 

A blessed and ho - ly communion. While a- ges on a- ges shall roll. 

With songs of rejoicing we'll gather. With those we hold sweetest and best. 








-i N 



*— r 

We'll meel them.somi time we will meet them. The dear ones who lovingly wait; 

We'll meet thcm.w'll meet them, Thedear ones, the dear ones 

x i i r i i f -i — i — »t— I 

tm i CCCESfTE 

m m m ' *~ m *- * *- *~ '■*- 

Wt'U JHret ©fjtm*— concluded 


V H 


-0—0 0—0 

rit. ad lib. ^ 

s k- — t N S 

xi w- 

We'll greet them, sometime we will greet tbem,Up there at the beautiful pile. 

We'llgTect diem, we'll greet them, Up there at the pate, 

£ ficrfl Cljcc Stjtrj? pjour. 

Annie S. Hawks 

Robbkt Low»t. 

+^- ---» + J. -^ ♦ P 

r •"* i u 

1. I need thee ev- 'ry hour. Most gracious Lord; No ten- der voicelike 
•J. I need thee ev- 'ry hour; Stay thou near by; Temptationslose their 
:>. I need thee ev- 'ry hour, In joy or pain ; Come quickly and a- 


— *- 


thine Can peace af - ford. I need thee, oh! I need thee; Ev- 'ry hour I 
pow'i When thou art nigh, 
hide. Or life is vain. 


-V— ^— V- 





need thee; O bless me now, my Saviour! I come to thee. 





4 I need thee ev'ry hour; 
i me thy n ill ; 
And thy rich promises 
In me fulfill. 

I ' I 

5 I need thee ev'ry hour, 
Most Holy One; 
Oil. make me thine indeed, 
Thou blessed Son. 

Copyrifhl, it"), hj Mkrj Uuujou Lowr... rtM,«l. tw>l bjr (*t 


J. H. E 


©n for 3}tmt0! 

I 4 -^ E^^j 

J. Howard Entwislb. 




' i • • 

1. On for Je-sos! stead- y be your arm and brave; Onward, onward, 

'J. On lur Je-snsl tiresome tho' the conflict be, Tho' the hosts of 

3. On for Je- mis, till the aonnd of strife is o'er! When the great Com- 

£=tr- -r=f±-=2=±, — ^_|#.Tdr __jiZ[T — tr 


Z).6 T . — "On lor J e- sua!" this shall be the bat - tie-cry, Ne'er retreat - ing, 

J i J J 

#-t-# F g «- 

■-A — 


take the shield and sword ; On for Je - sua! standard of your 

sin are press -ing hard; On for Je - sus! striving for the 

mand-er calls for thee Thou shalt wear a crown of life for - 

|* $ g+. + J-qJ. Jl + Jl . _p. jt 

=*— ir % i zmzz=i0 — Tizzfci 

gj; g r — ?=P=i— pi 
Wi — ^ > — h ^ 


— nr^— it 

ev - er press - inj 

—fc ~s 

On for Je - sus! marching on to 
i Fine, 

— 4" 

— #- 

. — % ' — 

• ^-=- a 


•*• -*- -ir •- -*-"-•--»- 

Cap • tain wave, Press - ing on - ward, trust - ing in his word 

vie - to - ry, End - less life will soon be your re - ward, 

ev - ermore, And with Je - sus reign e - ter - nal - Iv. 

9* i. • k 

vie - to - ry, 



we shout the glad re - demptiou Bong, 

,; j^JJUJ^ Ufif HJU ,11 

March - ing, marching on, . . .We're marching onward still for Je - sus; 

Marching on, marching on, 

*. J. .*- _#. j*. Ml JL J- JL JL ^2. ^2. 

= : I i I I ^ rt =i=z^=--zazzr:tzz=ti: 

he— -• » » a -# — »— — i — Ps>- 


I — r — i — 

1 — r 

— r 

I B.C. 

March - ing, marching on, •• • Beneath the banner of the free. 

Marchii marching on, f I 

*. J • J- JL Jf. JL JL _ _ | ^L 

# # 




r t— r 

-j - , » • ■#- 


- ^ 

Oppjrijto*. IW7, bj Jobo J. Uood. 

CJjr SI nun of tljc IL01D. 

W. H. P. 

March time. 



Vv M. M. PR1CI 

ft- - 



1. Come andjoio our happy throng, Lift your voice in joyful Bong, As Je- 

! our Captain leads us on, He baa need of ev - 'ry one, For hit 

;>. Then no longer halting stand. Come and join our yon thfnl band. As we 

— t? * r m 1 m ^ M-jr-r-fa-* a - , t.* a *-!— J— F 

hovah's name we praise; 'Neath the ban - ner of the ri^ht We are 
cause must nev - er fail; And tho' Sa - tan bars the way, Yet we 
inarch the foe to meet; For we'll wear a victor's crown, When we 





t" — r u 6~u 






1— t^n 

a UJ.1 I » 



v* ! 3 J -ii J3 

pressing to the fi^ht, And our authein loud we raise. Glo-ry and honor 

to vie - to -ry. For Je - hovah must prevail. 
lay our armor down. And our trophies at his feet. 

.m m ' 

To the Lamb forev- erl Glo- ry in the highest, sing Hal- le- lu - jah to hi 

V -£_*_£_-S-l . f * ft,J. $ IK ft J 4-t 1 , 

name! Let our voices lou<1 proclaim Hal- le - lu- jah to our Saviour King] 



E -- ~ * * — t -f-t- 1 - - j & S +b-r+ 


£ tiMO DOtDlt .It tt)t $)OOl. 

Rc\. JOHNSON ()A I MAN, Jr. 

Adam Gbibbl. 

N ** - A. 

■ * //'J j:jj d 3 1; 3 H- J 3 3 j l 

1. Once 1 stood l»y the pool, Sick of sin ami heavy hearted, Burden'd 

2. When by faith [stepp'd in, I felt all my sins forgiv - en, And my 
& Bless the Lord, mysonll Who hath heal'd all thy diseases; While I 

S N N N 

n-JJ J 


down with my yuilt and my shame, But 1 call'd on the Lord, And he 
soul with God's love was a- flame; When his Spirit came down, Then I 
live I will praise his dear name, For the Comfort- er came, — Promis'd 



sent his Ho - ]y Spir-it, Then I stepp'd in the pool when he came. 

caught a glimpse of heaven, For I stood by the pool when he came. 

by the blessed Je-sus, And I stood by the pool when he came. 







H * 



I was down at the pool At the troubling of the waters; Oh, I 



■ m w w 5 w 1 w w- 

L L L I u 3 ^ ? 

ft * H ^ * * ■ 0- 

l> V 


t > 

b u 


# 0- 

f ^ 



I — tr-tf- 

nev- er can forget that blessed hour, (blessed hour;) For I stepp'd in the pool, 


* toas Dotiw at tfte $ooI — concluded. 96 

h s--K r— | 1 P — P — fc-*-i — • 1~ 

m m f 1 ^ ^ *- - m m ' •— *" ' \ r j « \Y 


Aud found pardon in the waters, When the Spirit came in mighty pow'r. 

mighty pow'r. 





S V 

v — =r 


>->— i 


Wv. H. Gardnrr. 

DUET.— Alto and Tenor 

U U U ]/ ' 

perfect »r»t. 

-V— >— ?-/ 




i^i -I 

1 Wea- ry souls in darkness drifting, Hear, oh. hear this message blest ; 
•J. Come to him, in all yonr weakness, Yoa will be a welcome gnest ; 
3L Come, tho' ye may seem bat worthless, Lowly hearts he loves the best 

V s 

?w v 



4. ^ / ^J- 

Ft 1 — ==r ? — Lzh- 1 




— ^ 

Tell your sorrows to the Saviour, And ye shall find periect rest. 

Ten-der-ly his baud will guide you To the realms of perfect rest. 

Alt- er all your wea - rv wand'ring Ye shall find his perfect rest. 











No more sorrow, on the morrow, Joy will henceforth fill thy breast; 

» . , J » r ■» . • *• r » t -r^— J— »— 



i it. ad lib. 





5 r b 

No more sadness! endless (gladness, When you fiml his per- feet rest. 

IWL Jet* J Hcod.owD.t. IT U U I S S J 

Ufjnci.1. :»1. JVUJBW1.WUI. 

96 ctjc ftarttest 2©iU eomc 38s an& £» 

\i i> ■ i i.As Clbati r. 

H. Jambs Pkeston 



n i ; i ; * '* -* 

-* — fc ->- 
#-> — * — *— 

1. What seed an- you rowing in life's harvest-field, While swiftly the 

2. s«»w good seed at morning, at noon- tide and eve, And let thy seed 

Be watchful and earnest and pray'rful • ly sow, Trust God for the 

i s I s . . i s i s I s I s * I s 

° #- X #-' — # 0— 1 r- ^ U 1 ■ ^^L#! 0- 

'$■ ~ ' 

7* rK » 

■ *- 


•^ ♦ 



y ■• ^ i 

bright moments fly ? (moments fly?) Each seed that you sow will spring up and grow 
wist-ly be east; (wisely cast ;) Then joy shall he thine — thou ueedst not repine, 
sunshine and rain; (sun and rain;) Oh, sweet it will he at harvest to know 

And the harvest will come by and 

When cometh the reaping at 

Thy la - bor has not been in 


last ! 

The harvest will come hy and 




by, by and by, The harvest will come by and by, by and by, Each 

•~n — I — — i k — i-j ^ — S — i 1 — h — — \ — i — — — 

H g 1 >— V >— > g — I ■ - r i — | 

Seed thai you sow will spring up and grow, And the harvest will come by and by 

oop/mht. iwi. John j. uood. «w.« • • • ^^y^^yy^ 

J?ottr fBt.e.etoii. 


L M. < loNWII L. 

ill " 3=^£^ — *_l::£-J_— - -. - *_ ^_ 

1. If you cannol on the ocean Sail among the swiftest fleet, Booking 
-2. [f yoo cannol in the harvest Gather np the richest sheaves, Many-a 
:; Do not then stand idly waiting For souk nobler work to do, For your 

•> : 


^-*± r r i ~ r r r i &• — *—*- 

i I 

I- p I 5 ♦ ♦• * 

on the mighty billow. Laughing at the storms you meet. You can stand a- 
grain both ripe and golden, Which the careless reaper leaves, You can "lean a- 
heav'nly Father's glory Ev-er earnest, ev - cr true; Go and toil in 

& * j Itlj^S 

i i 

mong the sailors. Anchored yet within the hay, You can lend a hand to 

moogthe briars, Growing rank against the wall, And it may be that the 

an - y vineyard, Work in patience and with prav'r. If you want a nVld of 


B ' 'V=E& 




i \j 



V IP' 

help them, As they launch their boats away ; As they launch their boatfl away. 

•had - owa H id*- th< -heaviest wheat of all, Hide the heaviest tohea of all. 
la - bor You can find it anywhere, Vmi can find it anywhere. 

' P 

rrtefcl. 1*5. bj ». II. CoBwelL 

fli//> IfumnJt -CI S \ 

Hymns <• 

"3 (GotK »j.i0 ©yrnro am tfjr ffiatca. 

Kev. Johnson (Utman, Jr. 

SOLO. WUh e.rjirt'Xsion. 

J. Howard Entwi«lk. 


* > 

1. There's a <-it - y bright and fair 
8. <)n the jonrney to that land, 
Ma- ny loved ones gone be- fore 
l. Free from ev - 'ry stain of Bin, 


In that conn- try o - vei there, 

lit- will help Ins saints to stand. 
Now air wait- ing on that shore, 
With our Lord we'll en - ter in. 


-0 — - r - 



Nothing like it here was ev - er seen; — Some bright morning, we are told, 

As up - on his loving arm we lean; We shall o- vercome our foes 
Standing on those hills of liv- ing green; Soon we'll meet them face to face, 
After we have crossM death's rolling stream ; For each door is o- pen wide 

Wo shall reach those streets of gold, — God has opened all 

And the dangers that oppose, — God has opeued all 

For we're sure to reach that place, — God has opened all 

Since the blessed Saviour died, — God has opened all 

the gates between, 
the gates between, 
the gates between, 
the gates between. 







O that cit - y, bright and fair. Waiting for 

ver there.- 


What tho* tri- als here may in- tet - vener" Kept bv his unfailing grace, 


■*> . ^ 

Covjnjbi. 18W, by J Howard JLatwUl*. \& 


S ' 


(GoJJ ft*.* ©j)rnr&, etc, 



We shall surely reach that place,— God baa opened all the gates be I 

~ 7 P >-& ^-g— -g^ l 

CJjc ©10 Oatten JSticftrc. 

Woodworth. Second verse by Russell H. Conwell. 



h i t j \-4 . «r — , — F»— s — *-#-+* — F -^t- 1 — --* — *-- 

j *""• • #— cj \j ~^~ 9 ~ ■ * *~~ • *~~- '-0- 

. i How dear to the heart are the scenes of my childhood, "When fond recol- 
' i The orchard, the meadow, the deep-tangled wildwood. And ev- 'ry loved 
D. C. — The old oak- en buck - et, the i- ron bound bucket, The moss covered 




r- . — ^— — | j :-§:- --s *, N N- — N S- — s — 

lee- tiou pre - sents them to view, \ ( The wide spreading pond 
spot which my in - fan - cy knew. / \ T 

buck - et that hung in the well. 

'he cot of my 


fa- ther, the 




* 1 


#-:— 3 



mill that stood by it ; The bridge and the rock where the cat-a - ract fell, 
dai - ry house nigh it. And e'en the rude bucket that hung in the well. 



vvvvyvvv » 

2 But dearer than fouutain or well of our homestead 

Is the water of life which our Saviour shall bring, 
But brighter and cooler than old oaken bucket 

Are the draughts of salvation from heaven's clear spring; 
The wide, stretching valleys in colors so fad< 

Where trees are all deathless and flowers e'er bloom; 
The dearly beloved who stand at the portal, 

Expectantly waiting to welcome us home — 
Wetter, far better than all earth can give us, 

To drink with the loved ones at fountains of God. 

loo (tTcD SbrnD* us JlotJjinfl tiut ttltsmuaa. 

1 i i man, Jr. Adam Gkibkl. 

-T -r -r -y - 

1. II. • % happy we'd in- could we bol nnderstandjGodsendsusnothing but blessings; 

2, While siu may cause havoc aod death and despair, 

Godsends usnothingbul blessings; 
i up will take from him w hate'erheraay give,Godsendsusnothiugbut bles^in^*; 

1/ V \J it * V 

^ t ^ ▼ — 

No matter whal we may receive from his hand God sends us nothing bul blessings; 
We bring on ourselves many ills that we share, God sendsusnothing but blessings; 
We'll trust him and praise him as long as we live, God sends us nothing but blessings; 

y y y y y 

fi J ^> V-r—N — K — fr- m ■ h —i 

J ~* S 1 — — i > 1 1 — a 

-0 — - — #- 
-0 — — 0- 

# — 0- — — * — • 
\ i should he led o'er the mountain so steep. Or have to pass thro' where the 
He sends us the sunshine to brighten'our way. The beauti- ful stars at the 
He gave his dear Son for poor sinners to die, That we might five with him for- 

*- "*" "*" "*" 

& m L I I ILL --rW 


V V V V \J \J 


s — *--y 
— • — 0- 

U j V D 1/ b 


f — #- 

waters :ire deep. The Father lias willed it. so why should we w eepVGod sends a*. 
close of the day. His Spirit abides with his people alway, God sends us 
ever on high, Then clearly we'll nee in the great by and by, God sends u^ 

£ f: ti > > > '\ > 

r^?-$ L • * m —m s-l # — t ' ?? ■«««« « 

) • ?J»2g »-— #=3z:#z=#zj:gzz g— i — # # ja. 

~ 'y -v^y I • -' > — y U U lx L * 

# — 

III * 

^— ^ 

/y„<> CHORUS 

D. <S. — may we believe God sends ns 



#— r # # # 0— V "- 

nothing bnl blessings; No, nothing hut blessings can come from above, 

,N .N N > 

- : : : : ' - - - * ^" 

uotluu^ hut blessings. 

<5o& srn&a an, rtc- 



A--K— J^r^-N " 

S v 


Bent »lo\\ n from the Father ut' in- finite lovej Whuti Vr we receh e, <»li, 


- - 

fLotor acsftttns fcuvDrue. 

Harriet E. Jones. 

J. HOWAHP Kmwisi.f. 

h s 


:cz:£±i — »Eij * ■ 

1. How the hand of love can lighten Heavy weights of woel Bow a word of hope 
*2. How mnch comfort we can render By a kindly deed, — Offered in a 

3. Let ns visit homes of sadness. Weary ones up- lift, Bring to them a 

4. Let us prove a source of pleasure By our acts of love. — Serving other-. 




i i | i | g g p p ■****■•] — r 

i f i t i f | i I | l \ \, I a^/ • I If i 

I b b 

I ^ 






»> * _a. 




# jf * * 

k> V V 

hope can brighten Darken'd homes below I Lighten burdens! help your broth- 
manner tender To a friend in need! C ers ' 

ray of gladness, By a word or gift, 
lay up treasure, In the home a - bove. 



«- ■**-+■ 

> h f* 

^^g^i^s : [ 

-0- 9 * -0- *V*-#-* 

This is Christ's command; Lighten burdens borne by other-. With a ready hand! 

w I 

000 -0-r* -r* T* f * * 


r ui d 

Cofijnttt, IMA, i.j J. 11 ■ » 

Jo»n J. Hood, uwncr. 


CJjc masters Wotk. 

F. A. 

F. A Blackmbr. 

6 s 

i i 

i Christian band, Forward band in band, To the Masters work we go; 
•J. In our t:i>k agreed, Taking for onr creed, All the blessed word of God, 

:; Fmrassin bath wrought, Hatfa onrSai ionrtanght That the word of life should go; 
B en the work begun, And until 'tis done, May we faithful, Lord, be found; 



~\ — l—j- — ' — ^r-r — ' — ^zr— " 

To a ruined race We declare his grace, A ud endeavor his love to show. 

We together meet, And in union sweet, Seek to walk where the Master trod. 
And we strive as one That his will be done, And the whole worldhisgreatloveknow. 
May our ranks increase, And in grace and peace More and more make us to abound. 

?ft r p i r I g r r r r MMHrH p "TF : f 

u 5 -J H 1 1 u S-l h *r- 1 1 L ■■ 

1 1 \ 



s g^r— hm . 

t5 *&=>t=*=± 




To the work. hand in band, To the Master's work we go; 

To the work, hand in hand, gladly go 5 

r k i 

> i - > > — 1 — ■-■- 

\X-% S 

sE§3 * xp'g r b b r r I T 1*^ = i 

1 — t/— 5-t S- L < — 1 1 — H t 

5 1 s Sj 

a * I--M 

J J ! . N 

r J * hv-h ^ 

G: '•" 

; • m — -*--£• 
* J 1 ^-Jff 

j 4* ft -+3- 


1 5 . f #1 * J 


To a r 

SB! s • 

T 1 » 1 9 ' f *• 

lined race We declare his grace, And endeavor his love to show. 

. • • • • , * • # .^ £• , . # _ 

-t 1 -# *-!-#_ 

1 • ' 

-t 1 1 * — p- 


LI — r_ 

right. 1«W» Job* J. Mood. o«w 

u 1 1 

L T g 1 ' 

aip, 3 rower i?r. 


A. B, M 

1 m i J J i 

1. Up, arouse ye; work, bt earnesl In the cause we hold bo dear, 
8. Trusting in the Lord to give na Grace and Btrength each day we live, 
;>. He, perhaps, may send ns tri - ala That will cost us many-a tear, 

1. ! j 


■± » — 





i_£— — 

Ral - ly round the glorious standard. We will conquer, nev - er fear. 
We have promised love and service Un- to him we'll ev - er give. 
But he's promised to be with us, Hear his whisper — '" I am near.' 


| £ 





s 1 1 

our great commander, leader, And the Captain of our band, 
you ready? Arc you willing? For what- ev - er work he gives? 
us then go forward trusting, Knowing that the Lord knows b» .-» ; 

m J ^ 



I I 




Is the mighty King of heaven, And the nil - er of the land. 
I- his honor and his glo- ry The chief thing for which yoa live ' 

Just a few more years of service. Then he'll say — '• Come home and rest. 1 

•>■■'/'.- i ' • e= 

T J 

ftrynfta, 1KI by A b M. 

BW kfpa * 


• Ml 

fHarrljfua to ^Cou. 

i Id us go up to Zion." — Jer. xxxi : 6. 



l. Come, ye that lovethe Lord, And let your joya be known. .loin in a 
•J. Let tin.-.- re- fuse to sin^ Who nev- er knew our God; Bat children 
3. The hill of Zi- on yields A thousand sa - cred sweets, Be- fore w<- 
1. Then lei our songs abonnd, And ev-'ry tear be dry; We're marching 

M ■*- ■*- jlTjl jl jl jl 

v — i— 


—J *- 

# — #— « — r 




song with sweet accord, Join in a song with sweet accord, And thus sur - 

of the heav'nly King, lint children of the heav'nly King, May speak their 
reach the heav'nly fields. Before we reach the heav'nly fields, Or walk the 
thro 1 Emmanuel's ground, We're marching thro 1 Emmanuel's ground, To fairer 


I — sr-t 


i y 


And thus surround 



round the throne, And thus surround the throne. We're marching to Zion, Beautiful, 
joys abroad, May speak their joys abroad. 
g tlden streets, Or walk the golden streeta 

worlds on hitch, To fairer worlds on high. \\ • 're inarching on to Zi - on, 

1 1 u + — - r-r ' 

throne. And thus surround the throne. 


M 1 


> x 

PI v 

attu-j i)i ttfj& m 



beautiful Zion; We're marching upward to Zion, The beautiful city of God. 

Zi- on. 

J " — m - x — % "" ' ",',: : ^1 

Copjr ^ S ; S I >^T 

2Lo, tfjr JFiuftful 2?«irtot0t. 



AUAM '..w.i. 

I.«i. the imit - t*nl liar- vest, Bal the la - borers are few T! • • 

2. Mi - iiy souls an- per - isli- imx. Why sit ye i - die here? Let 

;>. Working, watching, praying, Waiting for the har- vest tide ; <> 

-0- % 0-*- 0-' — #-i 

- S — i «s--^ A-i-*-^ — *» — ^— ^ N £■ — i 2 **- 

work tor you to-day. Arise ye, watch and pray. The Mas- ttr of the 
not to-morrow's fate Be said of thee, M too late !" Work while 'tis day, make 
ho - ly, happy day. When Christ himself shall say." Well done,ye faithful, 

♦. ^ 

5 . 0± ' 00 -#— T 0-1-0 — . -0 — r *-'— » — •-' * 

^ . £=j» * J- * LK ft J,-JLl^..? «— «— J-.-j^T -.yi 

vineyard Calleth, hasten to o - hey. Your cov - e - nant re - new. 
no de- lay. Behold the Truth, the Way. Go forth, '* he ot* good cheer" 
en- ter In - to ev - er - lasting rest. With me lor- e'er a - hide. 

I Working in the vineyard, in the straight and narrow way, Toil - in^ 

i Sowing, reaping, binding all the bright and hap - Toiling with a will, 

gas ^h — ~^r r .■ . . . 

]f 9V9 

y i 


_#_•.#_ m.± 0—0. 

tf V* > 

d t 



0^0^0-0-0— ±— €Z^=ZMZ-\-i •z=±±*T=l\ I 

•;::> . - 

with a will 

Toiling with a will 
#-g • 



/ 5 > i I 

py day, Our cheerfnl task to fill. 

*- *- C £ ' M. ^ 

;'■ ■ ■ ; ,A\ 

* Upyrnbl, UWl, by Jobc J. Uood. j 

- r 


XUarrmttK tfjro* tljt 23IooUr. 

I. M I 

J . HOWAKO Knt wisle. 

^ I 

1. l-i i in sbelter of the Saviour's love, There my soul would evermore abide, 
r h the shadow of his mighty w ing 1 am Bafe, tho' waves of sorrow roll, 
984 1 1 anchor of the trusting soul ! Thee I trust, my rock, my bopeand guide, 

3=Em= ! v i 

Thro' the cleansing pow'rof Jesus' blood I'm safe, whatev- er may betide; 
'Mid the tempest. I can Bweetly ring, For Jesus 1 blood has saved my soul; 
Ev'ry raging storm thou dost control, With e - vil can betide; 

r - r r~ r 

T < # 1 l ~r * 




■ft, J, J J I 

• •v 




-s — I -s-- 


-# — • — r 
Tho' I've wandered faraway from God, Tho' my feet have trod the paths of sin, 
Tho' the clouds oft gather in the sky. Making dark the lonely way I ^o, 
< )h. the greatness of thy boundless love! Thou didst save, poor sinner tho' I be, 

-0—r0 — # — -9- 

> I I 


_s_ V 

Yet I know there's pardon thro' the blood For allwho plunge the fount within. 

Yet I hear the promise of his word, *' Sufficient grace I will bestow.'' 
Thro* the cleansing ofthy precious blood I'm saved to all e- ter- ni - ty! 

In his love I will abide. Safe - ly sheltered by his side. 

In his love, his love Safely, s.ifc- ly 

♦ *. £ 

■, j _V^-»-bc=lr ~~3 -0-E5 »- • 

C«p;nffct. \*T,, t/ Johu J. Uood. 

* I 

/ P V 

i&r&rtmcOf tftto T tin 33looJj. — concluded. 107 

>» h 

m=mz : - 

-• . v 

I am t'ul- ly K»t- Lsfied, Fori know thro* his blood I'm redeemed. 

I am ful - lv, 

N "> 

I- b 9 

SHg 3emt0, s &obe Ebtt. 

London Hymn Book. 

A. J. Gordon. 



-0- -0- -0- -&• -#■ "#• T^- * -0 

1. My Je - sus, I love thee. I know thou art mine ; For thee all the 

2. I love thee be - cause thou hast first loved me, And purchased my 

3. 1*11 love thee in life, I will love thee in death, And praise thee as 

4. In mansions of trio - ry and endless de- light, I'll ev - er a- 


1 1 


1 1 1 

E:^ i I 


•0 -0 ~&- -0- -0- -S*- ' -0 -*9- -0 -0- 

^ I 

fol - lies of sin I re-sign; My gracious Re- deem -er, my 
par - don on Cal - va - ry's tree; I love thee for wearing the 
long as thou lend - est me breath; And say, when the death-dew lies 
(lore thee in heav - en so bright; I'll sing with the glit - ter- ing 



I — 1" 




■» — , 


-*- " ' -+*■ . -0 -0.-0. 

>iir art thou; If ev - er I loved thee, my Je - sus, 'tis now. 

thorns on thy brow; If ev - er I loved thee, my Je - sus. 'tis now. 

cold on my brow, If ev - er I loved thee, my Je - sus. 'tis now. 

crown on my brow, If ev - er I loved thee, my Je - sus, 'tis now. 



-*- *- *- -0 

■ fiifj 


& ~#7 

1 — r 




CtK Ur.iutiful 9. 

' ' 





l. We have heard of ■ land on whose bine, ether skies Not ■ 

2 We have talked of thai land when onrjoox-ney was long, And oar 

3, We are Dear- ing that land, we are oear-ing the gate To tin- 



cloud lor a moment can stay, 

hearts overburdened with care. 
cit - y of jas - per and gold, 

And it needs not the sun in his 

We have talked of the blest at the 

Where the Saviour to welcome his 

ZL 9 — _ d _^__ # 


ZT. "^- J 

splen- dor to rise, For the Lord is the light of its day); We have 

riv - er of song, And how oft we have sighed to be there ; And our 

children doth wait. And will gath -er them in - to the fold; To the 

heard of that land, and its «rlo - ry we seek, Where the faith-ful with 
faith has gone op, like a bird on the wing, To that land on e- 
fold of bis love, in the mansions a- bove, Where for- ev - er ^\ith 

, ,— 

C«wri»bl,x«»,bT Jno B. M 

CJjr Brautfful fLatm 





Je - sus shall dwell, 

ter - DJ - ty*> shore. 

him they shall dwell, 

Where the roe - ea of youth net - er 
Where the joy belle of E - den for 
And tlu' eyee that were sad in hie 

r.uli- from the cheek, And the lipe never murmur, farewell. 

»-v - er shall ring, And the soul shall k wea - ry no more. 

smile shall be glad, And the lips never murmur, farewell. 

* V V v I 

Beautiful land, 

beautiful land, 

00 0* 

V v U 



■r> * 



V V > i 

' . . t, U u i 

O- ver the roll - ing sea. (rolling sea. )Beautiful land. 3 beautiful 

-0-r-0-^-0 * 

! # 


* a *•# 





* s ft ' ?* 

• # 

*'#• g r'-ifrl* 





we come to thee ? 



s s « 

10 -0 -0 0—0- 



beautiful Land, 



When shall we come to thee? 


9t*tM ftratw tfjt tRPx$« 

J Ft E. 

J. Howard KntwislC 

1. Were marching on, a mighty host of soldiers, 

2, Wt'ic trotting in the God of our sal - ration, 
:; We're marching on towards ■ home in heaven, 

Jesofl leads the way; 
Jesus leads the way ; 
.It-us leads the wag ; 

With courage hold we Beek the field of conquest, 
Thro' hira we o- vercome in trib- n - la- lion, 

We'll soon he o-ver in the fields of E - den, 


Jeans leads the way; 
Jeans leads the way; 
Jesus leads the way; 
_#.•_# • 0. 




' — ' — # # — *-&- -o — '-#-*—# — #- 


Foemen (treat may meet us, Nanght can <■ er defeat us. For we have a 
Win n the conflict ra - gee, In the Bock of A - ges We can always 
Then — a glorious meeting, Theu — a hap- pv greeting, And the gladsome 

E&l t f f f f |g g 

^— ^— J L 

-w — **- 



••-s t-rtM- — • — r- — ! — I — ' »- ' —. ' — g . * 

gallant leader, — Jesus leads the way. 

find a refuge. — Jeans leads the way. 

song of vict'iv, Jeans leads the way. 

So we'll onward march, an army 
onward march, an 


-r -25". 
strong, And we'll always flghl sgainat the wrong 

ar - my strong, ftlwayi figlll agftluM th~ wrong 


a conq ring 



I i. i 

Jaka j hm| ,ihi 

9t*tMI atfllT0 tOr I2Fafi-— CONCLUDED. 


song we will move a - long, Forward march I lor Jesus leads the way! 
^. < i J» 1- 5-r— =— r* *• — * » '-#-r» » yr— ^ » ■ *t — J IT 

Frbd. Woodrow. 

©tee 3Wtt, SaiJtour. 

Chas. H. Gabriel 

g * 


•f^— TT"^=g 


1. Use me, O my gracious Sa- viour. Use me, Lord, aspleaseth thee ; 

2. Be it noon or be it midnight. "\Yea-ry watch or blaze of day, 

3. Pride of" will and lust of st a - tiou, Lord, I would from all be free, 

-fi- -«- ■•.- - ■•- -&-' 

Nothing done for thee so low - ly But is great enough for me. 
Shoutirg with the hap- py reap - ers, Toil - ing in the hidden way. 
And the on - ly hon - or seek - ing, Lord, to be of use to thee. 



— r-wnr p ^^t^*-f=?=M=JK^fi-Sx3==x=a—i=-.m=:i£±g..z=i: 
Ub l> > I U P U P I i „ . , k " 

se me, Use me as it pleascth thee; 

Js^ me, O my Sa - viour, 

' r r c f mf : y p f? ? ^f 

• # # g 

15e j ' 5 

^ -'—?—<r. 

J V \J 





b b b b i I 

Use me. 

me, Use me, Use me as it pleascth thee. 

Saviour, Use me, O my S.ivi >ur, 


fi P * • fi - 

I : I I ! 



o^frt<kt, un. *t J«»>o j. Hoed. 



■#— •- 

• • y 

b b b ^" 


WnitixiQ at tJjt $)ool 

Wm. G Fischer. By per. 



• ■* 

i Tbonaands stand to- day in 

\ Baying they trill wash t<» 
•lis. your tilth- y garments 
i Bearta. yoni bear? i>ur - <1 

sin row, 


weai ing, 


( Thousands once were standing mar you, Waiting 

i Gome their 

oth-ers step in left and right, Wash their stained garments white, 

Can it be you nev - er heard, Je - BUS long a - ^o hath Stirred 
Back from Canaan's hap- py shore, Bor- rows past and la - bor o'er. 

iving you in 

The waters with his 
Where they stand in 



sorrow's night, 
mighty word 
tears no more 


aiting at the pool, 



I I 

Mother leaves the son. the daughter, 

Waiting at the pool ; 
Galls to them serosa the water, 

Waiting at the pool : 
yon can nevermore embrace 
Mother, <>r behold her bee, 
It' you keep tin- leper's place, 

Waiting at the pool 

5 Step iu boldly — death may smite you, 
Waiting at the pool ; 
Jeans may no more invite yon, 
Waiting at the pool ; 

Faith is near you. take her hand, 

Seek with her the better land, 

And no longer doubting stand 

Waiting at the pool. 

<9 CrU mt Stflnfn! 


Rev. H. H. Ryl; 

A. B. Morton. 

1. O tell me the sto - ry of Je - sus a - «:ain, Of Je - mis who 

2. O tell me the sto - ry of Je - sus a - gain, The sto - ry that 

3. O tell me the sto - ry of Je - sus a - gain, O tell me the 

4. O tell me the sto - ry of Je - sus a - gain, Who saves all who 




-t— tr 


died on the tree; O tell of his love for the wander - ing one, 

uev - er grows old; O tell how he came from his heaven - ly home, 

sto - ry once more; The love that he hore for the children of men. 

trust in his word; Who cleanses from sin, and who keeps hj r his grace, 

4J| • 9- ' # « i L 

-— r 




-4— £- * N =? ~ "ft— ^T 3=g:=^r ^ ^ -fr— i— ~ ±Z3 

IJii UXL^jT f\f fiH ^S 

O tell of his love un - to me. 

'Tis dear - er each time it is told. 

'Tis sweet- er each time than be - fore. 

The sweet- est that ev - er was heard. 

\J U \J 

O tell me a - gain, O 

w P fr I s s s . s ^___ 

tell me a - gain, O tell me the sto-ry that nev- er grows old ; 

¥ ¥ ¥ ' *> ¥ T 

1 • 


< *. <^ fr i s ^ s ft fr i^^ i 

> -j V ^ 

O tell me again, tell me again, The story of Je- sus to men. 

V 8 i t i ! r-ULM i m i t sil'lHffi 

Our Hymns -11 ^ ft wiw atyi-m^m u«d .,,,«. ^ s* p — i 


3J«3t ©brr BroonB in Socn. 

Marrift B J N > 

J NO. K 

— c 

t l t : » ^ -^-i 1 ^ 

^1; i j'l^ E 

1. I'm thinking just dow of a beau - ti - fal rest, Where sin baa no 

2. I'm thinking a - j^:iin of the pavements of gold, Where none ever. 
:;. Pro thinking of those with thebnrdena laid down, The cross io-ter- 
4. I'm thinking a - gain of a rap - tnrona song, In praise of the 
6 I'm longing just now for the heav- en - ly life, J lain would be 

N _fe N _ > > 



b U 

CT « # # J ijy .-#—#- ~« 0-^^0^—0—0 J J[ ^-L^.-^-^ZI^Zt 

place and where none can molest. Where all dwell in peace and are perfectly 
tn ad w ho are hungry ami cold, Where all may partake of the sw i ei <>| i bi 
chang'd for a I" autii'ul crow n, Who share in ihe wealth of that land Of renew i. 
Land), from a (glorified throng, That sweetly shall roll thro' the ages along, 
free from vexation and trife, And dwell with my Kin.:: where pure pleas 

[are rile, 

i*3 ■#-:-€--#- ■#■ 

: ^33 U 

P *r-'— « ~ - » ~ f>- : 
0-,—m 1 * ^ 
' 9 -0- ■0- -0- 


side dt' 


. ,. 

Ci- \u 

d. Jl 

I s 

u u i^ 


vond In I". - den. 

•'• '- 

.. 1AW, bj liUM t 

B:rdib : 

3Jii0t ©ne ©oticft. 


J. Howard Entwislb. 

igp-- H — ^ — * — * v i 

J P 

-# ■ ■ , V w 5 

1. Just one touch as he mo . Push'd and press'd by tbe jostling throng, 

9. Just one touch and he makes me whole, i my sin -sick soul, 

3. Jnfl hi and the work is done. I am saved by the blessed Son, 

4. Ja ;hl and he turns to me, () the love in his eyes I see! 

5. Just one tou< mighty pow 'r, He can heal thee tins ver- y hour, 




J 1 


Just one touch and the weak was strong, Cured by the Healer di - vine. 
At his feet all my burdens roll, — Cured by the Kealer di - vine. 

I will sing while the a - ges run, Cured by the Healer di - vine. 

I am his for he hears my plea, Cured by the Healer di - vine. 
Thou canst hear tho' the tempests low'r, Cured by the Healer di - vine. 






- - i 




Just one touch as he pass- es by, He will list to the faintest cry, 

Come and be saved while the Lord is nigh, Christ is the Healer di- vine. 



-H»— #— * • £__ £_L p R. I J | . J. Hmrd Lotwui* • •* • I 

116 iLotoe f&trpi JHt Stnsinff. 

Ida Scott Taylok. Auam Gbibbl. 

1. Then is gladness In my spir- it, there is sunshine in my soul, 
'J. Like the birds that wake the woodlands with their melo - dj of song, 

'A. If the heart is al- ways hap- py with the love of Christ within, 

SfJ 4 -#--^#=pg=^Hz=£=g^- :g -^-±-* -4 0-0—0 — »_ i 

— * 1 f^ — r* — ^\ 


- - '• 


i y p i 

For I walk and talk with Je - sus day by day; (day by day;) 

Like the streamlet mak - ing niu - sic in its flow, (in its flow,) 

Then the face will wreathe his prais- es in a smile; (in a smile;) 




j: i jj p =t 


And I love him, dear- ly love him, who redeemed and made me whole; 
I will make the world the brighter as I pass my way a -long; 
I will do my du - ty glad- ly in this world of strife and Bin, 

:=:r|i: 8 * - - + 


'-* — 0- • -J* — *->—0Zzrw: 
"IT — P> 

O 'tis love that keeps me singing on my way. ( on my way) 

For 'tis love that keeps me singing as I go. ( as i R0 \ 

And his love will keep me singing all the while, (all the while ) 

h I -T. JM 

|i i m • m •_ - 


i j i f f g— «- : e: f 

:3 =3 — V-- -L > — s — r- :^*r±zz*= 

H J. ^ , • l f. 


() 'is h»ve that keeps me sing - - injt. Love of 

<> 'ti* love that keeps me sing - in£, keeps me sing - ing on my w..\ 

C«f,nth(. 1««. b, 0»a.l* 

ILobt Seeps JWe Stnflfns .— 



Jesus, true and strong, Glorifies my sweetest song; O 'tis love that 

love that keeps me singing, 



keeps me sin*: - - ing, Keeps me singing 

singing on my way, ^— «v 



my Way. (on my way.) 
- . P. ft I 

> >- 


i ^=H 1 

John \V. Ross. 

Etatt) Eftott JHe. 






Wm. G. Fischer. 




3L - 



1. Teach me. Lord, the trust of liv - ing, as the house-top sparrow lives. 

2. Joy - fill- ly aud un - re - pin - ing, like th'as-pir- ing lark, I'd live — 

3. Teach me patience un - complaining — to en- dure and to be still, 

4. Thine for sac - ri - fice or ser- vice read - y always would I be — 

> - rj 


And the grace of free for-giv-ing, as my Lord him- self forgives. 
Grateful, glad, in storm or shining, with at least a song to give. 
Fain to lose the world in gaining heav ? n by liv - ing out thy will. 
Dai - lv, hourly, praying guidance : what I see not teach thou me. 

J — I 




I I I 







Teach thou me, teach thou me; What I know not teach thou me. 

9i?5 S 




:gE3ET" ' 



Opyrvht. 1%C. bt John W. Ron. IVd bt per 

It eortot soon to eomt Eosntstx. 

Harkiki K. Jonbs. 

J, IIa./i;i. EMI wislb. 

mm m 

III: . i C,j J J 



1. If I ' ae to-night, Wilh the bright angelic host, Would he ft] 

2. Hour l Lid come to-night, Conn as fc i | ail. An- then i 

:;. Chrisl as King and Jndge will come, ' i is record' .1 in bis book ; II. will hid na 

in bia vineyard, Ev'ry Bervanl anedng 

hen- assembled Who would tremble at his call? [si >b, is there 

stand before him, Not a bouI will h< ' Are w< 

t& fo L L I L M-f 




58 I == 


blood Axeourgarmeutscl< an and whit* dwelling in the light, Should <>ur 

one Far from J< e light, Un- repentant, lost, undone, lithe 

oik'? Ar.'wi in the raiment white. If the Jndge of all mankind Should 

• —I 1 «-5_« , Uu__ L__ J- p £ 

: ) : V; ¥13; 

f fej^g 





i AJfcif* «-J tJ) J J 

It — L 

? . 


Lord appear to - night? Are we watchin waiting In the raiment 

Judge should come to-night? 

pear this verv night? watching, watching, waiting, waiting In the 

1 — h 




> s 


g : 

• • 




r T j 

pure and whit his appearing 

raiment pure and white' t»W come to-night? 

•#-*-•- -*- -«- ■#- ■<•- <> night I 


# * 

1 1 b-J ±\=2f. 

C O 


&n Wctj SWf tiWl gou tie iFoun&Mi!) 

J. H. Allbman. 

Not too /tui. 


r» — — -* — #— 

h h I s 

(J has. K. Langlby. 

1. When tin' pen - dulum of time shall for - ev- er to swing, And Je- 

2. When the Book is opened there in the presence of the King, And the 

3. There the se- crets of the heart, good or e - vil tho' they be, He the 

f\ IN 

- r < • 





"5 V 


-N * N— N- 

-# — r 




hovah's tramp o'er all the earth shall sound; When the nations all shall rise, 

shall sound ; 

millions crowd the judgment bar around ; around ; When the hosts of great and small, 
Righteous Judge will herald far and near ; and near ; When the nations he divides, 







* P* ? ^ ? 

S rs h r* h is 

'• u» k 

h h rS 






marching forth in solemn tread. Tell, oh, tell me, on which side will you be found ? 
over there before him stand. With the just up- on the right will you be found? 
as the shepherd doth his sheep, Tell, oh, tell me, on which side will you appear? 

PS *> m m -0- •£• IS N 






v— y 





r^— 1 IS— ?S 

1 I K J 

' V *, #, -j — P 

— f=^- 

On the Lord' 

# — ^ S— #- 

sside,on the Lore 

JL. J2. M. 4. 
i-i i— L_— 

L * — ^ — * 


-0 * fy * 1> i 

ver when Jehovah 'strumpsl 

H 1 ' * 1 1 

i rr 

) all sound; 
shall sound 
■ g- f g-r 

lev j j 1 v. 9—m- 

pa b— W-~! 

£ [, u 

-J 1 1 1 P H 1 1— J 

\-f # 

1 1 [ 1 

L< • 

j »■■ *■— r 

l \— I lr-tr 

L i> 'J V t> V ] J J '\J ' 

1 1 | 


i 1 • z J ^ -r^-^'—VHF 



' On the Lord's side, on the Lord's side, Safely gather'd with the faithful I'll be found. 

V V ' ^ 



U^ynjht, 18»7. bj John J. 


Croaflfrrrt <9m too ®nr. 

Johnson Oatman, Jr. 


We shall cross th»- mystic river, one by one, 
■.'. Webaveseenoui friends cross oi er t oue l>y one, 
:: Days and weeks are passing s* iftly,one by one, 
i. We ->h;ill cross the mystic river, one by one, 

When beyond the bills we 
When ;it e- vi otide their 
Soon our toiling and our 
When the soul's eternal 







see life's setting ran; 
earthly race was run; 
journey will be done, 
morning is be- gun j 

With the boatman, grim and pale, Ev- 'ry 
We have beard them say "good-bye," As we 
Then with joy wi 11 sail a- way For that 
When the boal for as Bball come. We will 

m 9 • • * m L *— 5— * ^ L f >— ^7-J— *- 

soul must shortly sail, — We shall cross the mystic river, one by one. ( onc b y °° e ) 
Stood with tear-dinun'd I ye, — We have seen them cross the ri ver,one by one. 
land of perfect day. — Soon we'll <jo where friends are wait intone by one. 
sail away tor home, — We shall cross to be with Jesus, one by one. . 




-6-i ^ — s ~ 

-# — *+ ^H 1 — 

'J. D K 

~+ n -fn 

r* M> S 

fe -fci 

JSL __ 9 ¥ 

- rP- - -*—• — ^ — 

-«-s — J — #— 

-5-.-P-5 — j- 

One by one. one by one, We shall cross the mj 

One by one, one by one, 

, *-•— * f , #-^-# # r-<— 

iyC -_- 

j • "t — — b !Z — 

L ■ « * — s»— 

-v ^ * 

* / V \ * 

* j 1 1 

I uy — g—j -j — 'j— 

L p ^-^<~ 

- * * er 

-^ N- 


rir-er, one by one, To that land beyond the tide. Then for- 

I one by one, 

5H 5 



h & i s h *- 

I i 

OwMd by John J. Uoed. 


C«p»n t Lt, 19W, by J. liow»rd Lntwulc. 

©roawfttff <&nt lis ©nt.— concluded. 121 



ev-er to a- bide, — We shall cross the mystic riv - er, one by one. 


Sjltuttt, mfi (ffioJJ t to ftftee* 

Sarah Flower Adams. L. Mason. 







• ^ -r 

1. Near - er, my God, to thee. Near - er to thee; E'en though it 








1 — r— r 








r^ — r 



be a cross That rais- eth me, Still all my song shall be, 







■ g- •—&:■•-& - 


Nearer, my God, to thee, Nearer, my God, to thee, Near- er to thee. 



2 Though like the wanderer 

The sun gone down, 
Darkness be over me, 

My rest a stone, 
Yet in my dreams I'd be 
Nearer, my God, to thee, 

Nearer to thee. 

3 There let the way appear 

Steps unto heaven ; 
All that thou sendest me 

In mercy given, 
Angels to beckon me 
Nearer, my God, to thee, 

Nearer to thee. 

4 Then with my waking thoughts 

Bright with thy praise, 
Out of my stony griefs 

Bethel I'll raise; 
So by my woes to be 
Nearer, my God, to thee, 

Nearer to thee. 

5 Or if, on joyful wing 

Cleaving the sky, 
Sun, moon, and stars forgot, 

Upward I fly, 
Still all my song shall be, 
Nearer, my God, to thee, 

Nearer to thee. 


11 M. 

3C0U0 Waits to Sabr 

Mrs. C. H M 

l. I>" you see the Saviour standing, Knocking at thy heart, kuocking 
.'. Waits i" give you full sal - va- tion Thro* the precious blood, thro' the 
in.' all things in Christ are read- y. Open wide the door, o- pen 

at thy heart ? Full of love and patience, waiting, Will you say to him de - 
precious blood; He the Holy Ghost has promised To the pardoned child of 
wide the door; Now accept this great sal- vation, Bid him welcome ever - 


^ > 






dgi I - 1 




part ? Tho 1 his love you've long rejected, Still he's knocking at the door. 
God. Venture all you have up- on him, All his promis- es to prove, 
more. Here present your soul and body As a liv- ing sac- ri - fice. 

= ^T -Ti : ^h 


■r- ^— 5r 

i i 

Waits to speak your sins forgiv - en, " Go in peace and sin no more." 
He will set - tie, fix and keep yon Grounded in his per- feet love. 
Let him sane -ti - rV you whol- ly. Pit you for the up- per skies. 
-'I I 


r—r - 



I I 



1 "E^E* 
V lit* ' 


All day Ion-, with hands extended, Jeans waits to save, Jesus waits to save; 
M- a *- 

.#. m- m- ■*- ■"- ~- • m - -«- 

C-j* — ■• 1 — , h- # ,» 0'0 -rf— t 

■ i i i <> i.. i.. i. i„ i i, ..i i -J w w + . W I 

i I icn'jr,,!. J. Bo* U U b ^ 

3Jcsu0 Waita to Satot — concluded. 



» - 

;» : 

: F 

"With an '*ui - ter- most sal - va- tion" Je - mis waits to 

ga« i 

> . t>. 



-s— » 


IF SOall 3Be ttffte fQfm. 

W. A S. 

Kev. W. A. Spencer, D.D. 

_\ N_>__V 

#-! — — a — — #- 

'_i; x n V V- v — N 

, «> — 3 

• * #— * m 0- 

— a — * — * — #— #— j — #- 

1. When I shall reach the more excellent glory. Audall my trials are passed, 

2. We shall not wait till the glorious dawning Breaks on the vision so fair, 
3 Mon and more like him, repeat the blest story, Over and o- ver a - gain, 

r) I ,'p fi j»|»i» LU |»||».U 


j=t=P -l — i— i. 


*> y u> b u u 


fe ^? g. g_ ^_ s= g=^= 

^-r ■ ■ 

■vi— h— +- 

-» N N 

-0 — 2 


V & V V \ 

I shall behold him, O wonderful story 1 I shall be like him at last. 
Now we may welcome \ he heavenly morning, Now we his image may bear. 
Changed by his spirit from glory to glory, I shall be sat- isfied then. 



o it- g. 

V— >—•—/- 



tf u u 

* » 




-£— V 

f&- 4t /- 'j 

#- # * tf 0- 



P y u o u> 

N N . 

* ■ 1 m g 


I shall be like him, I shall be like him, And in his beauty shall shine; 
•#•' -0- -0- -0- -0- ■€- -e- -#- ■#-. k i 

* ,4 " . f 1 — -*- (tT-pt 


v- hfVLr 

A— N— N- 


-• — #- 
-# — #- 

-0 0- 

"# — w — 0~ 


it v "j * i 

I shall be like him, wondrously like him, Jesus, my Saviour di- vine. 


±± ± ± 




' ' 

• 0. 


t -f-^-f-r-f-r-r t=t 


U^vr.jLi of rt' .1. Kirkpuriek- 

S * S J \J >J 


KMi Sngatar fcatf) mvisitn. 

Frank Butts. 

I V ■ 

1. Lift Dai its ehangeful seasons, its sunshine and its rain, Its summer and its 

In ev- 'ry precious promise 1 see a golden ray, To fill my soul with 
3. The clouds may veil the sunshine now streaming from ahove,Yet they are tinji'd 

s [\\ II n 

v ~ - U 

win - ter, its pleasures and its pain; But coming close to Je - sus, his 
gladness, to guide me, lest I stray; The word of my Redeem- er rich 
glo - rv, the com- fort of his love; Since at the feet of Je - sus I 




±.0 — . 


#-•--*— #- 

H 1/ I 

i i i i >^ 


grace will not depart; The Day star hath arisen, 
blessing shall impart; The Daystar hath arisen, 
chose the better part, The Daystar hath arisen, 

'tis shining in my heart. 
'tis shining in my heart, 
'tis shining in my heart. 



« ■ 

Beautiful Star, Star of the Day, Fledge of the morn that lades not away. 

l'.c.uitiful Star, Star of the Day, Pledge of the m >rn 

M.M-M-*-' JLJ.4.M.' 00 00 M-M-+, h ~ 

. , • **•* 

^ y y 


Oopjrnfhl. 1WW. by John J. Uwt 

SHo Sabtoue iFfrtt of g(I(. 


F 'NSY I Crosby 

Jno. R Swbwbv. 

±- .,__ — s _ *_—! ,n — fi — n — *> — fs — v . r N - » . — k r 

1. When ray life-work is end- ed, ami 1 cross the swelling tide, When tl» 

2. Oh, the soul-thrilling rapture when I view his blessed face, And the 

3. Oh, the dear ones in glo- ry, how they beckon me to come, And our 

4. Thro' the gates to the tit -v in B robe of spotless white. He will 

h S - - - - K N 

bright and glorious morning I shall spe: I shall know my Redeemer when I 
lustie of his kindly beaming eye; How my full heart will praise him for the 
parting at the riv- cr I re- call ; To the sweet vales of Eden they will 
lead mt where no tears will ever fall; In the glad song of a-ges I shall 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ h . . !*£*«-«£« 



V V V V _>. 

V *r 


9 -0- -9- -#■ 

reach the oth-er side. And his smile will be the first to welcome me. 

mercy, love, and grace, That prepares for me a mansion in the sky. 

aing my welcome home; But I long to meet my Saviour first of all. 

mingle with delight; But I long to meet my Saviour first of all. 

-0 £_ | 5 a r« *—r<9- 

■&- -9- 
I shall know him, I shall know him,Andredeem'd by his side I shall stand, 

I shall know him, I shall know him By the print of the nails in his hand. 


owntcht. van. ty jm. el »««/ 

I IV, 

Ha my of fHj> fittt. 

" Thy Word is a lamp unto ur 105 

1 I wi • •*. |. HOWAKI 

'' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ■'<_* V* 

1. Lamp of inv feet, Thy guid - ance tend, W" :i 1 k by mv 

'J. Light of my path, il - lame mv boqI, Help me Thy 

:*>. siar of my soul, with - in me shine-, Fill me with 

I -» I 1 M L 


^ ^ ^ ^ 

"> 7 b ■ « * r*~^F 

•f * «f i#- -j «f jf 

M~^ — 7T^~ -r- ^ 

s^ * j — *• \_*_ 

-^r^ 1 -^^— — J- 

side, my path at- tend; 

glo - ries to ex - tol ; 

beams of joy di - vine ; 

Led by Thy band I 
Fill me with peace like 
me Thv faith - Ail 



Ji »- -» *^ -* ^- 



*-* " h* *— *; 


ft J. /' 


* o • <, 

ran - not stray, Lamp of my feet, my Life, my Way ! 

that a - hove, Light of my soul, Ce - les - tial Dove! 

mtv - ant be, Star of my soul, oh, lead Thou me! 

ffr-y-X— . 


I ! 


X - ' 

1 i 

* . 

> ■■ ■» 

s f 


s ' 

g J 




itamp of S&n iFtrt.— concluded. 

-• us -p , . , I—,- , I I | _j I , L^ 4— , 


Lamp of my feet, Light of my path! Lead, oh, lead Thou me; . 

of my soul, guide and control, Lead me near- er Thee ! . . . 

near - er Thee. 

I I I 

3&a}t0tcc Stotetntm 

Samuel Stkmuit. 





-&- + * 


- o- : -«* — •- 


1. Majestic sweetness sits enthron'd Upon the Saviour's brow; His head with 
mortal can with him compare Among the sons of men; Fairer is 

9- O # 75 a-r^ m & #-f<5>- 


I I 

» & 0-r & ' «S> 0-r& 0- 

I H 

i — r 


<5> — # ^ 


radiant glories crown'd, His lips with grace o'erflow, His lips with grace o'errlow. 
he than all the fair That fill the heav'nlv train, That fill the heav'nlv train. 
_~. ... * . II * ~ 



<s ' o 


3 He saw me plunged in deep distress. 

He flew to my relii 
For me be bore the shameful c 
And carried all my grief. 

4 To him I owe my life and breath, 

And all the joys I have ; 
He mam b me triumph over death, 
H» Mvee me from the grave. 

rv-y # ± — , , h gvaJJ 

I M 

5 To heaven, the place of his above, 

He brings my weary feel : 
Shows me the glories of my God, 
And make-; my joy complete. 

6 Since from his bounty I receive 

eta proon of love divine, 

Had I a thousand hearts to (rive, 
Lord, they should all be thine. 

Eht <S\nU fLiomtz&atbttinQ. 

w m — ' ' < w— 

Bj :inil bj I know there'll be, by the sinning crystal sea, Such .1 

2. Friend with friend again will meet, the welcome will be sweet, At the 

3. Christ the Lamb shall beoui light, we shall walk with him in white. At the 

4. Thin'- an in - \i - t;i- tion free, snd it comes to you and me, To the 
6. Praise the Lord! I'm go* ins too, now by faith the scene 1 \iew. At the 

— . — , — 9- • -B-J^r — tz -m. ± i t^ — - — •— «■ • -*— - 

glad home-gath'ring by and by; When we walk the golden Btrand in that 
glad home-gath'ring by and by; We Bball meet to part no more on that 

glad home-gath'ring by and byj He will wipe a- way our tears, lie will 
glad home-gath'ring by and by; Who- so - ev - er will may share in the 
glad home-gath'ring by and by; By his grace and mer-cy free, with the 




V V 




-0 -'— 0- 


l i'\ it Hi ^ 

hri^'.it and bli ssed laud. At the glad home-gath'ring by and by. There will be a 

lair and blissful shore. At the glad home-gath'ring by and by. 

banish all our Tears, At the glad home-gath'ring by and by. 

joyful meeting there, At the glad home-gath'ring by and by. 

ransomed 1 will be, At the glad home-gath'ring by and by. 


>|P If tf T- 

■ ■ • immmmm 

glad home-irath'ring by a 

1 by, There will bea glad home-gath'ring by and by; When 

,1 *s [the 


V — ?- 

Lord shall hid nscorne to hishri&ht.celestial home. To the clad home-Kath'rins by 

>oometohisbright t celestial homejT 


lad home-gath'ring by 
[and by. 
*- ,0-0 •;• • • '7r.» . -^-•- # ^ r .- 

i.til 1 iii.uU- 

ftifr in t&r UiQi)t of ?i?ts .iFnce 129 

E. E. Hewht. 


"In the light of the King's countenance is life" 

Bknj. Franklin Butts. 

^ ^___£ ^ I * s 



1. Take ooorage, my brother, press stead- i - ly ou, For soon will the 
e dark clouds of sorrow may cov - er your sky. Bat Je - sus will 
.). Sometimes the right way is not eas - i - ly found. The mists of on- 
4. We praise him for blessings that glad- den our days, They sparkle a- 

g=± 1 i 

♦ ■* ••* -^ * ♦ ^ * 

lingering shadows be gone ; Go, looking to Jesus while running the race, 
scatter them all. by and by ; The arms of his mercy his children embrace, 
certain- ty gather around, But, trusting the Lord and the word of his grace, 
bout us like bright, golden rays, But brighter the joys of that love-prepared place, 


V N S I s i S 

\ > ? \ 

S k 

#n — ^~ 

'0 -■-^ =g===: i ~2 V~ 

: — • *, «-ic 

— *_• _ 


3 .~r# — €~ # 


0.00 • • • 

life, blessed life, in the 1 

-• * 
ight of his face. 

-#— - 


* 1- *- # ;>- 

life, joy- ful- ly sing! 

. r f f- ♦. 


- 0-!—0 * # 

[ - 0. . 
i i 1 


-• — • — 


4 \j -j v v 

y ly y * ' 

f • 

J J • • 1 

S J j ' ' * 

7 y ;? r- H 







■>. N 

Life. life. serving oar King; We're looking to Je - sus, while 



• • yy y~ 


ranninL' the race. There's life, blessed life, in the lighl of his face. 



Copyright. l*ft. H £. litm Butu. Lm<1 bj |*r 

Our Hymn* - 1 


tfratot gc i>i'ijot)ad. 

J. H. E. 

FULL CHORUS. Af<lf*t080. 


\ z 

■1^-1 J J 

-« — r 

Arr. (nun (Joi'sod, by J. H. E. 




i i r 


' ? : 1 g--^gF^ 

a , 

I I y | ill 

Praise ye Je- ho- rah, O praise the Lord who reigns above, Praise ye Je« 

•r r'r.-f- f 










-I — L 


# — # 


#^ -#^ 

* — r 


ho- vah, the Ruler great, the God of lo\< ; Praise ye Je- ho- vah, O praise the 
•f 2 - -f - f fr t + tic h* • ± ♦ - ^ »'f f *• fe - f- f- 

# * 

— -0 — 0- 


Lord who reignsahove, Praise ye Je- hovali, the Ralei great, the God of love. 

■JL ■#- «•• •#- ■#-' 

• #-T IS 1 T~ 

L ti^S 


O. JL. JL. A. ^ JL u .*. ♦ 

i—r^r-f-rrT'-irt 1 ^ 


-*— * 


Praise be to God, Let the chorus loudly sw 

O praise to God 



Lei ev'ry voice ring his 
sing praise. 




•I I I * 


=*— #= 




praise, who doth crown with loving kindness. Ring on- to God, sourceof 

_^ O sing to God, 

Copjn«hl 1HW7. I.j John J. Hood 

jprntoe gc 3frJjobnJ).- concluded 131 

it , #.• 

ei - iv joy and blessing, Lift the Voice in B ulad. triumphant shout, Re- 


_,_. N_ I ^ S 


*• I J " ■ J 

J L 


I IP- li 2 


i ^ B 

joice, and praise ye the Father! Praise ye, praise the Father, he is God o'er 

K ft J I - . - ? + 



; i u r 





^ _ ' a — srg? 





— 1 — ■ - -c* — ^ — ~—^c* — *■ — — - + 

all victorious, Praise ye, praise the Father, for the gift of his only Son; 

_ — _f. , # . — 

f L 1 3 »F # r j fi 

-?— >- 




S r H * j [— *- Hta-H ) 1 r 

' ' g] i * 

t the glad, triumphant anthem nug. Laud am: 

Praise him for his wondrous works, Let theglad, triumphant anthem ring. Laud aud 

1 7~~> t • • 

— 1 — 

Elz ^ # g >_r !L_i 3_^ gJXS' *; •TTL 1 ^ ^ZlTlLa H f I ■ — 1 

magnify hisgreatand uloriou* name, upraise ye the Lord; praise ye the Loid 

K ** 

S V 


W~± ... 

-r tL~?r- 

w — i *—rr-.m — v ■ m — — i ** m ~ • ry ~ vr~ < 1 ' i ' — : 1 — 

• Use small n^icb it dciiraLile. 

" Wc ihall never «>.-»>• 'good by' in heaven."— The words of a dying Christian woman. 
Mrs. F W l -iiai-man. J. H. TENNrt 




1 < »ur friends 00 earth we meet with pleasure, While swift the moments fly, 
2. How joyful is the thought thai Lingers, When loved ones cross death's ee 
:;. \.. parting words shall e'er be spoken In thai bright land offlo 



Y< t iv- ex comes the thought of Badness That we must say good hy. 
That when our la-bors here are end - id. With them we'll ev-er be. 
But songs of joy, and peace, and gladness, Shall ev-ermore be ours. 






£ij=it=L- |F =|=£j&= 

4 p J J J 

We'll nev-er say good by in heaven, We'll never say good by,. 


f [ i f f. P t 'F F f [ 1f " s 

Repeat Chorus pp 

Pot In thai land of joy and Bong Vtetl newr say n* i«l l>y. 

- t: jl +. -—■ 


•) ■ 




a§ 1 

John J lluod. 

Fm SStoffftcD in tlje J3100&. 


Rev. H 1. 7ki i.i v 

John J. Hood. 

j j i i A 

1. Bffy ni:my sins are all fur- giv'u, And ev'ry Blavish cfaaiD is riv'n; 

2. I ask'd f«>r mercy at the throne, No merits had I of my own; 

3 The blood Sows o'er my touting soul, It saves and makes me clean and whole; 

' -0-0-0- -&^0- #- -# # #- 

-f 1 1 r< 1 1 1 1- — rh- 



^ • > 



»> * ^ \S 


$ U j\W UUU t \ U j i\}*\ 

My burden's gone, my soul is free, The precious blood avails for me. 
I pray'd for help in Je- sus' name, And to my heart the answer came: 
Beneath the crimson tide I'll stay, Where all my guilt is wash'd a - way. 

-0- -0- -0- 

>- -#- -0- # -#- 

t * V * 

v— — t-T— r-r 


-• — •- 

v— b»- 




-f I h l j f r J i\i- f • ill 4 J * 
\i- i i- i \ JMAh 313-7 3* 31 j > ) 

The blood, the blood, I'm wash'd in the blood ! I'm sav'd, I'm sav'd. O glory to God l 

• i 



• rj-f 


-I 1— r 1 . -. !* ,. 

* »-^-L & -#— I- 


ro save me from sin the Saviour died, And now I am jus - ti 


I V / I Oopyrifht, 1W8, by John J. Hood. p 

134 ©in &o id c.i ii jajoio tjjt <Dccan. 

M H I Iaimas, Jr 


':■'• :.iii 

s s 


N K S * 

* ' 

1 1 *-i ^ P* I 1 

1. Our Lord can bold t lie ocean In the hollow of bis band, And all the mountains 
9 Ham ads his flaming heralds forth to distant worlds a Tar. Be speaks and in the 
A. Past pearly gates and jasper walls, 'mid splendor all bis own, He sits, encircled 
1. \ i< »iind hi in are the Chernbim, God's holy son6 of light, While conn tless 


s , , , 


-0 -1 


# - 

^ \J 



-P — Ps- 


^EIE3EiJE S j | 

in his Bight arc but as grains of sand; Hut still he condescends to uote the 

universe there hangs a brilliant star; But still to weak and dying nun be 

with his light, upon the great white throne: But down the avenue of pray'r from 

do his will and » rve him day and night; But still he gave bis Son to save a 

— * — m — — m-i — 

• ): .'^ 



y j \j \j 

* s 

V > 

V 1/ * "*• I 

sparrows when they fall, 

For he who guards creation e'er is watching great and small, 
doth his grace afford, And ev'ry hair upon our heads is numbered by the Lord, 
heaven's vaulted dome. 

He'll baste to wipe some tears away, or make some heart his home, 
ruined world from sin. "While mercy open'd heaven's gate thai we mighl enl 

f- +• ■»■ f* km . \> r m |S s -fr +■ -fr 

2jg r -f-yr-tr 


. s ! rit. 

■t ^— r - 1— — PK ■ ^ ^ m M 1 

I j t-i-i-l f1 j E H 

/ g / • / 
Tak< all voni troubles, then,to him, tbo' they be mountain high, He'll carry ev'ry 

• • • • 

Our aorO can ?L?olD t rtc— concluded. 136 

-ry P N S—m , — I 1 P H- I-- N-r c fc fe ^ h N --n 

burden and will all your need supply ; Aud all the lit-tle cares of life thai 

£ ♦ ♦ 

I | | m _ m m t.0 m— _^. 

-b r — <S — K — i k-r*-v— m 9 ^ — i 1- — s , N — ^ .-, 

daily on you fall, You need not carry one of them, for God will bear them all. 

t: f: i s i s i s 

^—- »- • — * — m — * — *- — I — i f f — ' — I # — * — # — H-n — a * — rrn 

& u u 
"When Darkness Once Her Wings Had Spread* 

Christmas Carol. (Music above.) 

1 When darkness once her wings had spread o'er slurnb'ring Galilee, 
And shepherds watched while snowy flocks were sleeping on the lea, 
An angel hand appeared to them arrayed in garbs of light, 
While strains of music soft and sweet went stealiug through the night. 

1 Ho. — Twas 'glory be to God on high, peace and good will to men, 

To you this day the Christ is born in lowly Bethlehem; 
He conies to save a ruined world, from sin to give release, 
He comes to usher in a reign of love and joy and peace." 

2 The shepherds ran with eager haste unto the holy place, 

And gazed with wonderment and awe into the Christ-child's face, 
For lying there, a helpless Babe within the oxen's stall 
Reposed the Christ, the .Son of God, the King and Lord of all. 

:; The angels could not understand the mystery of grace 

That thus impelled their Lord and light to saw a fallen race; 
But still they followed paM the Mars their Lord to Bethlehem, 
And sang the sweetest, grandest song e'er heard by mortal men. 

1 We could not to that little Babe gold and frankincense bring, 
We could not gaze npon his face- nor hear the angels Bing; 

Bui if we give to bun our love we y<-t hi> lace shall sec. 
And join the angels in their song through all eternity. 

— Rev. Johnson Oatman, J. 

136 ElKve to Son (u JBjcm tat aotoe, 

r. f. Hi 



'.' a 

- -• 


** * 


♦ -^ 

1 and sunshiue, nigbl and morning, In the swift, revolt - iujz yeai ; 

v2. \^ the gold* en honrsare fly- ing Lei as use them all foe him; 

Joy mi- f ad- ing , heav'nly treasure. Growing sweet er all the way; 

— r m ~" 

9*flH * ij^ ee l^j'** 

i g * 




** - 

. * 

■0 _ _, 1 *— l-0-t L 

Smiling Hours the spring adorning, Leaves ofantnmn, brown and sere : 
On his gra- dons arm re- ly- ing, When the way grows dark and dim. 
As his grace, in roy-al measure, Belps us on- ward. day by day. 



* * 

r» ( M* X 


drte .. 

-N— -TV- 


Jusl as \a - ricd is life's sto- ry, But nnchanged our Friend above; 
On the clouds of care and sadness Will the how of hope appear, 
Passing thro' the lone- ly val- ley. Leaning on the Shepherd true, 




• \ 


-f-f— r 


# # 

. S N fS K . 
— | K_| \—r-m 1 1 N-i ! r 

•>: 5 

We are sing - ing to bis glo- ry, There is joy in him we love. 
And we sing in trastfhl gladness, There is joy with Jesns near. 
Then will faith its forces ral- ly; There'll be joy with heav'nin view 

r I -0 0— 0-r 0-i 


— i — I — 

. - p 

chorus. Sprightly 

l H UK US. Of/1 K//HH/. 

' • ' J ^ H J n! I I 1 I J 1 I* # /T- I 

1 3 j 13 3:ig Ppi 11 Hip S 

Jot, joy, joy, for the passing days; Jov, joy, ering dreai y wayaj 

N R 

I ^ Copyright, lew. I- J B*M J Hnod, o 


EUtvt Cs 3Jo» (n fttim, etc. 




s i 


* i 






Joy, joy, joy, O give thanks and praise; There ia joy in him we love. 
-#■■•■■#■"■#■■*■ J o 






F. M. D. 


ZXSt'vi (Sains P?onu. 

Frank M. Davis. 



S= t J=J=T=*= ± * 

1. We have a home, a heav'nly home, On yon- der shirring shore; No 
"2. Its glitt'ring tow'rs outshine the sun, Its val- leys ver- nal, fair; O 
3. Its pearl- y gates will soon un- fold, And Christ receive his own; O 


==F — 1 — # — i H^ *— • 

= s i 



¥ i i i t 

— m # — 3'5'T - S ^ • 


pain or death can en - ter there, 'Tis joy for - ev- ermore. We're go - iug 
how we long to reach that home. And dwell forev- er there! 
joy, ec- stat - ic to he- hold, The Saviour on his throne. 




^ -i- 

ri p' r 



-#-^ # 0- 





home to glo-ry, by and byj We're go- ing home to glo - ry, by and by 

r . Sf -!k— r —*— r m • • f . • — «-i — i_ — fc-_4- — — •-^- r 

^ — 7 — j-y — j!- H»— 1 » — «-->-H — > " " > g I ! — !* "^ 

We're go- ing home to glo-ry, by and by, And reign with Jesus there. 

Copjnjbt, 18», bj John J. Hood. 

Wfjtn tfic 3?rU is UitttU. 

Harry C. Jonhs. 

•> : V 

How oft we grow lonely, and weary, and sad. Dirk mountains.-' em 
How pillars of glory shall rear their proud heads, And read) the grand 

How we'll roam on the hanks of the riv-er of life. And pluck the swe< : 
Sweet, sweet immor- tal - i - ty, ev- er with Christ, Oh, rapture this 

k. *. 

-# — 0- 


U> U I i> b I 



• h 


1, 1 * 


« -4 


tow'ring on high; But the sun ol Christ's love can shine thro' our lives. 
dome of the sky ; When we gaze on the face of the Cru- ci- tied One, 
flow- ers of joy, Whose beauty ne'er withers, whose bloom never fades, 
world cannot give! Here glimpses of heav- en, sonic foretaste of bliss. 



— 1 ( \-m • m 1 I f* a ^ 1 — I — I tt -1 1 • m ► 

3=*=C # *ZZ^ — # ^— J— l_^ j, J ' ^ "; fr— ^ — w • * 

And col - or the bow in our sky. There'll be nothing but beauty, and 

Who reigns our Immanuel on high. How the jew- els will sparkle in 

Where praise is the constant employ. There, there re - u - ni- ted with 

There noth-ingbnl joys ev- er live. How strains of sweet music will 

gladness, and love, And the joys that can never fail. When we meet our Re 
ev'ry fair crown. With a lus- tre that ne\ er can pale, How we'll hask in the 

loved ones again, Where sickness their cheeks never pale. All partings be 

swell o'er the harp-. WheM discords will never prevail, What grand halle- 

J— -.*>^^_ M r 0- 

W\)tn t&c ©ed ts atfteU.— concluded 139 
8 fLh J* 

-4— — h 

# #- 

r - 

deemer in the cit - y above, When the angels have lifted the veil, 

sunshine of the E- den of love, When the angels have lifted the veil. 

end - ed, no sorrow can come, When the angels have lifted the \ • 1!. 

lnjahs shall sound and resound, When the angels have lifted the \«i'. 

w r r r r 

1 '• 1/ 1/ 


-s* — ^ 





I 1 — '— # — #— 0- 


When the angels have lifted the veil, When the angels have lifted the veil 

have lift - ed the veil. 

pq EOT ft i ^ yir; piL^n^TR 



There'll be nothing but beaut}', and gladness, and love, When the angels have lifted 
♦ ♦*? £ £ £ £*-*- *-*- [the veil. 


r ; 

v -> 1 

-^— V 

-# » » — •— 0- 


b if 



:^_>_^4— U^5=t^-— 

S. F. Smith. 

M , I UI-r-4 

Wm. G. Fischer. 

A 1 — WA — *H— r— 1 hr+T-H rd hi 

* n ^-^-^-f^-^^'^+^^- F^— ^H 

1. My country 1 'tisof thee,Sweet land of liberty,Of theelsing: Land where my 

2. Our fathers' God! to thee, Author of liberty, To thee we sing: Long may our 

-0- \ . m +- *•*-&. -fiL , 

- ^_g_^ _yrrg^f-?g-r.'g—#-a^ra- ; -g- * \» 

fathers died ! Land of the pilgrims' pride! From evVynnm n tain side Letfreedomriugl 
land be bright With freedom's holy light; Protect us by thy might, Great God,our 

I Cojiyri^ht, l'XW, by V»tn U. Hwhrr Ut*d l.y p*r. ( | 


Urt tt)t lUOcrmrO Sag So* 

I A H. WlllIR. 

Psalm cvii J st. 

A. B. Morton. 

1. ll tin- Lord your soul has saved, Say so, Given thee the blessing craved, 
S. It ^reat love to you he shows, Say so, I ).ty by day his grace bestows, 

3. II he is your d« arcst Mend, Say so, (say so,) If on him you can depend, 

4*u ■#■ 

F~~0-V-tf-& — f 


ST *- 




Say so 
Say so, 

Say so, 

I I I 

Tell to all the world around, What a Saviour you have found, 
If the Saviour helpeth you, When you strive his will to do, 
(say so.) If to you he draws so near. Clouds and darkness disappear, 

t «! « ,g: <» i:ff f : t .r* **- r* f f ■■ 

~ /T T s=g v a r 

, , , 

Found a balm lor e\'iy wound, Say so. Be his willing witness ev'ry 

Witness to your Master true, Say so. 
If his presence gives you cheer, Say so. (say so ) 

#-:— f — * — — < — p- 
» " » » * — # — • — — — •- 






where you go, Sounding forth his praises in this world of woe, Telling 

t - r ff.f L ' f r -ti r r ♦ ♦ ♦ 

§1-^-=^— ^==5^B 

*- L l 7-tr 


• • J 


. * • j — n — --* — ** ? _-*z zciize: 

; : 





all around you of his matchless love, If the Lord's redeemed you. - 

-C- t»— « M .-V ~J J 1- . 1 

V V V 'J *} 

Qapjiitbt, Hwt, bj A B. Morton I'Md bj ptt 

sz :r-~«zz»zzir 

r — y # ' I i» I l l 


Stocctrr t&an SlU. 


Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. 


5&<i - ! »j hi r \ i ■»^ = rr-i-t : F ?=3 e ^7t 

1. Christ will me his aid 

2. I can fol- low all 

af- ford, 
the way, 

3. Tho' a ves-sel I would be, 

4. When I reach the ens- tal sea. 

Ntv- er to fall, nev- er to fall; 

Hearing him call, hearing him call; 
Broken and small, broken and small] 
Voir - es will call, voic- es will call; 

+- * 

* " 1 i / i — fr 'I l I ' y " V f ' l f f f 1 v 

-A — s- 

! P J < If* J J . I A P J J . 7 J r h— r= * 


While I find my precious Lord Sweeter than all, sweeter than all. 

Finding bini, from day to day, Sweeter than all, sweeter than all. 

Yet bis man- na fnlls on me, Sweeter than all, sweeter than all. 

But my Saviour's voice will be Sweeter than all, sweeter than all. 


r r r i ■ 


Je- sus now is and ev- er will be Sweeter than all the world to»me. 

ya i * j 

Since 1 heard his lov - ing caii. — Sweeter than all, sweeter than all. 

^4 i g I' ^^^^prjfr j-fr-f^ j 

reprrliht. 18». b.T J Howard Kotwifl*. 



I I Hbwitt. 


Honful glrafsrs. 


% . 

* rr 

Adam Obibzl. 
M K 

?•*-*- # 


1. Praise, j.iyinl praise. Ho-ly Fatljer, to thee] Anthems an- swelling, like 

2. Each day is tt-ll-ing thy goodness a- new; Each star that sparkles on 

^ i ■ : S 



% -X— * 

N > 




T r 8 i r* 




waves of the sea, Bongs oi redemption, of gladness and love Blend with the 
midnight's dark bine Ech-oefl thesto-ry of guidance and care. Calls us to 

.y f n iff* i J r iJ ;. Af f ? *F i c ff 

cho - rus resounding above; Hosts of the ransomed, in garments of white, 
thankfulness, moves ns to pray'rj Thy wondrons bounty provides lor our need, 



: v = Z-f- 




' -. S i 

# g • 

Singing "salvation and glory and might;" Pilgrims below Sing as tl 

Thy hand, so gentle, thy people will had; Pilgrims below Sing as they go, 

■ g =^=*?=r ri: 3- 1 " L* T^ — *~" — ^r=^F=^ 


# — =-z 1 h — bv* 1 1 — i 1 sr-V- •*- v 

f7r r Wt 

*-► K 

* *: 

"Father, from thee all our mercies flow." Joy- ral praises, joy - fnlp 
"Father from thee all onrblessinfgs flow." lVaisetothee, MockM 

I ?'— f— f-' tt I r 



m m m 


i-»-.«^i» j«*« j. u»»*. T 


5J0OfUl #WU0fiei CONCLUDED. 





-s^ ^ 




I I I I I 

Angel bands are singing; Joy - Jul praises, joy - ful praises, We thy 
Praise to thee, praise to thee. 

£V » W— 

r* I %-%-%- 

1> 1 I 


y* 000 

1 111 1 ' 

4 h— J ' 



-1 — 1— 

U-U4— 4 


children bringing ; Joy - ful praises, joy - ful praises, Hearts and voices 

Praise to thee, praise to thee, 
f g .I** f . - - - — Jf f * 

fa # * 


* m 


M 0. 

\ ^ 

III ^ Iff * ■ I ■ | I 

ringing; Joy - ful praises, joy - ful praises, Lord, we give to thee. 

Praise to thee, praise to thee, 




fffce EorD ia ntfi SfttflfctrDf, 







A - men. 



1 The Lord is my Shepherd; I | shall not | want. | He maketh me to lie down 

in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still | wa- | ters. 

2 He restoreth my soul : He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his | 

name's | sake. || Yea, though I walk throngh the valley of the shadow of 
death, I will fear no evil : for thou art with me; thy rod and thy stall' 
they | comfort | me. 

3 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou a- 

nuintest my head with oil: my | cup runneth | over. || Surely good ih-^s 
and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: And I will dweii in 
the house of the Lord for- | ev- | er. || A- | men. 


Cfjr Ztfus of (ffilorfi. 

K. I Hkwitt. 


Arr. by Chas. R. Dodworth. 



1. Lift, ye gat. >, lift 

2. Lift, ye gates, lift 
C'HO.-Come, oh, come, thou 


Allegro quasi. m, +. C Bjl# 

-4H — ' — — ' — h i 1 J » L ' — ' »l m i * \ * — ! — *— — ^. 4 c ' : -j— l 



=*-•«- » i *i^ V-i — f-t- 11 ^-; — i z=I r-i — F^ 11 



-* — *- 

-N— K- 

|t- | — m * — r 

up your heads with gladness, Be lift- ed up, ye ev- er- lasting doors, 
up your heads with gladness, Be lift- ed up, ye ev- er- lasting doors, 
mighty King of Glo - ry, Make thy home in the hearts that welcome thee; 






I I I" 

> f-' * ^T> - * — H 


Lo! he waits, whose coming scatters sadness; See, from his countenance ce- 

Lo! he waits, whose coming scatters sadness ; See, from his countenance ce- 

Lord of Hosts, while an- gels how before thee. Hear children sing, blwrfpg, 

I \ Xj Ex 

=3=* L_|_ 






fffjr ?&ms of ffiiorfi.— concluded. 145 






lestial brightness pours. Sing praises, sing un - to this King of Glory, 
lestial brightness pours. Throw wide each gate, receive him ev'ry nation ; 
pow'r and males- ty. [B.C. for 2d verse.] 

Now let him bring Gifts of joy. and peace, and love; Bid sin depart, 'tis thy 
O - ver all lauds may his banner ev- er wave, Ho - ly and great, in 



_ # _ # — r - 9 ^— }-- g w * ' J J J I Zt~m~~ m J~^ — m~ 

-m~m m m — m m •~rm m m • — • — • — • — • • • — • •- 






V— >- 



= *^ 

Saviour stands before thee, Then open each heart to this Friend all friends above, 
him alone salvation; Come, worship the King al- might - y to save. 

•m -w -r 

i j x j>j i i 

I /TS 

- ^ v» 



Our Hymns— K 


I H l . 

©n to £Ttctori>. 

Wirch time. 

J. Howard Lntwisle. 


' •» i i i 


t=-z .. 



1. Hark! hark, the trumpet sounding, 

2. .M.ucli- iiiLT like valiant sol-diem, 

'A. Then shall the path he bright-er, 

I i 
Bise at the break of day, 
Stead - y our steps and true, 
N<> more by eare oppress'd, 

On to the front where 1 sin is abounding, 

Faith in our Leader, no thought of danger, 

Firm in our purpose, true in our motives, 

0- — # — — r * 9- - —0 — 0- 

Forward, the call o - bey; 
Pear and alarm, a-dieu; 
Hop- ing for what is best; 

Put on the gos - pel ar - mor, 
On, tho' the world oppress thee. 

Trusting the King of ^lo - ry, 

Oo forth in faith to con - quer, 
On, tho' the foe dis- tress thee, 
Tell- ing the old, old sto - ry„ 

♦ :^-<r 



-*■ -r. •*■-#• 

Hear,hear the Captain's words inspiring. On. soldiers, on Co the fray. 
Steadfast and firm, keep moving on till Fair Canaan's land stands in view. 
Waiting the Master's call to en- ter In- to the ha- ven of rest. 

■ +» 1 — I ^.— t m m * F 

i > » I -r—M — P — i r 


Forward, then, with banners waving high, Forward, as w. shout the battle -ei y. 

is s'anr , 

lj J UOVM 

Oil tO J^tCtOfS.— CONCLUDED. 147 

Onward in the conflict, hop- inn, trusting, On to vie- to 


-r-*- 2 — •- 


Xtefrrof) mr Jloto. 

Chas H . Gabimrl. 

1. Saviour, ot't - en I am tempted, Oft from thee my soul is led astray : 
. 1 love to serve thee belter. More for thee, dear Lord, I long to dn; 

4 Saviour, while I how before thee, Fill my son! with peace and love divine, 

-# — SP 


-j — \r 


t : r i 

'■^ ;4 




4: •# 4- •* 

Give rae strength tor ev'ry tri - al. Keep me ev - er in the homeward way. 
Fill me now with thy sweet Spirit, Banish weakness and my strength renew, 
Comfort me with thy sweet whispers, Let me feel that I am wholly thine. 
i N JL JL 
-0 0— t-# — — r #- ' — 0— fe *~ lM » . f — •" 

• • 


Oh, more of thee my spirit needs, More love,more strength for noble deeds; 

Oh, more of thee my spir- it needs, More love, more strength for no- ble deeds : 

_ -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- JL JL JL 



1/ J/ I 

L/ I 

y ' 


N N s 

# 0- 




s > 

u Z f 

On tliee a- lone my spirit f Lord, refresh me now. 

On thee a - lone my spir - it feeds, Dear Lord, refresh, re - fre^h me now. 

' u r 

JL JL JL M. f. . +. JL JL JL 

- iuJ. UwmL 

v— *- 

• u 

148 HteUtftijg ana Saltans ttuiij Staua. 

L E.J. 

L. E. Johi 


fc — K-H+ 

k k 

- I ;33E3 


* : * 


1 Walking and talking with .!«• - ana, Safe on my journey I ^o; 
Walking and talking with .!<■ - bos, Trusting his pow er di - vine; 
& Walking and talking with Je-aua, Free from my burden and fear; 
•I Walking and t;iikin^ with Je - bum, Kept by his won-der- ful love; 
♦ _♦ ~ + ~ ~ ♦ h 







"W by should I stray from his keeping, When he such mer- ey doth show? 

He is my Saviour and brother, All of his rich - es are mine. 

Fill'd is my heart with re » joicing, Knowing his presence is near. 

Guided from moment to moment Near- er to mansions a - bove. 





t-j-iiiitTi i 


Walk - - ing and talk - inp, In sweet communion are we; 

Walking and talking, yes, walking and talking, 

1 t . — H — h — Hr — <-r — h — ' k 


'• > > y • 1/ 


• • • 







For the Sav - iour each moment Is walking and talking with me. 
Jesus mv Saviour 

*v • • • > i*wi»fci.«w.b,j-toj.i»«4. r — i u)r Cross for 30*110. 


Take up the cross and follow me." — Mark x. 21 

Mrs. Annie S. Hawks. 



R. Lowry. By per. 

Bear the cross for Jesus, Bear it every day ; Tho' the path be rucked, 

2. Bear the cross for Jesus. Bear it thro' the strife. Or in pain and silence- 

3. Bear t he cross for Jesus; Would y i >u kn< >w t he pow'r Of his grace to save you 






Bear it all the way ; Bear the cross for Jesus, Whatsoe'er it be ; 
Whatsoe'er thy life ? Bear the cross with patience Tho' you sigh for rest ; 
Save you hour by hour ; Bear the cross for Jesus, Never mind its weight ; 







fi . 1 f-J— 1*1 

H — j- 

J M N 

, .11-*- 1 

i * ' 

6-' i ii tit: 31 

5 * J d 


j - n ■ 

Bear it. and remember All his love for thee. Bear the cross, bear the cross, 
Just the one he gives you Is for you the best. 
We shall leave our burden At the golden gate. 

(<•->: — • — •— # — #- 


— ' i 1 

»»E.| ! ' l 

.# — # — |^-t. . 

W.*_. 7 _ ^_ 

-0-* — ^*- 

» i# # 

1 r » r r^ 

■1 v—\ 

1 1 

1 1/ ) t 

1 • 1 






' r^O' i 

Bear it ev'ry day; Bear the cross for Jesus, Bear it all the way. 
-0- -0 • -0 - -0 ■+- -+- -»- -*-• ^ . -»--#- „ ^ 


-# — #- 




j* * w 

1 r- 

• 1 • 

Cojjncbt, 1677, bj Lobcrt Lowrj. l.»vl .; j«.i. IUjj Uuojon Lo»rj, uwa«r. 

i a i 

* tons poorer tfjan sill. 

! I v 


I -A A' Y I KACY. 




I t < • * #-*—#- 

1 W88 

I was 

I W.I- 

I was 


I i 


^mm : r m 

vr than all. 1 was hungrj and cold, 1 was far, far a- 

ii than all, 1 was friendless, alone, I was still in my 

it than all. 1 was read y t<> die, Bat theSavioai cam* 

• i than all till the Lord said to me, <;<> in peace, sin no 

£ Z + - ± ± 

— # — : * i l # — •-#.. * i—j-i 000 0—0—0 — ^-L— • —-■ 

-w -r 

way from tin dear Shepherd's fold, But Jesus now gives me of his riches untold, 
Bins and my heart was a stone,Bu1 Jesna amil'd on me and said thou art my own, 
down from his throne in the sky, On Calv'ry be ransom'd sach a sinner as I. 
more,now I'm happy and Free. And ever I'll praise him, and his child I will be, 



— v 




. V v si- p»— 3--i ^zzzzzzztz-^ziJU. j ^zi $z* *~ :fcl 

Oh, tlu peace of my soul is Je- bos! I was poorer than all, now I've 

• ^ 

-*— *- 

^:;^:^; - i g % , j 

i iches to Bpare, And a home he is building for me so bright and lair. And Home 
k ): > '0000 000 • * I >:-f-»-1i 1 » • » i 


N- ^ \ s 

j HH 1 3 -■•* 

k ; 

,^ j:- 

# . * 

day I am going to my home over there, < >ta, the peace of my sonl ia Jesus! 
£ ££££ zt zt -ztzt zt zt'ztz'"- 

1.0 J. lilixl 

Ert tfcg yracr iFloto as a mbiv. 151 

Mr- Frank A. I'.kkck 

Kkank M. Davis, 

1. la thy heart with 8orrow smitten, Has thy gladness tak- en wing. 

•J. Have ills come in quick succession, Is thy inmost spir- il grieved, 

3. Must some grief remain uuspoken, Is thy soul with burdens weighed, 

• " J.iiJ t 



i — r 


i — i — r 

r— r 

Has the blight of death been written () - ver ev - 'ry cherished thing? 
Hast thou lost some dear pos- session, Of some friend art thou be- reaved? 
Hast thou had some e - vil to- ken Of a con - fi- deuce be-trayed? 

•-#-•-#■ -•• -0-' -0-' m -0- ^#- -J- . v< 

Fear no storm, no chilling weather, Nothing e - vil can be - fall, 
Je-sus nn - derstands thy loss - es, He re-gards a sparrow's rail, 

Fearest thou some sad to - morrow. Does some threatened woe ap - pal) ? 
\* I ^ ^i» | \j -k*-J*.* W ', \l m I f T-4U-LJ 

i — r 

i — r 

-**»— N- 

I £ ^ 

i i 


-Fa-: . • J r-»-U--- 



l I 

All for <iood shall work to- geth- er, Trust the Lord and tell him 

He can lift thy heavy crosses, He will bear them, tell him 

Tell him who has borne our sorrow, He will comfort, tell him 


> — • 

i — i— t 


I I 



D.S. — to de - liv - er, Ev - er trust and tell him all. 
chorus. ^ i D.S. 

— ^^ rrrj~j ^f^i = ?^F gZ3 Frl 

--H^= ^:g:-::a^ a^-T^^^r4I 

» • #• < 

I. ' thy peace flow as a river, God will hear thy faintest call; H<- is mighty 

zi, t=t^=^p^=jLzf i^±al 


152 Hortr 3fr0tt0, JHaftt mt Wbolt. 

V M I) 


M Davis. 

^: I 


1. Lord Jesus, make me whole in the fount of life, That's nude for sin- 

2. I come, dear Lord, to thee with b child-like faith, My bur-den of 

3. I need thy pardoning blood to my hesrt applied. O thou who hast 








cleansing here h<- - l«»w . wash me in the blood of the Cra - ci- tied, 
mu is great, I know ; Bat thon canst wash me clean in thy precious blood, 
paid the debt I owe; Then plunge me in the tide of the crimson flood, 

And I shall be whiter than the snow. 


a * 

'— #-* 



Whiter than the snow 

* ! 

er than the 

& #r&=? ^==Z 


BOOW, Whit - - er than t he snow ; O 

Whiter than the snow. Whiter than the snow, Whiter than the snow ; 

^j j r r.-r- t 



SD'G'gr SE'C BT 

0—0 [-0 1 


v — *~ 

wash me in the blood of the Crucified, And I shall be whiter than the snow 

-0-' f» 




u u 

b u 

Cop'riffec, ieV7, Uj Jobo J. Hood. 

In tin iLiQin. 


Jknntr Ri 

Chas H. Gabrirl. 

JL>A K fr3 — £-■$--*--»«- N J j— A— IS 

1. Let us walk in the light that Jesus gives us, Let us watch and duly pray, 

2. Let us walk in the light that Jesus gives us, And the way shall bemadeclear; 

3. Let us walk in the light that Jesus gives us, In his ho- ly word of love, 


-N— Ps- 

> _> 





That his love and care may be thrown around us Till we reach the perfect day. 
O- ver ev'ry step of our homeward journey, We shall find his presence near. 
Till we see the face of onr blessed Master In the perfect light a - bove. 


]/ ? | 

, ■ -zct=^ 



V \) i> 



^ >. ^ ^ 

^ ■ . — ^ 

r 6 r % 

-ft--« — K-f - — *— I -N-rar. m m- . -P > 


# #^T— #- 

#- * — < 

I j | 

"Walking in the light, so beautiful and bright, Shed up- on us from above; 

4L *- • 4L A. *. M. 

o:^:^:=5:i = 5=5==^p==+=S 



~ L 

-* — »,..*_ -R. 

■ s 5 





Leading upward and away to ev - erlasting day. Blessed light of Jesus' love! 

_ 1 — _#-• — j . 1 . 

q : -J_ _. _U =========p.Tr#=#...f#J _. - ' h -Liy4- I l- jf '- 

1 5 1 ©ntonrDf, eijrfatfan SolWrra! 

Sabinf Rarin. 

Tune, ONWARD. 6,5. 


1. Onward, Christian soldiers! Marching ai 1«» war. With the cross of Jesus 

2. At the sign of triumph Satan's host doth flee; On, then,Christian soldiers, 

3. Like a mighty armj Moves the Chnrcfa of God; Brothers, we an- treading 

m ^m^^m^g^ 




\ — 1 


t— rt 



# • 

& .: 


Go-iii^ on be- fore. Christ) the royal lias- 

On to vie - to - rv ! Hill's foundations <jiv 
Where the saints ha*e trod ; We arc not di- vid 


. T a- 

1 — r 


tcr. Leads against the foe; 
- er At the shout of praise j 

ed, All one bo-dy we, 


i n 




< Hours. 


■0 — #- 

& -*- -w -wr -w -£>-*-& 

Forward into hat - tie, Bee, his banners go! 

Brothers. lift your voices, Loud your anthems raise, 
One in hope and doctrine, One in chari - ty. 

-•- -w -0- 
Onward, Christian soldiers! 

liarching as to 

war. With the croes of Je - sus 


Going on be- fore. 

4 Crowns and thrones may perish, 
Kingdoms rise and wane, 
But the Church of Jesus 

DStanl will remain ; 
Gates of hell can never 

"Gainst that Church prevail; 
We have Christ's own promise, 
And that cannot fail 

5 Onward, then, ye people! 
Join our happy throng, 
Blend With ours your voices 

iu the triumph-song; 

Gtlory, laud, and honor 
DntO Christ tin* King, 

This through count h IB 
Men and angels sing. 

Winn tor mart; ouv fttomt. 


J. How a»i » En i ^ i-i.h. 


*:"* > + 


Not a cloud to hide our Bky When we reach ourliome; Nev-er tempesl 
Never wrong against tin- righl When we reach our home ; Nev - er sin- fill 

Nevermore a grave appeara When we reach oar home; Wip'd away arc 
We will labor, watch and pray Till we reach our home : Cling to Christ our 

sweeping by When we reach our home ; Not a wave our bark to toss, Not a 
hosts to right When we reach our home ; With our shining shield and sword Let us 
sorrow's tears When we reach our home; Not a moan above our dead. Not a 
hope and stay Till we reach our home ; All our sorrows meekly bear. Each with 

£1 «.. I'M 1 * T> f f 

-* « L -#- 

thought of paiu or loss. Crowns of glory af- ter cross When we reach our home. 

battle for our Lord, Thinking of the blest reward When we reach our home. 

lonely path to tread, Not a bitter tear to shed When we reach our home. 

each life's burdens share, Thinking of the glory there When we reach our home. 

When we reach our home. Restful, 

When we reach our home, sweet home, 

py home. 
Restful, happy home,sweet home, 

Opj.-Vhl. 18»7. by Joho J. Hood. 


J3ir00tu assurance. 

" He is faithful that hath promised." — Hcb. x. 23. Mrv Jos. F. Knapt. 

8 1 .. ^i^^^^F ^y^r-^^ 

I 1 • . as-saranea, Jeans is mine! Oh, what a foretaste of 
2, Pcrfeol sub-mia-sion, perfect d<- - light, Visions «>f rap - ture 

:'». Perfect sab-mil — ion, all is at rest, I in my Saviour am 

glory di -vine! H<ir of sal - va - 1 ion, purchase of God, Horn of his 
burst on my sight, Angels descend- ing, bring from a- bove Echoes of 
happy and blest, Watching and waiting, looking a - hove, Filled with his 

Spir - it, washed in his blood. This is my sto - ry, this is my 
mcr - cy, whispers of love, 
goodness, lost in his love. 

"*■ •*" * • f-' f- -^ f ~ 



jt— *— * . 



I — r 

1/ b 



«-«-!!!- fit 


1/ / 
Praising my Sav - iour all the day long ; This is my 




this is my song, Praising my Saviour all the day long. 

m. .a- #-•»-• 

4- I it tr-j-T 

m • -o---a-^ r "—la 



1 — r 

StanUins on tot ftromtew 


R. Kelso Carter. 

1. Standing on the prom-is 

2. Standing on tlu- pr->m-is 
o. Standing on the j.^om-is 
4. Standing on the prom-is 

mding "a the prom-is 

es ol Christ my King, Thro' e - ter - nal 

es that can - not fail, When the howling 

es I now can see Per- feet, present 

es of Christ the Lord, Bound to him e - 
ea I can - not fall, Listening ev - ery 

y-~rr — v — n — V — t — V 



a-geslet his prais-es ring; Glo-ry in the highest, I will shout and sing, 
Btorms of doubt and fear as -sail, By the liv -ing WordofGod I shall pre vail, 
cleansincin the blood for me; Standing m the liberty where Christ makes free, 
ter - naflv by love'sstrongcord, - vercomingdai -ly with the Spir-its' sword, 
momentto the Spir- its' call, Rest -ing in my Saviour, as my all in all, 

Standing on the promises of God. Stand - ing, stand - ing, 

Standing on the promises, Standing t n the promises. 

1 7- Z ? I ^- = ?-^— ^ 

• • * .*-*-» g •■#-^-JL-fl-£ J-g. 

| «L_'_^ 




V-n in 3*tftu, » am ^cs. 

Crab. H G 




; : i 


1. Blessed Lil - y 

'2. Lei Hit' SMIL! of 

:>. I'lio' he lead me 

u y 
the Val - ley, oh, how fair 

?g * J I I- 


all liis mercies 

thro' tin- val- ley 

is he! He is 

of his kindness true, J I • - is 

of the Bhade Of death, He is 

c e ±l 



am his; Sweeter than the angel's mnsic is his 

am his; Fresh ;it morn, and in the evening, comes a 

am his; Should I tear, when oh, bo tender- \y lie 



-^-* *~rj — J — 'j. 

J). 8.— Sweeter than the angel's music 

line. w 


voice to me, He 
bless- in^ new, He 
whis-per-eth, Jle 

tL Z. tL 

is mine, 
is mine, 
is mine, 

I am his. Where the lilies lair are 
I am his! With the deep'ning shadows 

I am his! For the sunshine oi' his 

-* •-# 

*^HL L.[lFPrf-ttfH 

voice to me, He is mine, 

T ¥ 

I am his. 

¥ ]/ \> ¥ 


# #- 

U ------ y 

blooming by the waters calm, There he leads me, and upholds me by his 
comes a whisper, "safe-ly resi I Bleep in peace, for I am near thee, naught shall 
pr< m ace doth illume the night, And he leads me thro' the valley to the 

A-i-+-* ;,./i; 

U r ¥ ** v 

Strong right arm ; All toe air is love around me, 1 can feel no harm. 

thee mo - hst ; I will linger till the morning, keeper, friend and guest, 
mountain height; Out of bondage in - to freedom, in-to cloudless light; 

i t=e=L 


13V4. b, turn j n.~i. 

: : 

^ u i/ 




P?r to JHtnt, X am %%{&— concluded. 





*: S 



» 0- 



He is mine, I 

He is mine, 

am his. 

\J If V * V 
Lil - y of the vall«y, 

Blessed Lil - y of the val- ley. 


F 1 1 F— r- 

Hal-Ie - !u- jah, he is mine • Blessed Lil - y of the val - ley, 

U U' 

Anna L Coghill. 

JEEorft Sona. 


-P S-. 




Luwhll Mason. 

-i K ft 

•S" # — *"• € — 

*-*-UL£ ^p. 

1. *\\ <nk, tor the night is Doming : V\ ork thro' the morning hours ; Work while the 

2. Work, for the night is coming: Work thro' the sunny noon ; Fill brightest 

3. Work, tor the night is coining: Under the sunset skies, While their bright 

I fs ^ I i ■#- -»^-* I fs > 

-0- ' -0- 

-#-•—# — #- 

17 \J 


J «t i j i/^-i: :: it^ 


i i 

dew is sparkling; Work 'mid springing flow'rs; Work while the day grows brighter 
hours with labor, Best comes sure and soon ; Give ev'ry flying min - nte 
tints are glowing. Work, lor daylight flies; Work till the last beam fadeth, 

! *• ♦ I'm + » '» +- 

__ ! ►__-_ ( — — — .# m — r^-i — r i — 


\ — r 

V ? 


I I I 

Under the glowing sun; Work, for the night is coining, When man's woik is done. 
Something to keep in storej Work, for the night is coining. When man works no more. 
Fadeth toshine no more; Work a bile the night ^darkening. When man's work is o'er. 

*- -0-'-0--0- ■> & i i ; ■»• ■ %■ +- 

» 0- & 




160 ftthr an &rm» Wt are iWarcfjmfl. 



,' • I 

^-ip^pfffS^lr ! 

1. Like mi arm - y we arc marching, In the service of tin- Lord; 

\l. Like an arm - j we are marching, With our banners, day by (by, 

:>. Like an arm -y we are marching, Prom the Bnnday-school ire come; 

4 Like an arm y ire are marching, Many tri - als tho' we meet. — 

c i g C [ n£ =Tf ff = R : ? = S 

ti : 

Marching onward to the ' iet ■ Vy He has promised iu his word. 
Looking e\ - er un - to Je - sus, Trnsting hira to gnide our way. 
Trained to fol- low our Commander. Till hf brings ns safe- ly home. 
We shall count them scores of blessings, When we rest at Jesus' fret 



March - intr. march - in^. Marching brave and strong, . . 

Man Mag, marching, wr ; *' c niarchinjj, 


i i i 


fe ^-ZjZJg 


Llkeanarm - y we are march- ing. While we ling onr hap- py son; 

marching, marching. 

£ # * <- *_£ ~_^ •*• •*- c £ * £ 

> # # 

V ' > U ^ 

xy WM J iLiuriTua. 

JSt eamr Bpon tftt iWiouiQOt eirar. 


1. It cam*' up- on the midnight clear, That glorious song of old, 
*2. Still thro' tin' cloven skies they conic, With peaceful wings unfurled ; 
A. ye. beneath life's crashing load, Whose forms are bending low, 
4. For lo! the days are hast'ning on, By prophet-bards fore- told, 







# -=#— L . J 

From an - gels bend 

And still ce - les - 

Who toil a - Ion*: 

When with the ev - 

ing near the earth, To touch their harps ot j:old ; 
tial nm - sic floats O'er all the wea - ry world; 
the climbing way, With pain-ful steps and slow; — 
er - circling years Comes round the age of gold! 

• fL-"*" * m 0- • -0—^ 



- - 5~r ----- - i t | -| 

" Peace on tb*e earth, good-will to men, From heav'n's oil-gracious King 

A - hove its sad and low - ly plains They bend on heav'nly wing, 

Look up! for glad and gold- en hours Come swiftly on the wing; 

When peace shall o - ver all the earth Its fi - nal splendors fling, 

n - i Ji* J3 





0-\-0— -, 

_ • 



an - gels sintr. 

an - gels sing. 

an - gels sing! 

And the whole world send back the song Which now the an - gels sing! 


The earth in sol - emu stillness lay, To hear the 
And ev - er o'er its Babel sounds, The bless- ed 
Oh. rest be - side M-ie wea- ry road, And hear the 





Our Hymns— L 




EraO *Ht\ Sainour. 

1* id ii"-, guide mc " — Ps. xxxi. 3. 

Fkank M. Davis. 

00 •*-*- 

, , , , 

1. Saviour, l«:i«l me, lesi [stray, Gent-ly lead meal] the way ; 

2. Thoo the refuge <»!' my soul Wheo lilt 'a Btormy billows roll, 
:>. Baviour, lead me, then al last, When the storm of life ia past, 

■'■<„ i 

i " 




lead in-- . lesi I --tray, Gent - ly 


s s , , 

lead me all t 1 , 


I am safe when by thy side, I would in thy love aiii<l<- 

1 am safe when ili<»u art nigh, All my hopes on thee rely. 
To the land of endless day, Where all tears are wiped away. ^ 

JU. J2. 4.JLJLJLJL _ 0+-* — 

J i L 

y * / • 



safe when by thy side, I 


, , , 


in thy love abide. 


Liead me, lead ni<', Bav - ionr, lead me, lesi 1 stray; . 




lest I stray ; 

g^=C- r. I I C l F=m 


h h h Tw =a=s • # # 


Qently down the stream of time, Lead me, Saviour, all the way. 

m of time, all the way 


Ktem " ft oil k t . '.J Uood. 


y I s fr ! 

f&cqj ©lost to Sfrsufl. 


John I. am 

1. When you start for the land of heaven - l.v vest, Keep close to 

2. Nev-er mind the storms or tri-als as you go, Keep close to 

3. To be sate from the darts of the e - vil one, Keep, close to 

4. We shall reach our heme in heaven by and bye, Keep close to 

N—i iv 

Jesus all the way : For he is the Guide, and he knows the way best. 
Jesus all the way . 'Tis a comfort and joy his' fa- vortoknow, 
Jesus all the way; Take the shield of faith till the vie-to- ry is won. 
Jesus all the way ; Where to those we love we'll never say good-bye, 

N IN I fs _ 

•— #- C i 0- L 0--0~0 — 0— H— «-H H ^— ^ 


-t ^ r- \ * N V-i . 1 

* *-v-,— * *— * -*-^~ . ==1 P p— h 

Keep close to Je - sus all the way. Keep close to Je - sus. 

f* m 0-0- -*~ • -0 ■ - . m m . m m -*- ' 

Xx=Jtzi=9u^z z=LZZZt=V^±=\ zdSzzzzzdfrizzztczt 

£-1 — ! — — kf 

-, L ^ ^ # _ U 

ZpZ 0-0 f J ^ 

■ 1 H \— — | N- ly — 

H — r*t 

Keep close to Je - sus, 

HMM- — »-■•— p= 



Keep close to Je - sus all the 

1 i i 

way ; By 


U^ .- z ,_ „ 

H * E-* * 1/ j. 

L r L 

dav or by night never turn from the rijiht, Keep close to Jesus all the way. 
— ^ — i — i-! j — ^ — ^ — ^ — ^ — ^zr^.iT_ 

U | •JupjrijLt, 13W2, UW, bj John J. klooi.' * i 


©0, WW Wilt ©tjou Do? 

s A. Newman. 

Hakry C. Joni 

J— i 

i ' i 





I i I 

5 ' 

< Mi. m hit will thou do a hen tin- night oometh on. When daylight i> fading and 
( >h. w hat w ilt thou do \\ hen the tide risetta high. When life is departing and 
Oh, what wilt thou do in the greatjndgmenl day, 

When heavi n and earth shall hare 
Oli fly to the refuge, while still th< re is time. While God offeri pardon aud 

I i \_J U A i •, 






J. NJ 


I ' I ' I ' ' 

hope nearly gone; When fears shall oppress thee, and dark billows roll, 
death draweth nigh ; The vain things of earth have no pow'r to console; 
all passed away; When thy doom is sealed and the death knell shall toll, 
heal - ing divine ; There, safe in that shelter, sweet peace shall control, 


1 J ! ! ' I l 






I « ' I 1 I I i I 

hat wilt thou do? 

I 1 ■ I | 
Oh, tell me, what then wilt thou do with thy soul?" 
Oh, tell me, what then wilt thou do with thy soul? 
Oh, tell me, what then wilt thou do with thy soul 

For then evermore 'twill he well with thy soul. Haste while there's time, 

vi J U i lis 


— >g — *--- ^e - bg— .— a- h 


Whal wilt thou do? Oh. tell me, what then wilt thou do with thy soul? 
Haste while there's time. For then eve r m or e 'twill be well with thy soul. 



II if* I I i If I li I 

PfeaDenlfi jfatbtv, <5oo of Jiatfons. 165 

Francis B. Reeves. 


Wm. G. Fischer. 

' ?: 


* * 

j — ■ — « — #-^--r-.— * — d — 



1. Heav'uly Father, God of nations, Thou hast bless'd our native land, 

2. Father, haste the day of promise, When, in all the world around, 

3. Light the torch of truth and freedom O'er the nations near and far: 

t I I 



-»-h# — *— 



W — f 


I I I 

Show'ring fa- vors without measure From thy ev - er - gracious hand. 

Wars shall cease; ye an- gels, hearken ! Hear the- gos- pel trumpet sound ! 

Bid the world's be- la - ted rul- ers Now pre- pare for Zi - on's war. 





~- r, i 





f I I 

Ott beside the qui - et wa- ters Thou hast led us; still lead ou ; 
Wake the ech- o, Christian nations! " Peace on earth," the watchword be, 
Glo - ry be to God the Fa- ther, With the Spir-it and the Son; 


^-9^—f '- 




*| ^ -r * -^r 

Shield when dark'ning tempests threaten, Guard us till the storm has gone. 
Till love's banner, all- vie- torious, Floats o'er ev - 'ry land and sea. 
Blessing, hon- or, glo- ry, pow- er, To our God, great Three in One. 



h» J±f) 




i »«<l b/ per 


Comc\ t?r Cfjanttful iJroplt, Comt, 

. \ 







* . » 9 

1. Come, ye thankful peo- pl< come, Knia the Bong of 

J -I 

: i : a 

.'. All the world is God's own field, Fruit uu - to 

I "i the Lord our God shall come, And shall take his harvest home; 

-home : 
in- praise to yield ; 

E - v-u 

Lord, quickly < ome 


nai harvest-bome 



■I l-r 


« " # 

? — w — *— 

I I 

All i- Kufe - ly gathered in. 
Wheal and tares to - geth- er bowd, 
From hifl field shall in that day 
Gath - er thou thy peo pie in, 

Ere the wrintert Btorms be -gin; 
Un - to joy or sor - row grown : 
All of- feuc-es pnrge a- way: 

•>:: it 

I I 

1 L — 

Free from sor 


free from sin ; 

God, our Mak-ir. doth pro- vide 
First the blade, and then the ear. 
Give his an - gels charge at last 
There tor - <-\ - er pur - i - fi< d, 



For our wants to be supplied: 

Then the full corn shall ap-pt-ar: 

In the fire the tares to cast, 

In thv presence to a - hide: 







* i 

Come to Gods own tem - pie, come, Raise the song ol harvest - home. 

of hai- vest, grant that we Wholesome grain and pure may be. 
I'.ut the faith-ful ears to Btorc In his gar- ner ev- er-more. 
Come, with all thine an- gels, come, Raise the glorious harvest-home 

-^- ♦ ♦ 





z&c yiouflij tin jfitma. 


ML Claudius Tr. Janb M. Campbell. 

; A P S« mi / 

3= * 

. ▼ ^ * 5 -*■ ^ H 

L We plough the fields, and scatter The good seed on the land, Bo I it is 
2, H,- on- ly is the Mak-er Of all things near and far ; Eie paints the 
:; We thank thee,then,0 Father,Forall things bright and good, The seed-time 

J -. - • * = . ,. _ * .« ,-J- 

« M:-4^ 

I I ' I r 


i >i r i 

fed ami \\a - tered By God's almight- y hand; He sends the snow in 
wayside flow - er; He lights the evening star ; The winds and waves o- 
and the bar - vest, Our life, onr health, our food ; Ac- cept the gifts we 


+ *- 




4 — I- 

1 — \ 


winter. The warmth toswell the grain. Tin- breezes and the sunshine. And 
bey him. By him the birds are fed; Much more to us, his children. He 
of- fer, For all thy love imparts, And. what thou most desirest, Our 

-^ m m +■ m . m m U 

DM LT^-5- 



£ 3 :, 7TFI 

i J I 

soft refresh - ing rain. All good gifts a- round us Are sent from heav'n a- 
irives our dai - lv bread. 

humble, thankful hearts. 

r r r r i 

— € * 1 £ — L_ # ^ ^ Z3 1__^ — — ^ ^> • 1 

bove; Then thank the Lord. oh. thank the Lord, F 




yrni.ot tljt ilninc of ©fjvtst. 

Urllh M. IIkvi 

Adam Gkibel. 

1. Praise the name of Christ in heaven, 

2. Praise him in the car- ly morning, 
:; Praise him when the day is ending, 

-» — — • — » — r-* — — ' — 0- 

Children rang with glad acclaim, 

When by rest refreshed a - new, 

When (In* wea - ry need re- pose, 

* *— ,-# 0- 


Praise him dn - ly. serve him tru - ly. Spread abroad his 

Nature waking, praise is making, Let us numbly 

Seek his blessing, sin eon - teasing, Eire in sleep the 

r_ , # 0— r * * «- r--m * 0- 

^idz-r — r 

f=f= t f=F 

glorious fame; 

worship too; 
eye- lids clow-: 
* ff_ 

i — n 


He so king- ly, we so low- ly. 

We so fee - hie, he so glorious 

While in safe - ty we are Bleeping 

We so siu- ful, he so ho - ly, 
He o'er siu and death victorious, 
He is lov- ing vig - il keeping, 








' I I 




** I n 






Yet he, self for- getting, hears us 
By the hand be kind- ly leads us 
Oh, a - dure him, kneel he fore him 

When we call up - ou his name. 
All our earth- ly journey through. 
As_ his children, not his P 






- 1 > » * 


*— *" 

rrr~ • 

< ilad hal - \t - lu - jahs, Joy- 



9: >: L L x IL L L *"f r 

2— * j # » » ** - -4-0 — # ^ i ■ 

iul we bring to Je-sus our King; 
_,-._*_* ,_,#__*_•_# 0. 

\ Copynftit, INT, L. Joi.u J i IM | 

a ; 

. L l . a 

prater tftr jfliatue, etc*— concluded. 169 

4 — -t5— > 

Glad halle- In - jahs Be thiue for evermore; thine for evermore 

Praise, glad praise, praise.glad praise, Be thine for ev- er, evermore; 

* # 


I r * • * " L -g — -' ■■ » i ^" .tT- .. 

©omt, ©ome &o=&afi. 

Rev. Johnson Oaiman, Jr. 

J. HfiWAPD Entwislb. 

1. Come to the Saviour, Seek now his fa - vor, 

2. Je - sus will hear you, He will draw near you, 

3. Come, be for- giv - en, Long you have striven, 

No long - er wav - er, 

His love will cheer you, 

O start for heav-en, 

i i i _ -*- 


■W (2- 





Come while you may; Hear him eu - treat you, Now he will meet you, 
Come while you may; Sin - ner, be - lieve him, No long- er grieve him, 
Come while you may; Weep not in sor - row, Nor try to bor - row 




I I I 

M i 

r— r 



z± * *- ±^z*ll 


Now he will greet you, Come,come to - day. 
Just now re- ceive him, Come,come to - day. 
Hope from the mor- row, Come,come to - day. 



4 Prayers are ascending, 
Angels are bending, 
Friends are attending, 

Come while you may; 
Ere you are lying 
Low with the dying, 
For mercy crying, 

Come, come to-day. 

Cofrrifbt, 16W, bj J. Heww4 L»twi*l« 0wn*4 bi Jotiu J. uooi 


Uittlt SolDura of $taitf$. 

Ada Pihmkhorw. 

: n I # - ; — ■< — *- 


J. Howard Ei^twislb. 

-= N 1 

n re marching, marching, marching, Je- sua lit • tie soldiers true; 
9L We arc fighting, fighting, fighting with the mighty hosts of ainj 
8. When b€ COmeth t Cometh, cometh, all his loved ones home to hrmg, 

1 J^ 



— f » '. TT 

i J *rs^ 

E "I 

J fa fa 

? ? 

' F^-f — f 

We are try- ing, try- ing, try- ing each command he gives to do; We are 

We are striving, striving, striving dai-ly vie- to- ries to win; We are 

And we're standing, standing^ standing in the presence of the King: What re- 


y y y y y 

go- m<j. go- ing. go- mg, guided by his loving hand. And by and by we'll 
trusting, trusting, trusting in the help of Christ the Lord. For he will help us 
joicing, glad re -juicing iu our happy ranks will be, When we receive a 

'_J S . #- ♦• ♦ ♦ ♦ 

« p, PV-r-^ F * ■— ■ 

-• — # — # ■ — #—H # — h 1 


-^# # <> ~ -# "i g j | ^fc- M 0& 1 # 

ich that bright and happy land. 5 V * ' £" £" "J" ^ ^ I p"U * 
ii we trust, bo says hia Word. We're marching on, . . we're marching on, . . . 

gloi ions crown of victo- ryl 

Marching on. 

inarching on, 

f- f- T w S ^ | N N K d P K | m r 

I 1 m — ■ ^— • (-rd 1— I — «— ~ — m ■ i H • — m — |- 

L> " U U ^ 

We're boldly march - Ing, marching on; 

We are Jesus' soldiers true, 

marching, we're boldly, boldly marching on ; 

N I 


~ x 

■)■'' '! HC^Ll|l 

IMM. bf J UWVt 

rfvtb J ll'WO. PWMt, 

V ^ , , 




fifttlt SO lUtCra, — CONCLUDED. 

u s i s h fS | L ^ S j^_ 




Trying his commands to do, We are marching on. . . . 

We arc marching onward, wc are marching on. 

ai.otrn to tfte 23ell0. 


A G Animated, 


Adam Gfibfl. 


1. I love the happy, happy Christmas time, The time that is so dear; 

2. I love to sing of how the Saviour came To dwell up- on the earth ; 

3. '"All glo- ry ! glo- ry ! be to God on high " Was their ce - les- tial song, 

4. Then let us on this happv Christmas day, Siug prais- es to our Kiiii:: 

To hear the ringing of the mer- ry chime That comes from far and near. 

How an- gels out up- on Ju - de- a's plain. Proclaimed his wondrous birth. 

Good- will to men, and on the earth be peace," The joy- ful notes pro- long. 

Let ev- 'rv heart and ev'rv tongue rejoice. Let bells triumph- ant ring. 

9 t j't$ t t -^*- 

V > V V 




s s > s 


s s h s 

,N N I s S 

r r r W y S S V V \ [bells; 

Listen to the bells. Listen to the bells, Listen to the merrv. merrv Christmas 

9- ■*- *~ -O- ■+- -&■ 

—i 1 1 r-l 1 

.1/1 ' ' " I 

Listen to the bells. Listen to the bells, Listen tothemerry.merryChristmaa 

P B ;~s- 

*mr**S l«l, b; Job* J UM, 

9 9 

V • V * I 



.ffortlj hi tljr Datan-fUfffct. 

Mra I. I V< ,.; 

Adam GeiBEL. 

1. Forth in the dawn-Hub 1 cool, and sweet, and ten - der, While yet the 
9 Forth while the sun rides high-er ^till in heav - en. Forth while the 
;{. Lord, we have heard thee in our youth's glad morning; Lord, we still 

*^& F=*Fi*= a $=&^F£ EBB • ! 

dew-drops trem-ble oo the flowers, Beek-ing lor lab-'rers, 
aoon -tide's fer- \ ill ra-diance glows, Forth while the shad • owe 
hear thee in our noon- day prime, — Hear thee, and glad • ly. 

k ) : 

BE I lib* i» 


( )nr doth meekly wander, Calling, still calling thro' the quiet hours; — 
leugthen t'ward the ev - en, Calling for lab'rers, still the Master g< 
ease and pleasure scorning, Gird us fox senr-ice low- ly yet Bublime;— 



ist and ad verses, Female Voices only. 

# r 0- j—0 # | »- ' »' |» m m *— r 0-'-0 -i 

M Go, work to - day, the flash of ear-ly morning Brightens the iast. and 
"Go, work to-day! — oh. wherefore yet delaying, Stand yestill i - die 
Take us, ourselves to thee we now surren- der, Take us, and use u^ 

It I i s i s ^ ^ ^ +^+ +■ 

TvT-, #-•— # — || # 'l — #— r # » — » 0— r-#-.— s eF — .- — i 


day is com- ins an: Go in the fresh -ness <>f tin- day's a 

a-s (he honrsglide on? <o». for the morn • ing waits not for your 

till ill*- day i> done. Gath er us then in thy embrs 

>■■■■: : : : * T ■■■<:'. : : :: : '.'.'■ \ 

V I— i > 

jfortt) in tl)t aaton-atofjt— concluded. 173 

! p -*-* J I 

dorn - ing, Sure shall your hire he 
stay - ing, Sure shall your hire he 
ten - der, Such let our hire be 

the set of sun ! " 
thf Bel Of sun!'' 
the set of sun!" 

-# — * * — r*--- - t_ ii 

Cfjc liogai banner of Ujr ©ross- 

I no. R Clemen is. 


-A— k- 

-# — 5— 

B. Fkank Butts 

-*- -N;— -N — I 



1. The roy - al banner or' the cross, We must plant it on the walls of sin ; 

2. The noble banner of the cross, We must wavelt when the fight isstrong; 
:>. The blood-stained banner of the cross, What a sight in the battle's din and heat; 

; -v,: 

j \j j — ? 

0— \-0— 


-0—0 T-0 

-\ ' U 1 r- 

— J i-J Lu ,_j i_i 

?— y— '- j j i j u - 




-0--+ * *^#- # 9 * 

Bally now to the fray, with a will march away, In our Leader's mighty name to win. 
Bravely onward we'll go, with our laces to the foe, And our Leader's name shall be 
Wounded sore though we be, it revives us to see [Onrsoug. 

That dear banner,never furled in defeat. 
± ± ± + JSL- 




0—0 -L 0—0. 

V / i / V 


w > ^ "T u 

-N — Sr-t ! — * — K 

ft ^ r I '-H^-n 

• • 


— — ^ — ^ 1 — '— 


• • 

W m 1 m 1 y^— 


Marching on, marching on. With a leader who has never suffered loss; 


Marching on 

marching on, 



Marching on, marching on. Fighting 'neath the royal banner of tin- 
Marching on, marching on, 

Copjrifbt. liAtt. t,J JU.B J. U*J 

174 Stature'* (£la?J 9ottt» art Sfncjtnff, 

I li. E 

N — 4 

J. Howard Im wislb. 

I u u C ^ 

l. r.. aim - tui car-ols of jov we hear. Nature's glad voices are ringing; 
3 Winter is o-ver, the' song repeat, Nature's glad voices are staging; 
3, Herald the tidings from shore to shore, Nature's glad voices are singing; 

? - JL=&: — *=-F^— i=It== f ' till 

1/ * 
liunnuring brooklets the tidings bear, Nature's glad voices are ringing; 
Flowers art- blooming in fragrance Bweet, Nature's glad voices are ringing; 
Je- sua is ris- en to die no more, Nature's glad voices are singing; 





• .. _ 


Woodlands re - echo the glad refrain, Nature's glad voices arc ringing; 
Birds of the for- SSl so sweetly sin^r. Nature's glad voices are sin<:in<:; 
Echoes of praise o'er the earth resound. Nature's glad voices are singing; 

• :•• 

■y -k»-feg- 


y y y 

CHORUS. Unison. 

c • ■•> TT •§■ -*- * #— r- i 

Message of cheer to hearts so dear, For spring has come again, Je - sus is 

Mountain and field their swretnos \ ield l'odeck the lap of spring. 

Anthemsofsong the praise prolong, Let peaoeand jov abound. 
^^- g _^^^^ 4pZ=^._L_ pp f f f\\ \ l&tz —*-*- 

V [, | \* j V 8 8 


King] set the Easter joy-bells ring - tag, Peace is in my soul to-day, my 




» ^ 



lies, bj Job* J. boot). 


3£fitttrr'0 fijlmtr 2?otrr.*, etc.- concluded, 175 

I I fl i I I J I I I ! i 1 i 

i — r 

heart is fall of singling; Je - bob lives! peal ontthesong,-n§w gladness 


1 111 




fr-J .J.i! i ,| l - T -4-4 L J | ] 4 j | J t_ | , = ==£: 

I I I I i * -s^-p • 

bring - iug. Let it echo o'er land and sea, for Jesus is risen in - deed! 


h«- — r-~ r- — v — ST^ — — 5- — ~ 


I i I I I I 

Fanny 1 Crosby 

B. Frank Butts. 

£.our tin!) SunsJjtnr. 

^K — — 0—0 '-0— 0'-0—0 #-i-=- L - ' g g * — 8- L #-*- # m w% m —w>~- 

1. lie kind to those around us Who hear their toils alone, We cannot know the 

'J. Be kind to those around us. Nor coldly pass them by, A look, a smile of 

3. Be kind tot Imse around us Whose; feet percha nee li a vest ray 'd. Whose sad and bitter 

4. Be kind to those around us. Be kind and good to all, Thai we may he his 

--— — 

&U fry P * * K> [/ ' 



* bk- 

5 r - Alls j^ -4 -; J - ' l v^^^=^z t\-t± 

s 1 I ^ > 

tiials Their aching hearts have known. Then scatter love and Bunshine, We 

gladness May li^ht the downcast eye. 

feelings For wrong have dearly paid. 

children Who marks the sparrow's fall. u 

-0—r*- '- -^ 0- ! -* =-—- .— #— r *- 2 _#_*-•_«_• #. • St— 

p: > f e - :-&^ i * r ■ -r*- ; i m — n — ~ 


have not long to stay; Oh, scatter love and sunshine, And take tin- thorn- away. 

— £2 i-j—i •-' > — >— > — J * I f ^z j 1 1 

176 jjtjk ItcDrrmrr afetjall <£omr to Zion. 

I'.Mscni.A I < K\ Akihic m i.livan A i r. by J . J . H 



» ». 


9 K 

1 I 





1 1 




» i J J J^ U^ l JJ . ^ JJ.-4 . * 








- 3_0. 

1. "The Redeemer shall conn- to Zi - 


2. The Redeemer has conic to Zi - on ! " Thus 

3. "The Redeemer shall come to Zi - on!" He shall 




I p I IT 







3 — S — K ==- 

->.-- V 

S \J 

-0 #^#- 

chanted the voices of old. He shall conn' as a faith- ful Sh< pherd, And 

warbled the voices of dawn, "While the skies o'erflowed with splendor, On the 

come to each wait-ing soul, And the mist of sorrow and sighing At his 

* — I 








p a 



K s 

«~ # 

V— V- 


— k? 

path - er the earth to his fold; Be shall COme With radiance and 

lir-t glad Christ - mas morn; When the beacons of hope wen 

breath ■ - snn-der shall roll; While darkness and e - vil and 












3t. ;v = 



Cfjc jttrOmncT SfcaU, rtc— concluded. 177 


» - 

-fs — Ps- 



glo - ly. To scatter the darkness and cold; While all lands shall 

kind - led. Ami shadows of death with - drawn, While the angels came 

tei - lor Shall lade like a van- ishing scroll. And his wide and 

J .-I— 


-?- " ""•§■" 



I -J-4 

^ r T ^ 





V— >— L 

— " Cr-U 

rin^ with his sto - ry, — The 

hliud shall his brightness be - hold, 

down to welcome The day onr Re - deemer was born. 

glad do - rain - ion Shall ex - tend from pole to pole. 

4 ' 

rzn — # 1^ £=» LJg: 




1 — 4 I 4 


©omctft t&e £fme iForetolDf. 











I r" [the 

1. Cometh the time foretold, Dawneth the age of gold, In this Child's birth; Hail we 

2. Worship the new-born Child; 

Shepherds from pastures wild, Your homage pay; O star, mark 

3. Now to the Christ-habe,born On this long-look'd for morn, Hallelujah! To onr 

. J J [ureat 

M- M- J&- *- &-> X m i JL *. *. 





O ' 







promised day; Hail we the Chi ist-child's Bway; 

Prom heav'n the angels eay /'Peace, peace on earth! " 
well the place; ICagi, behold the face Of him who bringetfa grace On this glad day. 
Lord and King, Of all onrjoys the spring, Glad hallelujahs singl Aincn, amen.' 


M. JL> + 

*.. + .£* + 


i- • -*— Vtm — r~^x • v ^ Si , I ^ Tl 

Our Hymns M 


Hit S&all jfetXi ©is iFlocft. 

Arr. by D. D. Wood. 

Sloiriy. irif?i genfltnem. 

He dial] feed Ins flock like ■ shepherd ; He shall gather the lamhs with his arms 

•-# — — 0- 

F^i rs — 0- ~0 — — 9— r» 



r . r p r P f f f 

I b k* b I J 

■s I 

y *S—J- 




fe ^JyifijTiJ^ ^ 

«-":■• e 


And cany them in his bosom, And carry them in his bosom 






? ^ 




-#— r* 



i i 

• . *- 

fo> r t ,-j-0-^ 

>-r»- 1— m — 0. 



-2— «: 

:g — * — gz 

He shall feed his flock, He shall feed his flock like a 

He shall feed his flock, He shall feed his flock, His 

-— _ SL- —0 0. 


^^^^^e=i= e ^ 


3E : 




*— •— d 


# — #- J 

I I 

shepherd, Heshall feed his flock, shall feed his flock like a shepherd, And gather the 
He shall feed hi. 


l 2$> \ t *' 

-0 * . W . f | 1 r , 




lambs in his arms \nd gather the lambs in his 

A l.imbs in his .iTns. . And 

+ S " S X ^ 

pzT: I ' ' ^ 

_x4 CspTr<|ht. M*. by l» l> w.-d t««» uj par. 

fin StJAll iFrrt) fate iFlocti.— concluded. 179 

P ^ <* W S7\ 





F'tttartr *-$r^<Zr-^g:\-Sr-v %: 

arms. . . A.nd gather the lambs in his arms, The lambs in his arms. 

gather the lambs in his arms, 




Because ££?c aotirti fHe So. 

Rev H H Rvi am) 

A. B. Morion 

¥ 4 si 

- # -. — ~PK PS— 

1. My Saviour left his home a- hove, And came to earth be - low, 

2. Up - on the cru -~el cross for me The crim- son stream did flow, 

3. The pain he bore no tongue can tell, His Bqff'ring none can know, 

4. He came to take my sin a - way, A par - don full be- stow; 



f * i 

, — * — S 1 — 

— 1 


* N Fine. 

J— -, 1 — 

y 1 1 1 (-- 


* •' 

A * *! L^ 

• • 1 ■• #' 

• \ \& 1 

IM ) 9 

# — 



make a - tenement for my sins. 

Be - caii-t- 

he loved me so. 


gave his life that I might live. 

Be - cause 

he loved me so. 


he miuht save me from my sin, 

Be - cause 

he loved me so. 


died that I mijiht ev - er live. 

Be - cause 

he loved me so. 

^ : ^~r- 


— — 


— • — 1 — 9-1- 

_# * 

~-f — T — ~f*— 

^-9 — #— 


5 -7— r 



—* — P — H^ A 

D.S. — I from sin mi^lit e'er go free, Be - cause he loved me so 





He pave himself for me, He paid the debt I owe, That 

• . 


' -II 

C*yyri»hl. !»«. by A. B Morwn l/ied bf per 

180 SolDttrs of W Sternal Htns. 

J H. Mrs,. Jos. F. Knahp. 

i. Soldiers of th 'eternal King,Speed the watchwora,giveitwing,Letitthro'the 

2. La- be! it on ev-'ry door, Place it high the pulpit o'er, Let it stand for- 

3. Place it on thechisei'd Btone,Where the mourners weep alone: Grave it on the 

J 1 1 1 J 1 J 1 J 1 fl 

-r "- - 1 

churches ring, Up! for Je - sus stand. Write it on the temple's spire, 

ev-er-more! Up! for Je - sus stand. Blazon it in mansion - halls, 

monarch's throne! Up! for Je - sus stand. Let the press, whose wheels of might 


v - I I 

Ut-ter it with tongues of fire, Sire to son and son to sire, Up ! for Jesus stand ; 
Pencil it on prison walls ; Do and dare, as duty calls, Up ! for Jesus stand. 
Roll for reason and for right, Flash it on the nation's sight; Up! for Jesus stand. 

>| ^# JJ. , J , . - f. -gj-lg 

— 1 — F— 4 



^ 1 i^nun l o. 

Sire to son and son to sire, Up! for Jesus, Je - sus stand. Up ! for Jesus stand, 
Do and dare, as duty calls, Up! for Jesus, Je- sus stand. 
Flash it on the nation's sight; Up! for Jesus, Je - sus stand. 


-O- -O- ±- h^ F* -CD" I*' - - II 

Up! for fesus stand; Speed the watchword, give it wing, And up! for Jesus stand. 

-*- -o- d -*- J 

;£•-£;-£: *j[j 

^_, jesus stand ; h — -I 1 — h — - 



•j * 

. o 



EogaltD to &ljrtflt. 


J HE. 

Howard Entwislb. 


--r J- #— #— u #-.— # ■-#-*—#—• # 



1. Gk) forth at Christ's command, Go forth to ev'ry land, Thro' loy- al- ty to 

2. Be brave to help them win Who strive to conquer sin, Thro' loy- al- ty to 

3. See! Satan's banners was »■, Oh, haste the lost to save Thro' loy- al- tv to 

4. Ochildren of the free! Let this vour watchword he: "Thro' loy- al- ty to 

-N V 

J . J — # — h 




£ :i — 

! . 

— M 


-* : — * N- 

H — tl 

F^ fc 


— — 

Thro 1 

-*• * i 

loy- al- ty 
loy- al- ty 
loy- al- ty 
loy- al- ty 

JL* 4L JL 

-J - 1 ' 

to Christ; Let strong your efforts be To gain the 
to Christ; Point out the path of light, Be strong to 
to Christ; Beat back the hosts of sin, Press on the 
to Christ;" Let hills and valleys ring,While men and 

CV-* * 


_ • . 

#1 " 

S * # 

» ■ 

-P_ 5 _ # _ 


\ m • m 

.^/ ,TI 

' J 

j \* • 


i f 

!> # 


J • -4 r j 

' ' U 


m s )j J 



D.S.— Go forth to fight the wrong, And shout the 

vie- to - ry. Thro' loy 
do the right, Thro' loy- 
fight to win. Thro' loy 
annels sing, Thro' loy 

al- ty, yes, loy- 
al- ty, yes, loy- 
al- ty, yes, loy- 
al- ty. yes, loy- 

al- ty, Thro' loy 
al- ty, Thro' loy- 
al- ty, Thro' loy 
al- ty. Thro' loy- 
A4. £ A* 

~w — 9~ 
al- ty to Christ. 

al- ty to Christ. 
al- ty to Christ, 
al- ty to Christ. 

victor's song, Thro' loy- al- ty, yes, loy 

to CI. list. 



S V 


On ward, on ward, army of the Lord I Th<rt's naught to fear while trusting in his word; 

OpynjtL, \w,. t. r j*» t i.t^t 



Mrs. M B. C. Sladb. 

£©ljnt DCQ 3Jtsus San* 

Geo. F. Root. 

(. 1 he redtatioru nay be re.ul, or may be recited by icholart, either singly qr in classes. It will be 
lul to Commit LOi : Scripture to memory, and the scIim>1 might ask and answer 

theae questions, in . ..r individual* might i"-- spp tinted t" <!" to h is too long to be 

. ■ ! without tome variety "i this kind ) 



song. Recitando. 


1. Jesus in the temple,* ith the doctors u we, A8, "°* 8 ^° droa8 gi> tng deep replies; 

-<9 r »- * 0—0~\ o 


^ i^ u 





V — >— >-v- 







When his parents , • • lA * , Jesus in the „ M . ■,., T 

found him, seeking night and day, ^^ H hat did Jeans say P 


m —0 — #- 

• "*— # •- 




And he said unto them. How is it that ye 
sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about 
my Father's business? Luke ii : 49. 

2.— SONG. 
Jesus at the Jordan, | coming unto John, 
That he might baptize him, | the beloved 
Son ; [turn away 

When John from his purpose | sought to 
Jesus, at the Jordan, | what did Jesus say ? 


Jesus, answering, said unto him, Suffer it 
to be so now, for thus it becometh us to ful- 
fill all righteousness. .1/;//. iii : 15. 

3. — SI 
At the well of Jacob, | resting by its brink, 
Bidding the Samaritan | give to him to 
drmk, [Ought to pray. 

When she asked of Jesus- where men 

At the well of Jacob, | what did Jesus say? 
; 1 \ 1 ION. 
w\\\ unto her, The hourcometh and 
, when tin- true worshipers shall wor- 
ship the Father in spirit and in truth ; (■ 1 
Father leeketh such to worship him. John 
1 , 23. 

( SONG. 

In the humble Nazareth, I where they 

made his home | come : 

When in- out of Egypt long ftgo hail 
In the Jewish Synagogue, on the Sab 

bath day i 
In the humble Naaareth, ' what did j» sua 

l:n l 1 ITION. 

brought up. And as his custom WIS, 


-?— >- 


he went into the Synagogue on the Sabbath 
day, and stood up for to read. * * The Spirit 
of the Lord is upon me, because he hath 
anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor. 
He hath sent me to heal the broken-hearted, 
to preach deliverance to the captives, and re- 
covering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty 
them that are bruised, to preach the accept- 
able year of the Lord. Luke iv : 16, 18. 

5.— SONG. 

On the sea of Galilee, | when the storm 
was high. [cry : 

Save us, Lord ! we perish ! j his disciples 

While they marvel greatly, | as the winds 
obey. [say? 

On the sea of Galilee, | what did Jesus 


He saith unto them, "Why are ye fearful. 
O ye of little faith ? Then he arose and 
rebuked the winds and the sea. and there 
greal calm Matt, viii : 26. 

6.— SONG. 

Coming unto Bethany, | meeting, full of 

gloom, tomb 

Martha, mourning Lazarus. | lying in the 

Of the Resurrection, | and the last Great 

I ).i\ [say? 

Coming unto Bethany. | what did Jesus 


fesus saith unto Martha, Thy brother 

shall Martha saith unto him. I 

know that he shall rise again in the re-ur- 

d . t the l.i-t day. Jesus said unto her, 

resurrection and the life. John 

xi: 23-25. 

Wbat DttJ 3kau.o Sa»*— 



Weeping o'er Jerusalem, city of the 

King. loving wing 

Whom he would have gathered 'neath 

.Mourning for her children, J going all 
• ay, 

r Jerusalem, what did Je- 

kK 1 i \ noN 

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest 

the prophets, and stonest them which are 

sent unto thee, how often would I have 

gathered thy children together. t\ 

.. reth her chickens under her wings, 
and ye would not! Matt, xxiii : 

At the Lord's last supper. | ere he went 

to die, ["igh ; 

In that upper chamber. | as the end drew 

When he gently told them | he must go 

away. [Jesus say ? 

At the Lord's last supper, what did 


In my Father's house are many mansions: 

^ere not so I would have told you. I 

go to prepare a place for you. John xiv : 2. 

9.— soN'i. 

In the dark Gethsemane ! his disciples 

slept. [prayed and wept; 

While, exceeding sorrowful, | Jesus 

When he found them sleeping, | who 

should watch and pray. [Jesus say? 

In the dark Gethsemane, j what did 


He found them sleeping for sorrow, and 

into them. Why sleep ye? Rise and 

pray, lest ye enter into temptation. Luke 

id.— s 

From the mount of Calvary, | on the 

cross of woe. [him so. 

Seeing the three Marys. | they who loved 

To the dear disciple, ere he went away, 

From the mount of Calvary, , what did 

Jesua sa 

K 1 • 1 : \ 1 l " \ . 

stood by the cross of [esus, his 

mother, and his mother's lister. Mary the 
f Cleophas; and Mary Magdalene, 
saw his mother, and 
the disciple standing by whom he loved, he 
saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy 
son ! Then saith he to the disciple, Behold 
thy mother! And from that hour that dis- 
ciple took her unto his own home. John 
xix : 26, 27. 


Walking unto Emmaus, | at the even- 
tide, [abide ; 

When the two disciples | said, VVith us 

Drawing near the village, | when far 
spent the day, [say? 

Walking into Emmaus, I what did Jesus 

He said unto them, O fools, and slow of 
heart to believe all that the prophets have 
spoken. Ought not Christ to have suffered 
these things and to enter into his glory? 
Matt, xxiv : 25, 26. 

12.- -S 

On the hills of heaven, | in the world 

above. [drous love; 

Where the little children | learn his won- 

.-\11 their sins forgiven, | in that blessed 


5 - 

On the hills of heaven, 

what wil 



Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit 
the kingdom prepared for you from the 
foundation of the world. Matt, xxv: 34. 

(Let the last answer be repeated as follows, in 
full chorus, to close with ) 

'I 1 


i of ray Fa- ther, inherit the kingdom prepared for you 

'"''"" imm 

M s 




s v s s 

V S V 

» — r 

from the loundation of the world, from the foundation of tin- world. A - men. 

— zj — ■ — \t— > J -j— j—^ — < 

f ; £* * *■ ~ 

i&* Kfl mg ilamc umttnt HLfytxti 

M. A. K. Frank M. Davis. 


I. 1 ■ '.. I care not for rich- es, Neither sil-rer nor gold; I would make sure of 
I, my sins they are ma-ny, like the sands of the sea, P.ut thy blood, Oh, my 
3. ( )h ! that beau-ti - ful cit - y, With its mansions of light, With its glo . ri - tied 

II. I 

*-2-#-r# 0—x-&- 



' 4 • * 


h > 

-*— m 



■i 4:4' 


heaven, I would en -ter the fold. In the book of thy kingdom, With its 
Sa-viour ! Is saf - fi-cicnt for me; For thy promise i-i written, In bright 
be - ings, In pure garments of white; "Where no c- vil thing cometh. To de - 

J- 1 










m ^HMUj?±M^ 

pa - ges so fair, Tellme, Je - bus, mySav-iour, Is my name written there? 
let-ters that glow, "Though your sinsbc as scarlet, I will make them like snow." 
spoil what is fair ; Where the angels are watching, — Is my name written there ? 














Is nv 





yname writ - ten there, On the page white and fair? 

E ^ 4 £ =4: 




g a^ftlE N ^ a^tefe 


In the book of thy king . dom, I- my name writ- ten there? 

-•-frf— r ^TT— s~ ;^-U— s— fctg* 

1 -¥f^ 



f ,o4nJ Hoo*. 

riK itocfc ttjat f* ftifiljrr than *. 185 

h . JOHN Wm, I ''. 1 » i i R. By yet. 

1. oil. Bometim< s the Bhadows are de« ]>. And rough seema the path to the goal, 

2. Ob, sometimes how long seems the day, And sometimes how wearymv feet; 

Oh, near to the Rock let me keep, If blessings, or sorrows prevail; 

£ 3^ 

An J sorrows, sometimes how they sweep Like tempests down over the soul. 
But. toil- iug in life's dusty way, The Rock's blessed shadow, how sweet ! 
Or climbing the mountain-way steep. Or walking the shad- ow- y vale. 

fy — 2 VT * T -•—•—•—?— \ *- ' —•- p-» »— f — > f — *- r *- ; T 



n — ?*- r 

oh. then. 

, S 


#- #— *-# » <J L 

• p | 

et me fly, To the 

S S let me flv, 

^t\ »->-f-?==jF=lFf 

the Rock 


. i hf 

> 1 P — i a p — s^r — i 1 — i s — s — ^ 


Rock thai ia higher than I 

Oh. then, to the Rock l^t me 

S P . b high - er than I ; ♦ ,S S 

ter » - 0-U-0 — » -- ^-p a «— » -a-* » -y-r-f— f^— ; f—9—f-r- 


* 0—§—m *=zgz:iz; g= 

l+ n f 


fly, To the rock that is high - er than I. 

let me fly, 

186 JHd countrn! '©is of K\)tt. 

S.F.Smith. Tune, AMERICA. 6,4. 






My (oiinti'v ! ti^ of thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thee I sinjj;; Land where my 
My native country, thee, Land of the noble, free, Tby name I love; I love thy 
Let music swell the hive/. , And rin<j from all the trees 

[Sweet freedom's song; Let mortal 
Our Father's God, to thee, Author of liberty, To thee we sing; Long may our 







father'sdied! Landofthepilgrim'spridel From ev'ry mountainside Let freedom ring, 
rocks and rills, Thy woods and templed hills; 

tongues awake, [Mv heart with rapture thrills, Like that above. 

[Let all that breathe partake, Let rockstheirsilence break, The soundprolong. 
land be bright With freedom's holy light; Protect us by thy might, Great God, our 

/I 1-1 fl [King. 






(5oJJ i3lt.e.e our il.inur ftnnO. 

John S. Dwight. 


^#-^ i ;:M i ^ir7?T 'i rrg 

I ■ I T [the wild 

1. (.od bleea our native land; Finn may she ever stand, Thro' stormaud night; When 

2. Forheronrpray'rsshal] i ise ToGod above the skies; On him we wait: Thou whoart 
:;. To God-the Father,Son, And Spirit-three in one, All praise be giv'n! Crown himin 

M. + 


ffi l i|i;iprr > irrnn r t: Wtfi 


, i 1 > r 

tempestsrave, Etnlerofwindsand wave,Dothouour conn try save By thygreal might. 
ever oigh, Guardian With watchful eye, To thee aloud Weery,God save the state. 
ev'ry song; To him vour hearts belong; Let all his praise prolong, - ( >n earth, in 

JL . , 1 J ~ - [heav^. 

|— f-r^ 


Wt)nt n .iFritnJ). 


_ 1 s ^ s 
jl Li J, | | ^ J f.1 | 

— , * 

C. C. Convkrsf. By per. 

jn K J — f 3 — ~\ 

1. What ■ Friend ire have in Je - 




All our sins and griefs to hear! 

^—9-4— l j j J ?—^r-\f- 

» * 

i y — y — y — y — y 

L l d 


^— »— <-hg- j ~i h s « ^ J ^rJ.- g ^- 

What B priv- i- lege to car - ry Ev - 'rything to God iu prayer! 
D.S. — All because we do uot car - ry Ev - 'rythiug to God in prayer! 

_— -«- 

— ?=? 

W W I ' *** L_ | I ' I "^ _5_ J 

7 >~^r > --s-F' g — r-^+M-f— r— r — r— r- fr-^" 

-h— A- 




*i r. 3 j j"iTc a 

O what peace we often for - feit, O what ueedless pain we bear, 

r^b w, u \ f » ir~M' ' * s P> »fl 

* V V V V 

Have we trials and temptations? 

[a there trouble an v where? 
We should never be discouraged, 

Take it to the Lord in prayer. 
Can we find a friend so faithful 

Who will all our sorrows share' 
Jesus knows our every weakness, 

Take it to the Lord in prayer. 

Are we weak and heavy laden, 

Cumbered with a load of care? 
Precious Saviour, still our refuge, — 

Take it to the Lord in prayer. 
Do thy friends despise, forsake thee? 

Take it to the Lord in prayer: 
In his anus he'll take and shield thee. 

Thou wilt find a solace there. 

189 The Wideness of God's Mercy. 

1 There's a wideness in God's mercy, 
Like t he wideness of the sea: 

There's a kindness in his justice, 

Which is more than liberty. 
There is welcome for the sinner, 

And more graces for the good; 
There is mercy with the Saviour; 

There is healing in his blood. 


( Time above | 
For the love of ( iixi is broader 

Than the measure of man's mind 
And the heart of the Eternal 

Is most wonderfully kind. 

If our love were but more simple, 
We should take him at hi> word; 

And our lives would be all Bunsbine 
In the sweetness of our Lord. 

Frederick \V. Faber. 

Drum's. j&. $&. 




# ,- 





♦ ♦ -/^ 


«— ■- 

V* -rf^ 






190 Blest be the Tie that Binds. 

i Blest be the tie that binds 

Our hearts in Christian love; 
The fellowship of kindred minds 
Is like to that above. 

2 Before our Father's throne 

We pour our ardent prayers; 
Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one, 
Our comforts and our cares. 

3 We share our mutual woes, 

Our mutual burdens bear; 
And often for each other flows 
The sympathizing tear. 

4 When we asunder part, 

It gives us inward pain; 
But we shall still be joined in heart, 
And hope to meet again. 

191 How Gentle God's Commands ! 

i How gentle God's commands ! 

How kind his precepts are I 
Come, cast your burdens on the Lord, 

And trust his constant care. 

2 His bounty will provide, 

i [is saints securely dwell ; 
That hand which bears creation up, 
Shall guard his children well. 

3 Why should this anxious load 

Press down your weary mind? 
Oh, seek your heavenly Father's throne, 
And pesCC and comfort find ! 

4 His goodness stands approved, 

Unchanged bom day lo day; 
I'll drop my burden at hii feet, 
And bear ■ song away 

192 Bow in the Morn thy Seed. 

Sow in the morn thy seed ; 

At eve hold not thy hand ; 
To doubt and fear give thou no heed, 

Broadcast it o'er the land. 

2 Thou know'st not which shall thrive, 

The late or early sown ; 
Grace keeps the precious germ alive, 
When and wherever strown. 

3 Thou canst not toil in vain ; 

Cold, heat, and moist, and dry. 
Shall foster and mature the grain 
For garners in the sky. 

4 Then, when the glorious end, 

The day of God, shall come. 
The angel reapers shall descend. 
And heaven shout, "Harvest home! " 

193 Did Christ o'er Sinners weep. 

i Dili Christ o'er sinners weep, 
And shall our cheeks be dry? 
Let floods of penitential grief 
Burst forth from every eye. 

2 The Son of God in tears 

The wondering angels see! 

Be thou astonished, () my soul; 
He shed those tears for thee. 

3 He wept that we might weep; 

Each sin demands ■ tear : 

In heaven alone no sin is found, 

And there's no weeping there. 




3Hist am % mm. 



m ti±±*m ^ 

am. without one plea, Hut that thy blood was shed lor me, 
am, and wait- imr Dot To rid my soul of one dark blot, 
am. tho 1 toss'd ahout With many a conflict, many a doubt, 
I am — poor, wretched, blind, Sight, riches, healing <>r the mind, 

W 9 fi\i 

And that thou bidd'st me come to thee, O Lamb of God, I come! I come 
To thee whose blood can cleanse each spot,0 Lamb of God, I come ! I 
Fightings within, and fears without, Lamb of God, I come! I 

Tea, all I need, in thee to find, O Lamb of God, I come! I 

-**~ ft 

come ! 
come ! 

•0- -i&- -0- 


L O. ^ J Z-r'*- 




.g* * (S.i—fSt • fSf. 



B Just as I am thou wilt receive, 

Wilt welcome, pardou,cleause, relieve; 
Because thy promise I believe, 
O Lamb of God, I come! I come ! 

6 Just as I am — thy love unknown 
Hath broken every barrier down ; 
Now, to be thine, yea, thine alone, 
O Lamb of God, I come! I come 



£&e OSvtat ^fnjmctan. 

j. H. 



Physi - cian now is near. The sympa - thizing Je - sus 
the drooping heart to cheer, Oh! hear the voice of Je - sus 
ny Bins are all forgiv'n, Oh 1 hear the voice of Je - sus 
~" \ Go on your way in 'peace to heav'n, And wear a crown with Je - sus 

f The great 
i Bespeaks 

( Your ma - 

D.8. — Sweetest ear - ol 



• er sung, *? 

- sus. 

Bweetesl note in Ber - aph son-, 
Bweetesl name on mor- tal tongue 

. . - * tL t. 



All glory to the dying Lamb; 

I now believe in Jesus ; 
I love the blessed Saviour's name, 

I love the name of Jesns, 

His Dame dispels my guill and fear, 
No other name but Jesns j 

Oh ! how my soul delights to hear, 
The charming name of Jesna 



In tfir JLiout of CrfxI. 

Jambs IIomtcombst. 

" I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not." 

,V i 

Spbncer Lans. 




|V '*< i i 

1. In thehourof tri • al, Je-sus, plead for me; Lest by base de ni - al 

2. With forbidden pleasures would this vain world charm ;< fritesordidt rcas urei 

3. Should Thy mercy send me Borrow, toil, and woe; < >r should pain attend ma 

4. When my last honroometh,Frangh1 with strife and pain, When my dustreturnetti 



1 — I — t — r- 

m^U^^^^ i 

I depart from Thee, 
Spread to work me harm ; 
On my path be - low: 

To tin dust a - gain; 

When Thou see'st me waver, With a look re- 
Bring to my remembrance Sad Geth-sem-a - 

Grant that 1 may ihv - er Fail Thy hand to 
On Thy truth re- ly - ing, Through that mortal 





£ -*- 





m- xi i i tz=t 

Mi l 

A- men. 

Nor for tear or fa - vor Suf-ferme to tall. 
Or, in o^rk- er semblance, Cross-crowned Galyary. 
Grant that I may ev - er Cast my careon Thee. 
Je - bus, take me, dy- ing, To e- tor- nal lift 

^1 S2- J2- 

^■l^ lqj^ 


atoaftr, JHs Soul. 



1. Awake, my soul, to joyful lays, And sing thy great Redeemed pal 
% ii. nn me ro ined in th<- fall. let lored me not - withstanding all ; 


i t 




# » 

* ■■* —* ' - 

• T * 




&fc«ftt t JWg SOUL— CONCLUDED. 

Lja i , i i ra r^J — ■> -r; s - - 






He just-ly claims a song from me, His 
He saved me Iroin my lost e- state His 

lov - ing-kind- ness, oh, how free ! 
lov - ing-kind- ness, oh, how great! 

Lov- ing-kindness, lov- ing-kindness. His lov - ing-kind- ness, oh, how free ! 
Lov- ing-kindness, lov- ing-kindness. His lov - ing-kind- ness, oh, how great! 




n i 


» v w 



3 Though num'rous hosts of mighty foes. 
Though earth and hell my way oppose. 
He safely leads my soul along. 
His loving-kindness, oh, how strong ! 

4 When trouble, like a gloomy cloud, 
Has gathered thick, and thundered loud, 
He near my soul has always stood, 
His loving-kindness, oh, how good! 


!**» iFaCtO fioofcs mp to EJjrc. 

Rat Palmer. L. Masow. 

My faith looks up to thee, 
Thou Lamb of Calvary, 

Saviour divine! 
Now hear me while I pray; 
Take all my guilt away ; 
Oh, let me from this day 

Be wholly thine! 

May thy rich grace impart 
Strength to my Tainting heart, 
My zeal inspire 1 

As thou hast died for me, 

Oh, may my love to thee 

Pure, warm, amd changeless be — 

A living fire! 
While life's dark maze I tread, 
And griefs around me spread, 

Be thou my guide ; 
Bid darkness turn to day, 
Wipe sorrow's tears away, 
Nor let me ever stray 

From thee aside. 
When ends life's transient dream, 
When death's cold sullen stream 

Shall o'er me roll, 
Blett Saviour! then, in love, 
Fear and distrust remove; 
Oli, bear me Ban above - 

A laiLboined souil 



John UN 

s I 

ftraU, ftfttirlfi atffljt. 

John B. Dykes. 

l 7=3± -- * ' ' ; • '^ ' ' i j! J> t 3 i ' 

1. I., .id. kindly Light, amid tli 'encircling gloom, Lead thou me on ; The night is 

2. I was not ever thns, nor pray 'd thai thou Shouldst lead me on ; 1 lov'd to 
:'.. Bo long thy pow'r hath bless'd me, snreil still ^N" ill lead me on O'er moor and 

< u s 

dark, and I am Jar from home. Lead thou me on. Keep thou my feet ; I 
choose and see my path; hot now Lead tbon me on. I loved the gar-ish 
fen, o'er crag and torrent, till The night is gone, And with the mom those 

*< U • II 


■''':: : ;Pp^fg^iPigl3 

do not ask to see The distant scene ; one step enongh for me. 

day, and. Bpite of fears, Pride ruled my will- remember not past years. 

an- gel i'.ii - es smile. Which 1 have loved long since, and Inst awhile 



, .. 


J J j 

200 CfK Son of (GoD (Sora iFortfc, 

Rf.(.inai i) Htr.i-K. l>r H. S. Cutler. 



1. The Son ofQod goes forth to war, A kingly crow n to gain: Sis blood-red banner 

2. The martyr first, whose eagle eye Whosaw bis Master 

Could pierce beyond the grave, 
:) A noble array, men and boys, The matron and the msid, Around the Saviour's 

m _ . _ _ _ — 

# • - 

I I 



on of <£oB Cora JFortlj. —concluded. 

in the Bky, And eall'd on him to save: Likehira, with pardon on his tongue, In 
throne rejoice, In robesof light arrayed: They climb'd the st eep ascent ofheav'n Thro 


* i t , —iff — h— ^^-^ 

1 i m 

umphant over pain; \Vh0p3tient bears his cross below, He follows in his train, 
midstof mortal pain, Hepray'dt'orthemthatdidthewrong: Whofollowsin his train? 
peril, toil and pain: O God, tons ma}' grace be giv'n To follow in their train! 






201 * am ©otntwa to tfce erosa. 

Rev. Wm. McDonald. John vi. 37. 

Wm. G. Fischer. 

By per. 

"* 0— 5 " " J ^ 1 jT 

1. I am com - ing to the cross; I am poor, and weak, and blind; 

2. Long my heart has sighed for thee, Long has e - "Nil reigned within; 

3. Here I give mv all to thee, Friends, and time, and earthly store ; 

Chu. — I am tni.->t - ing, Lord, in thee, 




—9 — w 

I am count -ing all but 
Je - rat <weet - ly sj>eaks to 

Soul and b<> - dv thine to 




I shall full sal - va - tion find, 
me. — "I will cleanse you from all sin." 
be, — Whol-ly thine for ev - er-more. 



Humbly at thy cross I 

In thy promises I ti 

Now I feel the Woo i applied 
I am pros trat e in the dost, 

I with Chrbt am crucified. 

y ¥ ' www 

bow. Save in*-. Jo - Bos, save me now. 

5 Jesus coiiit-s: h<- tills my soul! 
Perfected in him I am; 

I am every whit made whole: 
Glory, glory to the Lamb. 


Jo4BPH Haii 


eomr, J?r St'nnrm 

*■ , „! !, JJ >,^X 


Come, ye sinners, poor and needy, 
Weak and wounded, sick and sore 

Jesus ready stands U) save you. 

Full of pity, love, and power: 
H«- is able, 

He Is willing: doubt no more. 
Now, ye needy, come and welcome; 

< kid's free bounty glorify ; 
True belief and true repentance, 

Every ^race that brings y on nigh, 
Without mon< 

Oome to Jesus Christ and buy. 
L»t not conscience make you linger, 

Nor of fitness fondly dream; 
All the fitness he requireth 

la to feel your need of him 
This he gives you; 

'Tifl the Spirit's glimmering beam. 

Come, ye weary, heavy-laden, 
Bruised and mangled by the fall; 

If you tarry till you're better, 
You will never come at all; 

Not the righteous — 
Sinners Jesus came to call. 

Agonizing in the garden, 

Your Redeemer prostrate lies; 

On the bloody tree behold him! 
Hear him cry, before he dies, 

'' It is finished !" 
Sinners, will not thi^ suffice? 
Lo! the incarnate God, nscending, 

Pleads the merit of his blood: 
Venture on him, v nture freely; 
Lot no other trust intrude: 

None but .Jesus 
Can do helpless sinners good. 

203 SrtinouT, Uftc a &t)tpl)ttH &ra& us. 

Wm B. Bradbuky. 

. 1 Saviour.likeashepherd lead us.Much weneedthy tend'restcare; ) j,. ^^ , T 
' ( In thy pleasant pastures feed us, For our use thy folds prepare, j M1 ^' 

__ — *_» — »-*#-* — 

\J u u u 

I [«te. 
sed Jesuo, 1'hou hast bought QP,thineweare.: bos, Thou hast bought u>, ihiix we 

*ACf i FF^ i fffB attntia 

I We ire thine, do thou befriend as, 
lardisn of "ur > 
Keep thy flock, from sin d< fend ns, 

I us M lieu We e;<> SSl 

ied Jeans, 
1 [ear thy children when they pray. 

:*. Thou hast promised to reot Ive us. 
Poor and sinful though we be ; 
Thou h:\<\ mercy to relieve us. 
Grace to cleanse, and power to free. 
Blesned Jesnp, 

Let OS e\< r turn to thee. 


304 testis, X mfi ©ro00 ftabc ffaften. 


Tune, AUTUMN. 8,7. D 

«5>--— #- 

- • 

1 1 r 

B, I my cross have tak- en, All to leave and follow thee; 


-^ o 1 ^T-l »— ^7-*-i « 1 »-.-a -i 

1. * isUj 
^it — 1 1 r w -L-i — 


Na- ked. poor, despised for- sak - en, Thou, from hence, my all shalt be : 
.D.& — Yet how rich is my con - di - Hon, God and heav'n are still my own ! 

Per- isli ev - 

ry fond am- hition, All I've sought and hop'd,and ki 

1 u 

2 Let the world despise and leave me, 
They have left my Saviour, too; 

Human hearts and looks deceive me; 

Thou art not. like man. untrue; 
And. while thou shalt smile upon me, 

God of wisdom, love, and might, 
Foes may hate, and friends may shun me 

Show thy face, and all is bright. 

3 Go, then, earthly fame and treasure! 
Come, disaster, scorn, and pain ! 

In thy service, pain is pleasure; 

With thy favor, loss is gain. 
I have called thee 'Abba. Father; " 

I have stayed my heart on thee; 
Storms may howl, and clouds may gather 

All must work for good to me. 

4 Man may trouble and distress me. 
' Twill but drive me to thy breast ; 

Life with trials hard may press me. 

Heaven will bring me sweeter rest. 
O 'tis not in grief to harm me. 

While thy love is left to me; 
O 'twere not in joy to charm me, 

Were that joy unmixed with thee. 

5 Knoiv, my sou!, thy full salvation ; 
ki-e o'er sin. and fear and car- 
find in everv station 

Something still to do or bear. 

Think what Spirit dwells within thee; 

What a Father's smile is thine; 
What a Saviour died to win thee: 

Child of heaven, shouldst thou repine? 
6 Haste thee on from grace to glory. 

Armed by faith, and winged by prayer 
Heaven's eternal day's before thee, 

God's own hand shall guide thee there. 
Soon shall close thy earthly mission, 

Swift shall pass thy pilgrim days, 
Hope shall change to glad fruition, 

Faith to sight, and prayer to praise. 

20o Gently Lead Us. 

1 Gently, 1 ord oh gently lead us 
Through this lonely vale of tears, 

Through the changes thou'st decreed us. 

Till our last great change appears ; 
When temptation's darts assail us, 

When in devious paths we stray, 
Let thy goodness never fail us, 

Lead us in thy perfect way. 

2 In the hour of pain and anguish. 
In the hour when death draws near, 

Suffer not our hearts to languish, 

Suffer not our souls to fear ; 
And when mortal life is ended. 

Bid us in thine arms to r 
Till by angel bands attended 

We awake among the blest. 
195 T„os Ha 

•21 M 

HH» 3>wtis, ac Cfjou wit. 

H> MAMiS S* MM I A 1 r by Miss J. ilOKTIIWICK. 

Tune.JEWETT. 6*. 

1 1 t£pfg&^ m mW ^ 

1. My Je-sus, as thou wilt: msiy thy will he mine; In- to thy 
'J. My Je-sus, us thou wilt: Tht* seen thro' many-a tear. Let not my 
3. My Je-sus, as thou wilt: All shall he well for me ; Each changin 









B f33 


^a^^ jg^pp^ 


band of love I would my all re-sign. Thro' sor-row or thro' joy, 
star of hope Grow dim or dis-ap-pear. Since thou on earth hast wept 
fu- ture scene I glad- ly trust with thee. Straight to my home a- hove, 

r^H>— r 

1=— #_#. 


=» fc-l b I : 









^=^^ : li^£^ai 






■*■ NIB 

Conduct mo as thine own. And help me still to say," My Lord thy will he done." 
And sorrowed oft alone. It* I must weep with thee, My Lord, thy will he done. 
I trav- <-l calmly on, And sing in life or death. "My Lord, thy will be done" 








|i?Ol0, fcolg, tiols. 

_, — ^ i i , u I i ! , i , 

Tune, NICEA. n.ia, io. 

J ,— ^-1 \-l k 


1. Ho-ly. ho-ly, ho - ly, Lord Clod Almi-ht - y ! Ear-ly in the 

2. Ho-ly. ho-ly, ho - ly! all the saints adore thee, Casting down theil 

3. So ly, ho-ly, ho - lv! tho* the darkness hide thee, Tbo* the eye of 

•1 Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho - ly, Lord God /Umight-y! Alltbyworkaahall 


— — * 



& a 

1— !" 




58?Olg t fjOlg, |)0 Ifi*— CONCLUDED 

-I 1 


morn - ing our song shall rise to thee; Ho-ly, lio-ly, ho - ly, 

gold- en crowns around the glas-sy sea; Cher -u-bim and seraphim 

sin -ful man thy <ilo-iymay not see; On - ly thou art ho - ly ! 

praise thy name, in earth, anil sky, and sea; Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho - ly. 




-\~f~ r-PF— 1=£ 

t— r 

J^-J L 



„ — ^ 


mer-ei-fuland minht-y, God in Three- Persons, blessed Trin-i- ty! 

falling down l>efore thee. Which wert. and art, and evermore shalt be. 

there is none be-sidf> thee, Per- feet in power, in love, and pur-i - ty. 

mer-ci-ful and misrht-y, God in Three Persons, blessed Trin - i - ty ! 


#ocfc of &ses. 

Tune, TOPLADY. 7. 

N Fine. 

Not the laboz of my hands, 
Can fulfil the law's demands; 

Could my zeal no respite know, 
Could my tear- forever How, 
All for sin could not atone, — 
Thou must save, and thou alone, 

3 Nothing in my hand I brin^; 
Simply to thy dOSB I <ling; 
"Saked, come to thee for dress, 


Helpless, look to thee for grace, — 
Vile. I to the fountain 
Wash me. >a\ iour, or I die. 

While I draw this fleeting breath, 
When my heart-strinji l<ath. 

When i soar to worlds unknown, 
See thee on thy judgement- throne,— 
Bock of ages, cleft for me. 
Let me hide myself in thee. 

209 jo« b» Sun ot jfWfi Soul. 


P *Ti i'i^'J i' 




i. Sum of my soul, thou Saviour dear, It is not night if thou be near: 
2. When the soli dews of kind- ly sleep My wearied eye - lids gent- ly Keep, 










O may no earthborn cloud a- rise To hide thee from thy servant's eyes. 
Be my last thought, how sweet to rest Forev- er on my Saviour's breast. 

-#» -f- ■#- „ -0- -i9- m m m ■*•"%- 


P f * 



■* — • — P" 
' I I 




3 Abide with me from morn till eve, 
For without thee I cannot live; 
Abide with me when night is nigh, 
For without thee I dare not die. 

4 If some poor wandering child of thine 
Hath, spurned to-day the voice divine, 
Now, Lord, the gracious work begin; 
Let him no more lie down in sin. 

5 Watch by the sick ; enrich the poor 
With blessings from thy boundless store; 
Be every mourner's sleep to-night, 
Like infant's slumbers, pure and light. 

6 Come near and bless us when we wake, 
Ere through the world our way we take; 
Till in the ocean of thy love. 

We lose ourselves in heaven above. 

210 Sweet is the Work. 

i Sweet is the work, my God, my King, 
To praise thy name,give thanks and sing, 
To show thy love by morning light, 
And talk of all thy truth at night. 

7 Sweet is the day of sacred rest. 

No mortal cares shall seize my breast ; 

Oh ! may my heart in tune be found, 
Like David's harp of solemn sound. 

3 My heart shall triumph in my Lord, 
And bless his works and bless his word; 
Thy works of grace, how bright they shine; 
How deep thy counsels ! how divine! 

211 Jesus, Engrave it. 

i Jesus, engrave it on my heart, 
That thou the one thing needful art; 

1 could from all things parted be, 
Bu' never, never, Lord, from thee. 

2 Needful art thou to make me live. 
Needful art thou all grace to give; 
Needful to guide me, lest I stray; 
Needful to help me every day. 

3 Needful is thy most precious blood; 
Needful is thy correcting rod ; 
Needful is thine indulgent care, 
Needful thine all-prevailing prayer. 

4 Needful art thou to be my stay 
Through all life's dark and thorny way, 
Nor less in death thou'lt needful be, 
When I yield up my soul to thee. 

3Srforc 3frt)O&at)'0. 


L. M. 




y~* ' 

Before .!<• - hovalTs awful throne. Ye nations, bow with sa-credjoy; 
EDfl BOvVeign power, Without our aid. Made us of clay, and formed us men ; 



f J. 



Effort 3frJjolW0 

= =^ 


; » 




Know that the Lord is God a- low — He can create, and he destroy. 
Ami when, like wanoVring sheep, we strayed. He brought us to bis fold again. 

g >- > 


*. £. a- £i' 





3 w « are thy people, we thy can-. 

Our Botiln and all our mortal frame: 
What lastiug honors sliall we rear. 

Almighty Maker, to thy name! 


Tr. by J. WlSLKI 

4 Well crowd thy gates with thankful 

High as the heavens our voices raise 
Ande;irth,withherten thousand tongues, 
Shall fill thy courts with sounding 


£> rt)0ti to «&'Jjo.ot. 


i 1 I 




i. O thou, to whose all - searching sight The dark - ness 

2. Wash out its stains, re - fine its dross. Nail my af- 











=*=IS : 

shin - eth 
fee - tions 

as the light, Search, prove my heart, it 

to the cross; Hal - low each thought; let 

-02- l£ -*-^-#- -0- -d- m 





-I — 4- 




for thee ; O 
with - in Be 

burst these bonds, and set it free, 

clean, as thou, my Lord, art clean. 






— i r 

3 If in this darksome wild I stray, 

Be thou my liynt. be thou my way: 

foes, no violence If 
No fraud, while thou, my God, art near. 

4 When rising floods my soul overflow, 

When sinks my heart in waves of woe, 

Jesus, thy timely aid impart. 

And raise my head,and cheer my heart. 

■ r 

5 Saviour, where <-r thy Bteps I see, 
Dauntless, untired, I follow thee; 
O let thy hand support me still, 
And lead me to thy holy hill. 

6 If rough and thorny be the way, 
My strength proportion to my day; 
Till toil, and grief.and pain shall cease, 
Where all is calm, and joy, and peace. 











^yfyt y ^ ^gg 





215 While Life Prolongs. 

i While life prolongs its precious light 

Mercy is found, and peace is given, 
But soon, ah ! soon, approaching night 

Shall blot out every hope of heaven. 

2 While God invites, how blest the day, 

how sweet the Gospel's charming 
sound ; 
Come, sinners, haste, oh, haste away. 
While- yet a pardoning God is found. 

3 Soon, borne on time's most rapid wing, 

Shall death command you to the 
grave : 
Before his bar your spirits bring, 
And none be found to hear or save. 

4 In that lone land of deep despair, 

No Sabbath's heavenly light shall 
rise — 
No God regard your bitter prayer, 
No Saviour call you to the skies. 


Jesus, my All. 

i Jesus, my Saviour, look on me. 
For I am weary and oppressed; 
I come to cast myself on thee : 
Thou art my Rest. 

2 Look down on me, for I am weak; 

I feel the toilsome journey's length ; 
Thine aid omnipotent I & 
Thou art my Strength. 

3 I am bewildered on my 

Dark and tempestous the night ; 
O send thou forth some cheering ray, 
Thou art my Light. 

4 I hear the Btormfl around me I 

But when I dread th impending shock, 
Ify spirit to tlie refuge flies; 

Thou art my Rock 

g Standing alone on Jordan'i brink, 

In that tremendous latest strife, 

Thou wilt not suffer me to sink ; 
Thou art my Life. 
6 Thou wilt my every want supply. 
E'en to the end, whate'er befall; 
Through life, in death, eternally, 
Thou art my All. 

217 Come, Holy Spirit. 

i Come, Holy Spirit, calm my mind, 
And fit me to approach my God ; 

Remove each vain, each worldly thought» 
And lead me to thy blest abode. 

2 Hast thou imparted to my soul 
A living spark of holy fire? 

Oh ! kindle now the sacred flame, 
Make me to burn with pure desire. 

3 A brighter faith and hope impart, 
And let me now my Saviour see ; 

Oh ! soothe and cheer my burdened heart, 
And bill my spirit rest in thee. 


When I Survey. 

1 When I survey the wondrous cross, 
On which the Prince of Glory died, x 

My richest gain I count but lo 
And pour contempt on all my pride. 

2 Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast, 
Save in the death of Christ, my God; 

All the vain things that charm me most, 
I sacrifice them to his blood. 

3 See, from his head, his hands, his feet, 
Sorrow and love flow mingled down; 

Did e'er such love and sorrow meet, 
Or thorns compose so rich a crown? 

4 His dying crimson, like a robe, 
Spreads o'er his body on the tree, 

Then am I dead to all the globe, 
And all the globe is dead to me. 

5 Were the whole realm of nature mine, 
That were a present far too small ; 

Love so amazing, so divine, 

Demands my soul, mv life, my all. 

tfovtat. H.JW 


I I \ I i 

2|9 that my load of sin were gone 

1 O that my load of sin were gone! 
O that I could at last submit 

At Jesus' feet to lay it down — 
To lay my soul at Jesus' feet ! 

2 Rest for my soul I long to find : 
Saviour of all, if mine thou art. 

Give me thy meek and lowly mind, 
Aud stamp thine image on my heart 

3 Break off the yoke of inbred sin, 
And fully set my spirit free; 

I cannot rest till pure within, 
Till I am wholly lost in thee. 

4 Fain would I learn of thee, my God, 
Thy light aud easy burden prove, 

The cross all stained with hallowed blood, 
The labor of thy dying love. 

5 I would, but thou must give the power ; 

My heart from every sin release ; 
Bring near, bring near the joyful hour, 

And fill me with thy perfect peace. 
— Chas. Wesley. 



iFatfter, WtftWtv. 

Tune, NAOMI. C. M. 

earthly bliss T gn wil 

#-• *- -0- 

orvw- * • —0 -0-0 ft f # ft ft — i-g-i-j r 

|I i =p=-g y\ Mr L r rP ^ 

. :*_| L, y , 1 1 ft , t H U ~ 

de - nies, 

N ■ 


Pi tit lityl H&-1 ili \ j t *¥ 

Ac- cept-ed at thy throne of ^race Let this pe - ti - don rise. 


r^r? ft— 0- — ft— r « » * ~ t~P— i 1 ft ft , <?-' — — |- 

I b 

2 Give me a calm, a thankful he-art, 
From every murmur 

The opart, 

An to thee. 


3 I. that thou art mine 

My life and death attend ; 

nee through my journey shine, 
And crown my journey's end. 


C. Wesley 


>«. I J J |.J , l fr|.| | .. i g te 


How do thy mei i 
Inured to pov - er - 

close nit- round! Forev-er be thy name a-dored; 
ty and pain, A suff 'ring life my Mas- ter led; 

■**• -fc3- -♦--•- -€^. -•- -f^> -P>- -«- 



I blush in all tilings to a - 
The Son of God, the- Son of 

bound; The servant is a - bove his Lord. 
Man, He had not where to lay his head. 

3 But loi a place he hath prepared 
For me, whom watchful angels keep; 

Yea, he himself becomes my guard; 
He smooths my bed, and gives me sleep. 

4 Jesus protects; my fears, be gone; 
What can the Rock of Ages move? 

Safe in thy anus I lay me down, 
Thine everlasting arms of love. 

5 While thou art intimately nigh, 
Who, who shall violate my rest? 

Sin, earth, and hell I now defy: 
I lean upon my Saviour's breast. 

6 I rest beneath the Almighty's shade; 
My griefs expire, my troubles cease; 

Thou, Lord, on whom my soul is stayed, 
Wilt keep me still in perfect peace. 

-23 Jesus, and Shall it Ever Be. 
i Jesus, and shall it ever be, 
A mortal man ashamed of thee? 
Ashamed of thee whom angels praise, 
Whose glories shine through endless days! 

2 Ashamed of Jesus, that dear friend 
On whom my hopes of heaven depend ! 
No, when I blush, be this my shame, 
That I no more revere his name. 

j Ashamed of Jesus! yes, I may, 
When I've no guilt to wash away, 

N > tear to wipe, no good t<> crave, 

No L-irs to quell, no soul to save. 

4 Till then— nor is my boasting vain— 
Till then, I boast a Saviour slain ; 
And oh, may this my glory be, 

That Christ is not ashamed of me ! 
224 Come Hither, All Ye Weary Souls. 

1 Come hither, all ye weary souls, 
Ye heavy-laden sinners, come; 

I'll give you n st from all your toils, 

And raise you to my heavenly home. 

2 They shall find rest that learn of me; 
I'm of a meek and lowly mind; 

But passion rages like the B4 a. 
And pride is restless as the wind. 

3 Blest is the man whose shoulders take 
My yoke, and bear it with delight; 

My yoke is easy to his neck, 
My grace shall make the burden light 

4 Jesus, we come at thy command, 
With faith, and hope, and humble zeal 

Resign our spirits to thy hand, 
To mould and guide us at thy will. 

22') My Gracious Lord ! 

i My gracious Lord! I own thy right 

To every service I can pay; 
And call it my supreme delight 

To hear thy dictates and obey. 

2 What is my being nut tor thee. 

Its sure support, its noblest end, 
Thine ever-smiling face to Bee, 

And serve the cause of such a friend? 

3 'Tis to my Saviour I would live. 

To him who for my ransom died; 
Nor could untainted Eden give 
Such bliss as blossoms at his side. 

4 His work my hoary age shall bless, 

Wlun youthful vi.uor is no more, 
Ami my last hour of life confess 
His dving love, his saving power. 





1— I— I 



-• — •- 

« • 

tt sH 

i i 4 

EESE^ 8 

rgj- }" d-*f 

Go, la- bor on ; spend and be spent, Thy joy to do the 
A. .p. ^ -e3- ^. ^. . & . .^_ 





Fa- ther's will 

-• — •- 

HO — O- 






fs-!— f- 

• • 



It is tne way the Master went 



Should not the servant tread it still? 



1 1- 


a Go. labor on; 'tis not for naught; 

Thine earthly loss is heavenly gain; 
Men heed thee, love thee, praise thee not ; 

The Master praises, — what are men? 
3 Go, labor on; your hands are weak; 

Your knees are faint, your soul cast 
down ; 
Yet falter not ; the prize you seek 

Is near, — a kingdom and a crown! 

4 Toil on, faint not; keep watch, and pray I 
Be wise the erring soul to win; 

Go forth into the world's highway; 
Compel the wanderer to come in. 

5 Toil on, and in thy toil rejoice; 
For toil comes rest, for exile home,- 

Soon shalt thou hear the Bridegroom's 
The midnight peal, " Behold, I cornel" 


P. Doddridge. 

3ftoaite, ms Soul. 



j — i — i- 

i i i 






i. A- wake, my soul, stretch ev'ry nerve, And press with vigor on ; 






- 4-j - 










r • * • " f-» 

heavenly race demands thy zeal, And an immortal crown, And an immortal crown 

r*» rsi . .Ijl 


^g-M-C^J - 

• • 



■• — •- 


1 — r 

1 — l — r 

2 A cloud of witnesses around 

Hold thee in full survey; 

Forget the steps already trod, 

And onward urge thy way. 

3 'Tis God's all-animating voice 

That calls thee from on high; 
Tis his own hand presents the prize 
To thine aspiring eye : — 

TUat prize, with peerless glories bright, 

Which shall new luster boast, 
When victors' wreaths and monazchs' 

Shall blend in common dust, [gems 
Blest Saviour, introduced by thee. 

Have I my race begun ; 
And, crowned with victory, at thy feet 

I'll lay my honors down. 



Samitrl F. Smith. 

SCfte $&ovnlriQ aifljjt 

Tune, WEBB. 7,6. 






2 See heathen nations bending 

Before the < lod we love, 
And thousand hearts ascending 

In gratitude above; 
While sinners, now confessing, 

The gospel call obey, 
And seek the Saviour's blessing, 

A nation in a day. 

*.Lt) Geo. Duffield, Jr 

1 The morning light is breaking: 
The darkness disappears j 

The sons of earth are waking 

To penitential tears; 
Each breeze that sweeps the ocean 

Brings tidings from afar, 
Of nations in connnotion. 

Prepared for /ion's war. 

Blest river of salvation, 

Pursue thine onward way; 
Flow thou to every nation, 

Nor in thy richness stay: 
Stay not till all the lowly 

Triumphant reach their home: 
Stay not till all the holy 

Proclaim, "The Lord is come l n 

Stand up, stand up for Jesus. 

STAND Dp, Btaud np for Jesus, 

Ye soldiers of the cross : 
Lift high his royal banner, 

It must not suffer loss; 
From victory unto victory 

His army shall he lead 
Till every foe Is vanquished 

And Christ is Lord indeed. 
Stand up. stand np for Jesus, 

The trumpet call obey : 
Forth to the mighty conflict, 

In this his glorious day: 
: Ye that are men, now serve him," 

Against unnumbered foes: 

Your courage rise with danger, 
And strength to strength oppose. 

Tune above. 

3 Stand up, stand up for Jesus, 

Stand in his strength alone; 
The arm of flesh wiii fail you; 

Ye dare not trust your own: 
Put on the gospel armor, 

Each piece put on with prayer; 
Where duty calls, or dauber, 

Be never wanting there. 

4 Stand up. stand up for Jesus, 

The strife will not be long; 
This day the noise of battle, 

The next the victor's song: 
To him that overcometh, 

A crown of lite shall be; 
H.- with the King of Glory 

Shall reign eternally. 


When, his salvation bringing, 

To ZiOO JeSUS came. 
The children all stood sinking 

tXosannas to his name. 
Nor did their zeal offend him, 

For as he rode along, 
He 1 1 them still attend him, 

And smiled to hear their song. 

And sine<- the Lord retaiiuth 
HJ1 love for children still ; 

Though now a> King hereigneth 
On Zion's heavenly hill, 

When, Hia Salvation Bringing. 

We'll Hock around his banner, 
Who sits upon the throne; 

And cry aloud " Hosanna 
To David's royal Son!" 


3 For should we fail proclaiming 
Onr great Redeemer^ praise: 

The Mom b, our silence shaming 

Might well hosannas raise. 

But shall we only render 
The tribute of onr words? 

No! while our hearts are tender, 
They, too, shall be the Lord's, 


L. Masom. 

4-4— J- 

232 From Greenland's icy. 

1 From Greenland's icy mountains, 

From India's coral strand, 
Where A trie's sunny fountains 

Roll down their golden sand, 
From many an ancient river, 

From many a palmy plain, 
They call us to deliver 

Their land from error's chain. 

2 What though the spicy breezes 

Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle, 
Though every prospect pleases, 

And only man is vile; 
In vain with lavish kindness 

The gifts of God are strewn, 
The heathen, in their blindness, 

Bow down to wood and stone. 

T Shall we, whose souls are lighted 

With wisdom from on high, 
Shall we, to men benighted, 

The lamp of life deny? 
Salvation! oh, salvation! 

The joyful sound proclaim, 
Till earth's remotest nation 

Has learned Messiah's name. 

4 Waft. waft, ye winds, his story, 
And you. ye waters, roil, 
Till, like a sea of glory, 

It spreads from pole to pole ; 


Till o'er our ransomed nature, 
The Lamb for sinners slain, 

Eedeemer. King, Creator, 
In bliss returns to reign. 

aoo Hail to the Lord's Anointed. 

1 Hail to the Lord's Anointed! 

Great David's greater Son ! 
Hail in the time appointed, 

His reign on earth begun ! 
He comes to break oppression, 

To set the captive free, — 
To take away transgression, 

And rule in equity. 

2 He shall come down like showers 

Upon the fruitful earth, 
And love and joy, like flowers. 

Spring in his path to birth: 
Before him on the mountains 

Shall peace, the herald, go; 
And righteousness, in fountains, 

From hill to valley flow. 

3 For him shall prayer unceasing 

And daily vows ascend ; 
His kingdom still increasing, 

A kingdom without end; 
The tid<- of time shall never 

His covenanl remove; 
His name shall stand forever, 

That name to us is — Love. 


2Lo! liounij tljr Cfjrour. 

Maky L. Duncan. 


- . 



-* --•- 

Lol round the throne, a glo - rious band, The saints in count - less 







i — r 


m>T - lada stand; Of ev - 'ry tongue redeemed to God, Arrayed in 

m mlm m 

garments washed in blood, Arrayed in garments washed in blood. 

j ■ ,n — 








1 r 

i — r 

a Through tribulation great they came; 
They bore the cross.despised the shame; 
But now from all their labors rest, 
In God's eternal glory blest. 

3 Tney see the Saviour face to face; 
They sing the triumph of his grace; 
And day and night, with ceaseless praise, 
To him their loud hosannas raise. 

4 O may we tread the sacred road 
That holy saints and martyrs trod ; 
Wage to the end the glorious strife, 
And win, like them, a crown of life! 


Now to the Lord. 

j Now to the Lord a noble song : 

Awake, my BOttl, awake, my tongue; 

Hoaanna to the eternal name, 

And all his boundless love proclaim. 

where it shines in Jesus' face, 

The brightest Image of his -race; 
( Sod, in the person of his Son, 

HIS all his mightiest works outdone. 

3 The spacious earth and spreading flood 

Proclaim the wise and pott rful God; 


And thy rich glories from afar 
Sparkle in every rolling star. 

4 Grace! 'tis a sweet, a charming theme, 
My thoughts rejoice at Jesus name; 
Ye angels, dwell upon the sound. 

Ye heavens, reflect it to the ground. 

5 Oh ! may I reach that happy place, 
Where he unveils his lovely face. 
Where all his beauties you behold, 
And sing his name to harps of gold. 

QQrt —Isaac Watts. 

Soon may the last glad song. 

1 Soon may the last glad song arise, 
Through all the millions of the skies; 
That song of triumph which records 
That all the earth is now the Lord's. 

2 Let thrones, and powers, and kingdoms 
Obedient, nighty God, to thee; [be 

And over land, and stream, and main, 
Now wave the scepter of thy reign. 

O let that glorious anthem swell; 
i to host the triumph tell, 
Till not one rebel heart remains, 
But over all the Saviour reigns. 


Err*, 2L JW. 

J. E. Gould. 


« — * — ■ ■ — ■ 

<£-9-7-*— »- '•-"] i» j g If 

Pf l Cflf fTI' 


Asleep in Jesus! 

i Asleep in Jesus ! blessed sleep, 
From which Done ever wakes to weep ; 
A calm and undisturbed repose, 
Unbroken by the last of foes. 

- Asleep in Jesus! oh, how sweet 
To be for such a slumber meet ! 
With holy confidence to sing. 
That death hath lost its venomed sting. 

5 Asleep in Jesus ! peaceful rest ! 
Whose waking is supremely blest; 

ir, no woe, shall dim that hour, 
Which manifests the Saviour's power. 

4 Asleep in Jesus! oh, for me 
May such a blissful refuge be! 
Securely shall my ashes lie, 
And wait the summons from on high 

240 God Calling Yet. 

i God calling yet! shall I not hear? 
Earth's pleasures shall I still hold dear? 
Shall life's swift passing years all fly, 
And still my soul in slumber lie? 

2 God calling yet ! shall I not rise? 
Can I his loving voice despise, 
And basely his kind care repay? 
He calls me still ; can I delay ? 

3 God calling yet ! and shall I give 
No heed, but still in bondage live? 
I wait, but he does not forsake; 

He calls me still ; my heart, awake ! 

4 God calling yet ! 1 cannot stay ; 
My heart I yield without delay : 
Vain world, farewell, from thee 1 part; 
The voice ot" God hath reached my heart. 

239 What Sinners Value I Besign ; 

Tune, Park Street. 
I What sinners value I resign ; 
Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine; 
I shall behold thy blissful face, 
And stand complete in righteousness. 

ife's a dream — an empty show ; 
But the bright world to which I go 
Hath joys substantial and sincere; 
When shall I wake and find me there? 

3 Oh, glorious hour ! — oh. blest abode ! 
I sha aid like my God ; 

And flesh and sin no more control 
The sacred pleasures of the soul. 

g My flesh shall slumber in the ground, 
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound : 
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise, 
And in my Saviour's image rise. 


241 Jesus shall Reign. 

Tune, Park Street. 

1 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 
Does its successive journeys run ; 

His kingdom stretch from shore to shore, 
Till moons shall wax and wane no more 

2 For him shall endless prayer be made, 

And endless praises crown his head : 
His name, like sweet perfume, shall rise 
With every morning sacrifice. 

S People and realms of every tongue 

Dwell on his love with ong, 

And infant voices shall proclaim 
Their early blessings on his name. 

4 Let every creature rise and brinp; 

iar honors to our King ; 

Is descend with songs again, 
And earth repeat the loud Amen. 



jFrom rurrg Stormn minU, 




« , 



♦ » ♦. I 

£^^ P 

# ... #: 

1 From every stormy wind that blows, 
From every swelling tide of woes, 
There is a calm, a sure retreat; 

' 1 is found beneath the mercy-seat. 

2 There is a place where Jesus sheds 
The oil of gladness on our heads, — 
A place than all besides more sweet; 
It is the blood-bought mercy-seat. 

3 There is a scene where spirits blend, 
Where friend holds fellowship with friend j 
Though sundered far, by faith they meet 
Around one common mercy-seat. 

4 There, there on eagle wings we soar, 
And time and sense seem all no more, 
And heav'n comes down our souls to greet, 
And glory crowns the mercy-seat. 


©urns antr <£roum. 




-*]*- ■& — »_ _*_„ , & 0—^(2 a m-rO^'-fi—r- 


Must Jesus bear the i ross alone, 

And .ill the w '<nld gl I : 

No ; th> re's a cro y one, 

And there's a i ross foi me, 

The i on ,-, rated < ross I'll bear, 
Till death shall ad m< 

And tlun go home n \ • rows to wear, 
i K there's a crown for me. 


3 Upon the crystal pavement, down 

At Jesus pier* i d i 
Joyful I'll cast my golden crown, 
And his dear name r<-i eat 

4 Oh, precious cross ! oh, glorious crown I 

t >h, resurrection day I 

Ye angels, from the stars come down, 
And bear my soul away. 


Ctjrrc is a jFountaiti. 

William CowPBR 

'• "At: 

s — r 

4-r-U s 



- f There i- 
l *\ And sin 

a fountain filled with blood, Drawn from ImmanmT 
«, plnnged beneath that flood, 

•0- -0- . -0- -0- fH ■#- ' "•- -•- 

vein- i 


r— t 


r — s- 

D.S.— all their guilt - y stains 

1 **** n _L 



all their guilt - y stains. 






-r =t r — tr 1 ' ' 

juilt-y stains, Lose 
f- .-f-' 


The living thief rejoiced to see 

Th it fountain in lus day . 
Ami there may I. though vile as he, 

Wash .ill my sins away. 
Thou .King Lamb! thy precious blood 

Shall never lose its power. 
Till all the ransomed Church of God 

Are saved, to sin no more. 


Iver since by faith I saw the stream 

Thy flowing wounds supply, 
Redeeming love has been my theme 

And shall be till 1 die. 
Then in a nobler, sweeter song 

I 11 sing thy power to save, [tongue 
When this poor, lisping, stammern g 

Lies silent in the grave. 


K- v E. Robinson. 

53 S 

@omc, Kfjou iFount 


m - — 

' Come, thou Fount of ev- 'ry blessing. Tune my heart to sing thy grace; 1 

i Si reams of nier - cy, nev- er ceasing : Call for songs of loudest praise; / 

; - *- — » 



r i .i ii 

1). C. — Praise t ie mount, I'm fixed upon it, Mount of God's unchanging love. 

a, u^ 






Teach me some me - lo- dins son - net, Sung by flaming tongues above; 

^ : V: <EEE^ 



Here I raise my 1 

Hither by thy help I'm come; 
And I hope, by thy good pi 

Safely to arrive at home : 
Jesus sought m<- when a stranger, 

Wandering from the fold i 
He, to rescue me from dai . 

Interposed his precious blood, 
r Hymn* -u 


Oh. to grace how great a debtor 

Daily I'm constrained to be! 
Let thy grace now, like a fetter. 

Bind my wand'ring heart to thee* 
Prone to wander, Lord. I feel it, 

Prone to leave the God I love; 
H- re's my heart, oh, take and seal it 

Seal it from thy courts above. 


SlCflJ?. 8,7,4. 

hmm J j f. r. I J J A-H J J J flf J J- =& 


-47 Lord, Dismiss Us. 

1 Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing, 

Fill our hearts with joy and peace; 
Let us each, thy love possessing, 
Triumph in redeeming grace; 

Oh, refresh us, 
Traveling through this wilderness. 

2 Thanks we give, and adoration, 

For thy gospel's joyful sound ; 
May the fruits of thy salvation 
In our hearts and lives abound; 

May thy presence 
With us evermore be found. 

3 So, whene'er the signal's given, 

Us from earth to call away, 
Borne on angel's wings to heaven, 
Glad to leave our cumbrous clay, 

May we, ready, 
Rise and reign in endless day. 

248 Saviour ! Visit Thy Plantation. 

1 Saviour! visit thy plantation; 

Grant us. Lord, a gracious rain; 
All will come to desolation, 

Unless thou return again. 

Cho. — Lord revive us, Lord revive us, 
All our help must come from thee. 

2 Keep no longer at a distance; 

Shine upon us from on high, 
Lest, for want of thy assistance, 
Every plant should droop and die. 

3 Let our mutual love be fervent, 

Make us prevalent In pray< 

Let each one esteemed thy servsnt 

Shun the world's enticing snares. 

4 Break the tempter's fatal power: 
Turn the stony heart to flesh, 
And begin, from this good hour, 
To revive thy work afresh. 

249 May the Grace of Christ. 
i May the grace of Christ our Saviour, 

And the Father's boundless love, 
With the Holy Spirit's favor, 
Rest upon us from above 1 

2 Thus may we abide in union 

With each other and the Lord; 

And posess, in sweet communion, 

Joys which earth cannot afford. 

250 We have Come to Worship Jesus. 
Tune Vespers. 

1 We have come to worship Jesus, 
And in adoration bow 

Low before our gracious Saviour, 
Who vouchsafes to hear us now. 

2 Jesus, Friend of earth-bound sinners, 
Wash away our every stain ; 

May our hearts to thee be opened, 
So that thou may'st in them reign, 

3 May we find thy great salvation, 
And our souls be filled with hive; 

May thy Kingdom here, Lord J<.sus, 
Soon'be like to heav'n above. 

4 Prayers ascend, like incense rl 
For new pardon, grace, and i 

May thy Spirit's influence brighten 

All our hves,— our faith Increase. 

5 May the wisdom of thy g 
Comfort for all times ali'ord; 

And may we be waiting, i 

At thy coming, dearest Lord 

H S. Jonb. 



7amiU! Etn tTijougauD. 






\ Jesus reigns, and heav'n rejoic - es ; Je- sus reigns, the God of love 
D.C.—HnUe - lujah, hul - le - lu - jah, Hal- le - lu - jah. A - men. 


i Hark ! ten thousand harps and voices Sound the note of praise a - bove ; ) 
\ Jesus reiirns. and heav'n rejoic - es ; Je- sus reigns, the God of love : / 


See, he sits on yonder throne; 

Sec, he sits on yonder throne ; Je 

Jesus rules the world alone. 

sus rules the world a - lone. 

m- £L 

^ ,S 




v— v- 

*— ?— i y— v— t 

2 King of glory ! reign forever; 

Thine an everlasting crown ; 
Nothing, from thy love, shall sever 

Those whom thou hast made thine own 
Happy objects of thy grace, 
.Destined to behold thy face. 

v-v— >- 


3 Saviour! hasten thine appearing ; 

Bring, oh, bring the glorious day, 
When, the awful summons hearing, 

Heaven and earth shall pass away 
Then, with golden harps, we'll sing, 
" Glory, glory to our King ! " 

Lo! the day 

Ho, tijc Dan of ilrat. 

'■ 1 i L*J =d 

0.1— ^L # 


of rest de- clin 

Gather fast the shades of night; 

2. While, thine ear of love ad- dressing, This our parting hymn we sing, 

May the Sun which ev 

Father, grant thine evening blessing, 

er shin- eth Fill our souls with heavenly light. 
Fold us safe beneath thy wing. 





Another Year is Dawning ! 

Another year is dawning! 

Dear Master, let it be 
In working or in waiting. 

Another year with thee. 
Another year of mercies, 

Of faithfulness and grace; 
Another year of gladness 

In the shining of thy face. 


Another year of progress. 

Another year of praise; 
Another year of proving 

Thy presence " all the days. 
Another year of service, 

Of witness for thy love ; 
Another year of training 

For holier work above. 

21 \r 



Lord, God, the Holy Ghost. 

,. ; i:feiiP^gfgpgl 

i 1.. >rd < . "I the I lol -• < rhost ! 
In tins accepted hour, 
A- • •■ ■ "st, 

Descend in all thy power. 

a We i! 1 ' • t with one accord 
In <>ur appointed pla 
And wail the promise of our Lord,— 
Tht bjunt t.i all grace* 

3 Like mighty, rushing wind 

i the waves beneath, 
M » i n pulse every mind ; 

Oi . >ui, one feeling breathe. 

4 Tli : inspire 

W.i .. i ■ ; [fire, 

And give us hearts and tongues of 

ay, and praise, and love. 

5 Spirit of light ! expl 

And i hase our gloom away, 

rting more and more, 
Unto the perfect day. 

268 Come, Holy Spirit, come. 

i Comb, Holy Spirit, conic, 
With energy divine, 
And on tins pour, benighted soul 
With beams ol mercy shine. 

2 From the cel< si ial hills 

1 ight, life, and joy dispense; 
And may I daily, hourly, feel 
Thy quickening influence. 

3 O melt this frozen heart, 

This stubborn will subdue; 
Ea< h i vil passion overcome, 
And form me all anew. 

4 The profit will be mine, 

But thine shall be the praise; 
Cheerful to thee will I devote 
The remnant of my days. 

-• M ) The Day is Past and Gone. 

1 The d 

The evening shades appear! 
Oh! may we all remerab r well 
The night of draws near. 

2 We lay our garments by, 

n our bee 

ieath shall >be us all 

Ol what we i. ed. 

this night, 
im all our ! 

• rd us w hile we sleep, 
light appears. 


* t Lord Teach Us how lo Pray. 

i Lord te ich us how to pray, 
And give us i k ; 

\\ r 

• Thy Holy Spirit send. 


Th< tacend 

With pure and warm desire. 

3 Jesus, our great High Priest, 
Present our prayers above ; 
And spread abroad o'er all thou seest 
The mantle of thy love. 
I our bliss 
In earnest, fervent prayer, 
For where we pray our Saviour is, 
And bliss is only there. 
251 > A Charge to Keep I Have, 
i A charge to keep I have, 

A God to glorify ; 

A new r-dyin.' soul to save, 
And lit it for the sky. 

2 To serve the present age, 

My calling to fulfill, — 
Oh, may it all my powers engage 
To do my Master's will. 

3 Arm me with jealous care, 

As in thy Bight to live ; 
And oh, thy s) rvaut, Lord, prepare, 
A stiiet account to give. 

4 Help me to watch and pray. 

And on thyself rely, 
Vssured, if I my trust betray, 
l shall forever die. 




Ettt&tr. s.f«. 

■ -•- i _ i _ 

f iUUU 



:> • 



— bl I love Thy kingdom. 

1 I love thy kingdom. Lord, 

The house of thine abode, 
The Church our blest Redeemer saved 
With his own precious blood. 

2 I love thy Church. O God! 

Her walls before thee stand, 
Dear as the apple of thine eye, 
And graven on thy hand. 

3 For her my tears shall fall, 

For her my prayers ascend : 
To her my cares and toils be given, 
Till toils and cares shall end. 

4 Beyond my highest joy 

I prize her heavenly ways, 
Her sweet communion, solemn vows, 
Her hymns of love and praise. 

5 Sure as thy truth shall last, 

To Zion shall be given 
The brightest glories earth can yield, 
And brighter bliss of heaven. 

262 Grace ! 

1 Grack ! 'tis a charming sound, 

Harmonious to the ear ; 
Heaven with the echo shall resound, 
And all the earth shall hear. 

2 Grace first contrived a way 

To save rebellious man ; 

And all the steps that grace display, 
Which drew the wondrous plan. 

3 Grace taught my roving feet 

To tread the heavenly road; 
And new supplies each hour I meet, 
While preying on to < k>d. 

4 Grace all the work shall crown 

Through everlasting days ; 
It lays in heaven the topmost stone, 
Arid well dfc*erves our praise. 

— r 

l03 Stand up, and blesg. 

1 Stand up, and bless the Lord, 

Ye people of his choice ; 
Stand up, and bless the Lord your God, 
With heart, and soul, and voice. 

2 Though high above all praise, 

Above all blessing high, 
Who would not fear his holy name, 
And laud, and magnify? 

3 O for the living flame 

From his own altar brought, 
Td touch our lips, our souls inspire, 
And wing to heaven our thought ! 

4 God is our strength and song, 

And his salvation ours; 
Then be his love in Christ proclaimed 
With all our ransomed powers. 

5 Stand up. and bless the Lord ; 

The Lord your God adore ; 
Stand up, and bless his glorious name, 
Henceforth, forevermore. 

264: Purity of heart, 

i Blest are the pure in heart, 
For they shall see our God ; 
The secret of the Lord is theirs; 
Their soul is his abode. 

2 Still to the lowly soul 

II doth himself impart, 
And for his temple and his throne 
is the pure in heart. 

3 Lord, we thy presence a 

May ours this blessing I 
O give the pure and lowly heart,— 
A temple meet for thee. 

Doxolopy. S. M. 
To God, the Father, - 

And Spirit. One in Three, 
Be glory, as it was, is now, 
And shall forever be. 




Snt(ocl). @. 3Wf. 



fi i f i FHirc i fiBT^a g 

fcv* i -4 ^p^p&JPii 



for a Thousand Tongues. 

I O for ■ thousand tongues, to sing 
My great Redeemer's praise ; 
The glories of my God and King, 
The triumphs of his grace. 

My grai ions Master, and my God, 

4 nie to proclaim, — 
To spread, through all the earth abroad, 
The honors of thy name. 

Jesus ! the name that charms our feats, 
That bids our sorrows cease ; 

'Tis music in the sinner's ears, 
'Tis life, and health, and, peace. 

He breaks the power of cancell'd sin, 

He sets the pris'ner free ; 
His blood can make the foulest clean ; 

His blood availed for me. 


Hark, the glad sound ! the Saviour comes, 3 

The Saviour, promised Long ; 
Let every heart prepare a throne, 

And every voice a song. 

He comes, the pris'ner to release, 

In Satan's bondage held ; 
The gates of brass before him burst. 

The iron fetters yield. 

Hark the Glad Sound. 

He comes, from thickest films of vice 

To clear the mental ray, 
And on the eyes oppressed with night 

To pour celestial day. 

4 Our glad hosannas. Prince of Peace, 
Thy welcome shall proclaim, 
And heaven's eternal arches ring 
With thy beloved name. 


Joy to the World. 

t Joy to the world, the Lord i> COUM ! 

earth receive her King ; 

I .< t every heart prepare him room. 
And heaven and nature sing. 

2 J'v to the world, the Saviour reigns! 

1 - t mm their songs employ ; 
While fields and floods, rocks, hills, and 

Repeat the sounding joy. [plains, 

No more let sin and SOTTOW grow, 
Nor thorns infest the ground ; 

mes to make his blessings flow 
Far as the curse i^ found. 

He rules the world with truth and grace, 
And makes the nations prove 

The glories of his righteousness, 
An I wonders of his love. 


Doxology. C. M. 
To Father, Son. and Holy Ghost, 

< >ne I iod, whom we adore, 
15c glory as it was. i, DOW, 
Xftd shall be evermore, 


Crown 7iiim EorQ of 011. 


-H 1 J 3 

— t * 

1. All hail the pow'i '•;' Je- sns' name ! Let angels prostrate tall; 
•J. Crown liini, ye morning stars of light, Who fixed this earthly ball; 

* * 


—j^.^ — ± 
* # j i ■ *- 



J — i 



Bring forth the roy - al di - a- dem, And crown him Lord of all; 

Now hail tbestrength cf Israel's might, And crown him Lord of all; 





Bring forth tin- roy- al di - a- dem, And crown him Lord of all. 

Now hail the strength of Israel's might. And crown him Loid of all. 

* ■*• * * ■ *»■•■■*—■ 


sfe^ a 

3 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race. 

Ye ransomed from the fall. 
Hail him who saves you by his grace 
And crown him Lord of all. 

4 Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget 

The wormwood and the gall. 

ir trophies at his feet, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

5 Let every kindred, every tribe, 

On this terrestrial ball, 
To him all majestv ascribe, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

6 O that with yonder sacred throng 

We at his feet may fall ! 
Well join the everlasting son:; 
And crown him Lord of all. 


•.he name high over ail 

In hell, or earth or sky ; 
Angels and men before it fall, 
And devils fear and fly. 

Jesus, the Name. c M 

I 4 O that the world might taste and see 
The riches of his grace ! 
The arms of love that compass me 
Would ail mankind embrace. 

2 Jesus! the name to sinners dear 

The nam-.- to sinners niven ; 
It scatter.-, al! their guilty fear : 
It turns their hell to hea 

3 Jesus the prisoner's fetters breaks 

And bruises S - head ; 

And lit" into - 

His only righteousni -- I show, 

Hi- savin;* truth proclaim: 

11 my business here below 
T ocry. '•■ Behold the Lamb!" 

. if with my latest breath 
I may but gasp his n 

him to all. and cry in death 

Behold, behol ib! " 



asioto ge flfje Evutnptt 




A — L 

W-J — I - 


1. Blow ye the trumpet, blow,The gladly solemn sound ! Lei all the nations know, 

2. Jesus, our great High Priest, Hath lull Atonement made: Ye weary 3pirits,rest • 

T^r. n 1 * * * ,g^-r» , J f ,r ? 


To earth's re - mo -test hound 
Ye mournful souls, be glad : 

The year 
The year 



bi - lee is 
bi - lee is 







I ^ 

The year of ju 


lee is come, Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 






— ■ , r 

3 Extol the Lamb of God, 
The all-atoning Lamb; 

Redemption in his blood 

Throughout the world proclaim: 
The year of jubilee is come! 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 

4 Ye slaves of sin and hell, 
Your liberty receive. 

And Bafe In Jesus dwell, 

And blest in Jesus live: 
The year of jubilee is come! 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 

6 Ye who have sold for naught 

Your heritage above, 
Shall have it back nnbought, 

The :- r it't of Jeans' love \ 
The year of jubilee is cornel 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 

6 The gospel trumpet hear, 

The news of beavenlj praeej 
And. saved from earth, appear 

l;. fore yOOr Saviour's t.i 
The year of jubilee is OOme ! 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, Lome. 

1 / 4 Come, every pious neart. 

1 Come, every pious heart, 

That loves the Saviour's name, 
Your noblest powers exert 

To celebrate his fame; 
Tell all above, and all below, 
The debt of love to him you owe. 

2 He left his starry crown, 

And laid his robes aside. 
On wings of love came down, 
And wept, and bled, and died. 
What he endured, oh, who can tell. 
j To save our souls from death and belli 

3 From the dark ^rave he rose, 
The mansions of the dead, 

And thence his mighty foes 
In gloi ions triumph led ; 
I Up through the sky the conqueror rode 
And reigns on high, the Saviour God. 

4 Jesus, we ne'er can pay 
The debt we owe thy love; 

Yet tell us bow we may 

Our jtratitude approve j 

Our hearts. OUT all to thee we give. — 
The gift, thou ■":; mall,thoo wilt receive* 


SUitnston. C JH. 








1.: I? ■ 

■ • J 


2: a 



27 b' Through all the Changing. 

1 Through all the changing scenes of life, 

In trouble and in joy, 
The praises of my God shall still 
My heart and tongue employ. 

2 My soul shall make her boast in him, 

And celebrate his fame ; 
Come, magnify the Lord with me, 
With me exalt his name. 

3 The hosts of God encamp around 

The dwellings of the just ; 
Deliverance he affords to all 
Who on his succor trust. 

4 O^ ! make but trial of his love ; 

Experience will will decide 
How biest they are, and only they, 
Who in his truth confide. 

277 This is the Day. 

1 This is the day the Lord hath made, 
He calls the hours his own — 

Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad, 
And praise surround his throne. 

2 To-day he rose and left the dead, 
And Satan's empire fell ; 

To-day the saints his triumphs spread, 
And all his wonders tell. 

3 Hosanna to the anointed King, 
To David's holy Son ! 

Help us, O Lord ! descend and bring 
Salvation from thy throne. 

4 Blest be the Lord, who comes to men, 
With messages of grace, 

comes, in God his Father's name, 
tvc our sinful race. 

5 Hosanna in the highest strains 
The church on earth can - 

The highest heavens, in which he reigns, 
Shall give him nobler praise. 


278 Am I a Soldier of the Cross 

i Am I a soldier of the cross, 
A follower of the Lamb, 
And shall I fear to own his cause, 
Or blush to speak his name ? 

2 Must I be carried to the skies 
On flowery beds of ease, 

While others fight to win the prize, 
And sail through bloody seas? 

3 Are there no foes for me to face? 
Must I not stem the flood ? 

Is this vile world a friend to grace, 
To help me on to God ? 

4 Sure I must fight if I would reign-« 
Increase my courage, Lord : 

I'll bear the toil, endure the pain. 
Supported by thy word. 

279 Beneath Moriah's Rocky Side. 

1 Beneath Moriah's rocky side 
A gentle fountain sprin_ 

Silent and soft its waters glide, 
Like-the peace the Spirit brings. 

2 The thirsty Arab stoops to drink 
Of-the cool and quiet wave — 

And-the thirsty spirit stops to think 
Of Him who came to save. 

3 Siloam is the fountain's name: 
It means 

And thus tli-.- I r's name 


• that I, like this sweet well, 

is' image bear, 
.) 1 my life, my all, to tell 
full his mercies are. 


3ES B 

%n tl)t erosa of Cljrt.ot. 

£*rr*zEr- g -vf^ g * i 

♦ -£-* 


z In the cross of Christ I glo-ry, Tow'ring o'er the wrecks of time; 


1 — r 



*— u 




«> — •- 






All the light of sa - cred sto-ry, Gathers round its head sublime. 

r±+ JrA 









2 When the woes of life o'ertake me. 

Hopes deceive, and fears annoy, 
Never shall the cross forsake me; 
Lol it glows with peace and joy. 

3 When the sun of bliss is beaming 

Light and love upon my way, 
From the cross the radiance streaming 
Add* more lustre to the day. 

4 Bane and blessing, pain and pleasure, 

By the cross are sanctified ; 
Peace is there, that knows no measure, 
Joys that through all time abide. 

5 In the cross of Christ I glory, 

Towering o'er the wrecks of time; 
AH the light of sacred story 
Gathers round its head sublime. 


Dracr, perfect ftcace. 

Edward H. Bickersteth. 


1. Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin? Theblood ol Jesus whispers 

2. Peace, perfect peace, by thronging duties press'df To do the will of Jesus, 
:;. Peace, perfeel peace, with sorrows surging round? On Jesus 1 bosom naught but 

.V*. -*>-• + <- * _fL*i*LUA^gL W ,t ; f t l 

I ! 3=- i I r T- F 9 !■ I 


] 5 -±=£ 

i — r 




i Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones tar away ? 


this || 

calm Is 

|| i Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones tai 
^"*'J 1 in Jesna keeping we are safe, and they. 

~**~ ."» Peace, perfect peace, <>ur ratnre all unki 



I ■ ^ % ■.. 

n known ? 

Jesus we know, and be Kaon the throne, 
•eace, perfect i>< ace, death shadowing us and ours? 
esns has vanquiahed death and all its powers, 
I fa enough earth's straggles Boon shall cease, 
\i,d .i. sua call us to heaven's perfect pi 



2?anna- @. JW. D, 

Geo. F. Root. 





- r ; 

• » 


* ■ •? * 




* . *•** r y 



£ £ z:£ £ 

flr [ipii 

283 I Heard the Voice of Jesus say. 

1 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

Come unto me and rest, — 
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down 

Thy head upon my breast: 
I came to Jesus as I was, 

Weary, and worn, and sad: 
I found in him a resting place, 

And he has made me glad. 

2 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

I am this dark world's light, — 
Look unto me, thy morn shall rise, 

And all thy day be bright : 
I looked to jesus, and I found 

In him my Star, my Sun; 
And in that light of life I'll walk, 

Till traveling days are done. 

284 Jerusalem, my Happy Home. 
i Jerusalem, my happy home, 

Name ever dear to mc ; 
When shall my labors have an end, 

In joy, and peace, and thee? 
Oh, when, thou city of my God I 

Shall I thy courts ascend? 
Where congregations ne'er break up, 

And Sabbaths have no end. 

* There happier bowers than Eden's 

Nor sin nor sorrow know ; [bloom, 
Blest seats ! thro' rude and stormy scenes 

I onward press to you. 
Why should I shrink at pain and woe, 

Or feel at death dismay ? 
I've Canaan's goodly land in view, 

And realms of endless day. 

3 Apostles, martyrs, prophets, there 

Around my Saviour stand ; 
And soon my friends in Christ below 

Will join the glorious band. 
Jerusalem, my happy home, 

My soul still pants for thee ; 
Then shall mv labors have an end, 

When i thy joys shall we, 

Zoo There is a Land of Pure Delight 
i There is a land of pure delight, 
Where saints immortal reign; 
Infinite day excludes the night, 

And pleasures banish pain. 
There everlasting spring abides, 
And never-withering flowers ; 
Death, like a narrow sea, divides 
This heavenly land from ours. 

2 Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood 

Stand dressed in living green; 
So to the Jews old Canaan stood, 

While Jordan rolled between. 
But timorous mortals start and shrink 

To cross this narrow sea ; 
And linger, shivering on the brink, 

And fear to launch away. 

3 Oh, could we make our doubts remove, 

Those gloomy doubts that rise, 
And see the Canaan that we love 

With unbeclouded eyes: 
Could we but climb where Moses stood. 

And view the landscape o'er, [flood, 
Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold 

Should fright us from the shore. 

Whilst Thee 1 seek, 
thee I seek, protecting Power? 



i Whilst 

Be my vain wishes stilled, 
And may this consecrated hour 

With better hopes be filled. 
Thy love the power of thought bestowed, 

To thee my thoughts would soar: 
Thy mercy o'er my life has flowed, 

That mercy I adore. 

2 In each event of life, how clear 

Thy ruling hand I see; 
Each blessing to my soul most dear, 

Because conferred by thee. 
In every joy that crowns my days, 

In every pain I bear. 
My hcirt shall find de-light in praise, 

Or seek relief in prayer. 


StDttt Sjour of IJraocr. 

Rr-V WlLI IAM W. Wai I Kl 

> ^ 

William B. Bradbury. 

i— 1- 


«= # — t] 

I Sweel iionr of pray'r! sweet boar of pray 'r! That calla me from a world of care | 
( Ami bids me at my Father's tbrooe Make all my wants and i 

M. *- +. *. *. JL H 

s — p— sr W f | •— •-* 

■* » — r — » i 

D. 0, — And oft escaped the tempter's Mian-, Hy thy return, sweet 


i ^r I I J ^i j ■ • 

■-S— » . , - — s— 

t^t-jfj-'i-r ill nj n 

wishes know n; In seasons of distress and grief My soul has often found relief, 
7v^# * r~ 


hour of pray'r. 

2 ||: Sweet hour of pray'r! :|| 
Thy wings shall ray petition hear 
To him whose truth and faithfulness 
Engage the waiting soul to Mess: 

And sinee he bids me seek his face, 
Believe his word, and trust his grace, 
I'll east on him my every care, 
And wait for thee, sweet hour of pray'r. 

3 ||: Sweet hour ot pray'r, :|| 

May I thy consolation share; 

Till, from Mount Pisgah'a lofty height 

I view my borne, and take my flight : 

This robe Of flesh I'll drop, and rise 

To seize the everlasting prize; 

And shout, while passing thro' the air. 

Farewell, farewell, sweet hour of pray'r. 


Ebt aorli's ftraotr. 

mm, i 

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy 

2 Give us this day our dai - ly 

:; And lead us not into temptation, hut deliver us from 


e\ il : 




Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as il 

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that 
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, 

and the glory, For > \ er and 

is in 
trespass ■ 

ever. \- 

hea> "n 
gainst H-. 

• ): . 








Abide with me, fast hills 69 

A burden was laid on my 

A charge to keep I have 

A cloud of witnesses around. . . . 

A little while to wait 7'.' 

All hail the power of Jesus'. ... l'71 

All we like sheep have gone. . . . 60 

Amazing thought 77 

America 1 v 'i 

A message sweet is borne to me 

Am I a soldier of the Cross. . . . 278 

Anchor your bark 87 

Another year is dawning 253 

Are you walking in the sunlight 73 

Ann for the battle 

As a Christian band 102 

Ashamed of Jesus 7 7 

Asleep in Jesus! blessed 238 

As we go 

Awake my soul, in joyful L97 

Awake my soul, stretch every.. J_'7 


Be a Good Samaritan 50 

Bear the cross for Jesus 149 

Beautiful carols of joy 174 

Beautiful city, home of the 49 

Because he loved me so 179 

Before Jehovah's awful 212 

Be kind to those around us 175 

Beloved, now are we the sons. . . 18 

Beneath Moriah's rocky 279 

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine 156 

Blessed Lily of the Valley 158 

Blest are the pure in heart 264 

Blest be the tie that binds 190 

Blow ye the trumpet, blow 273 

By and by I know there'll 128 

By clear Galilee 17 

By grace alone 

By the clear waters of Galilee. . 17 


Carry the light 22 

Christ, and him crucified H7 

Christ shall have all 16 

Christ speaks of one 50 

Christ will me his aid afford HI 

Come and join our happy throng 93 

Come, come to-day 169 

Come, contrite one, and seek 62 

Come, every pious heart 274 


Come hither, all ye weary 224 

Come, Holy Spirit, calm my.... 217 

Come, Holy Spirit, come 258 

Come. Holy Spirit, thee I am. . . 

Come just as you are 56 

Come, O come with anthems. ... 53 

Come rest awhile 43 

Come. Sinner, come to Jesus. . . . ."»»', 

Come, thou fount of every 2 !."> 

Come to the Saviour 1C9. 

Come, ye sinners, poor and.... 202 

Come, ye thankful people 166 

Come ye that love the Lord 104 

Cometh the time foretold 177 

Communion with my Father. ... 41 

Crossing one by one 120 

Crown him Lord of All 271 


Did Christ o'er sinners weep. . . . 193 

Do the best you can 38 

Do you see the Saviour standing 122 


Father, whate'er of earthly bliss 220 

Forth in the dawnlight 172 

From every stormy wind 242 

From Greenland's icy mountains 232 
Fully trust the loving Saviour. 15 


Gently, Lord, oh, gently 204 

God bless our native land 187 

God calling yet 240 

God has opened all the gates. ... 98 

God sends us nothing but LOO 

God shall wipe all tears 7 

Go forth at Christ's command . . . 181 

Go forth, go forth for Jesus 39 

Go labor on 226 

Grace! 'tis a charming 262 


Hail to the Lord's anointed 233 

Hark, hark, the trumpet 146 

Hark, ten thousand harps 251 

Hark, the glad sound 268 

Have you had a kindness 12 

Heavenly Father, God of Nations 

He careth for me 

He is mine, I am his 158 

He leadeth me 



I [elped by helping ol hers 3 1 

He Bhall iv. d his flock 178 

Higher ground LO 

Holy. holy, holy 

How dear to my bean arc 99 

How do th> mercies 222 

How gentle Hod's commands... r.»i 

How happy we'd be could we... i'> ; ' 

How many sad partings 86 

How ofl we grow lonely L38 

i low should we spend our time. . 7 1 

How the hand of lo\ e can 101 


I am coming to the Cross 201 

i am redeemed 60 

I am safe in the pock si 

i am sheltered in thee 81 

I am willing .' 25 

II Christ should come 118 

It clouds blot out the sun 38 

If o'er thy way dark clouds. ... 37 

[f our Lord should come 118 

li' the Lord your soul has 140 

11 3 mi cannot on the ocean 97 

1 heard the voice of Jesus 283 

I have found release 9 

I know not why 88 

I love the happy, happy 171 

I love thy kingdom. Lord 261 

I'm pressing on the upward.... 10 

I'm rejoicing to-day 83 

I in thinking just now of 114 

I'm washed in the blood 133 

1 need thee every hour 91 

Infinite love 70 

In God's own time 37 

in the cross of Christ 1 280 

In the hour of trial 196 

In the light 153 

in the shadow of the evening. . . 4 

In the Shelter Of the Saviour's.. 106 

I shall be like him 123 

Is my name written there is I 

is thy heart with sorrow 151 

It came upon the midnight 161 

h comes tb me ever in sorrow.. 63 

It was BO little 26 

I've no refuge, Lord, beside thee 71 

I was down at the poo) 94 

I was poorer than all 160 


Jerusalem, my happy home 284 

JeSUS, and shall it ever be 223 

Jesus comes with power to 20 



Jesus, engrave it on my heart. . . 211 

Jesus. I my cross have 204 

Jesus in the temple 182 

Jesus is come 75 

.Jesus is passing by 62 

.1* BUS is ready, are you 65 

- leads the way 110 

Jesus, my Saviour, look on me.. 216 

Jesus of Nazareth passed my... 8 

Jesus saves 

a shall reign where 241 

Jesus! the name high over 272 

Jesus waits to save 122 

Jordan's waves I do not. fear. . . . L9 

Journey in the King's highway. 58 

Joyfully, joyfully 7^ 

Joyful praises 142 

Joy to the world, the Lord is. . . 269 

Just as 1 am I come to thee 27 

Just as I am, without one plea . 194 

Just one touch 116 

Just over beyond in Eden 114 


Keep close to Jesus 163 

Keep on the sunny side 28 


Lamp of my feet 126 

Lead, kindly light 199 

Lead me, Saviour LIS 

I • t the gospel light shine 72 

Let the redeemed say so 140 

Let thy peace flow as a river. ... L51 

Let us render loving deeds 32 

Let us walk in the light of his. . 

Life has iis changeful seasons., lm 

Life in the light of his face 129 

Lift the glorious banner 

Lift, ye gates, lift up your 144 

Like an army we are march.... 160 

Listen to the bells 171 

Little soldiers of Jesus 170 

Look well to your cables 87 

Lord, dismiss us with thy 247 

Lord. Qod, the Holy Ghost 

Lord. 1 care not for riches 181 

Lord Jesus, make me whole 152 

Lord, teach us how to pray \ 

Lo! round the throne a - 

Lo! the day of rest declineth... 252 

Lo! the fruitful harvest 105 

1 ove and sunshine 176 

Love keeps me singing 116 

Love lightens burdens 101 

uir HYMNS. 


Loyal soldiers 24 

Loyalty to Christ 181 


Majestic sweetness sits 127 

Many in darkness are far 22 

Marching to Zion L04 

May the grace of Christ 249 

Moit- like Jesus 47 

.Must Jesus bear the cross 243 

My country, 'tis of thee (old tune) 186 
My country, 'tis of thee (new tune) 139 

My faith looks up tO thee 198 

My gracious Lord! I own 226 

My Jesus, as thou wilt 206 

My Jesus. 1 love thee 107 

>ly Saviour first of all 125 

My Saviour left his home 179 

My sins are all forgiven 133 

My soul in sad exile 51 


Nature's glad voices are 174 

Nearer, my God. to thee 121 

N» \v America 139 

No danger can my soul 36 

No other message will do 67 

No scenes of mirth upon 84 

Not a cloud to hide our sky 155 

Not mine, but thine 13 

Not saved 82 

Not with divided heart 16 

Now are we the sons of God. ... 18 

Now to the Lord a noble song. . 235 


O beautiful home of the weary. . 90 

O'er the trackless deep the 46 

O for a thousand tongues to sing 267 

Oh. it is beautiful 49 

Oh, joyfully, joyfully 78 

Oh, remember Jesus loves you. 64 

Oh. sometimes the shadows.... 185 

Oh. the joy that we may know. . 44 

Oh. what wilt thou do L64 

Oh, wont you meet me there. . . 52 

O idler, why loiter the bright. . . 40 

I stood by the pool 94 

Once my eyes saw nothing 29 

On for Jesus 92 

Oh to victory 146 

Onward, Christian soldier 1." 1 

On which side will you be 119 

O Son of God, thou lovest me. . . 42 

O tell me again 113 

O tell me the story 118 

O that my load of sin were gone 219 
O thou, to whose all searching. . 213 

Our church home 3 

Our Father, who art in heaven. . 288 
Our friends on earth we meet. . . 132 
Our Lord can hold the ocean... 134 
( Overcoming in the name of Jesus 9 
() why stand ye idle 40 


Pass it on li' 

Peace, perfect peace in this 281 

Perfect rest 95 

Praise, joyful praise 142 

Praise the name of Christ 168 

Praise ye Jehovah 130 


Rain and sunshine 136 

Redeemed through the blood . . . 106 

Refresh me now 147 

Rejoice in the light 61 

Remember, Jesus loves you 64 

Rock of ages 208 


Sad is the sound as it falls 82 

Saved and kept 83 

Saviour, lead me, lest I stray. . . 162 

Saviour, like a shepherd 203 

Saviour, often I am tempted. . . . 147 
Saviour, visit thy plantation. . . . 248 

Send out the sunlight 11 

Since Christ the Lord is mine. . . 36 

Smile in God's name 21 

Soldiers of the Eternal King 180 

Some day I know not 19 

Soon may the last glad song. . . . 2^6 

Sow in the morn thy seed 192 

Standing like a lighthouse 72 

Standing on the promises 157 

Stand up and bless the Lord 263 

Stand up, stand up for Jesus. .66, 229 

Steps are before me 47 

Step into the waters of love. ... 57 

Sun of my soul 209 

Sweeter than all 141 

Sweet hour of prayer 287 

Sweet is the work, my God 210 

Sweet the moments 7 ( ; 


Take courage, my brother 129 

Take the world for Jesus 54 

Teach me, Lord 117 

Teach thou me 117 



Tell his goodness o'er and 

The army of i be Lord '.':: 

The beaut Iful, i>< aul Iful lulls. . . ::i 

The beautiful land 108 

The Christian warfare 33 

The cross is not greater 86 

The cross thai be gave 86 

The day Is past and gone 256 

The day star hath ai isen 1-1 

The earth was (Illed with p< 

The fountain of bealing is open. 57 

The glad home gathering L28 

The great physician now is. . . . L95 

py song n 

'I'hc harbor lights of home 16 

The ban i Bt will come by and by 96 

The hai en of rest 51 

i 23 

The King of Glory in 

The I oid Is my shepherd 143 

The Lord's prayer 288 

■ r a work 102 

morning light is breaking.. 228 
The old oak* n buck* i 99 

only refuge 71 

The quiet hour 41 

The Redeemer shall come to... 176 
There Is joy in him we love... 136 

There is a fountain filled 2 1 1 

There is gladness in my spirit.. 116 
There is a land ot pure delight. . 285 
Tin r s's a city bright and lair. . . 98 
There's a dark and a troubled. . 28 
There's a love that is sweeter. . . 70 

Th< re's a wideness in God's 189 

There's joy in him we love 136 

Tlw rock that is higher than I. . L85 
The royal banner of the cross.. 173 

The forth 200 

They brought their gifts to Jesus 35 

rd 277 

This life will soon be ended .... 
Though clouds liki I hang. 61 

Thousands stand to-day in 112 

Through all the changing scene* 
To Path* r, Son and Holy Ghost 270 

God, lie Father, Son 265 

Transformat ion l m .« 

True in heai t and loyal we 24 

Trusting in Jesus alone •• 

Trust him L5 

Twas love that L< d him 12 


i'i»' arous4 : • 103 


CJp! for jVsus stand L80 

Use m*\ () my gracious Saviour. Ill 


Waiting at the pool ni' 

Wake list'ning BkieS ~7, 

Walking and talking with \ \s 

Walking in the sunlight 7:: 

are manfning, marching. . . . 170 

are marching on L10 

ary souls in darkness 

We come to our church home. . . :: 

We have a home, a heav'nly L37 

We have come to worship Jesus. 260 

We have heard a joyful 89 

We have heard of a land 108 

Welcome, happy morning 48 

Welcome, Bweet spirit of love. . 

i i all meet at home 85 

We'll meet them 90 

We'll never say good-hye 132 

We plough the fields 167 

We're going home 137 

We shall cross the mystic river. I 2 I 

We will make a joyful noise 30 

We will sing and make 30 

What a friend we have in 188 

What did Jesus say L82 

What seed are you sowing '."'. 

What sinners value I resign. . . . 

When Christ arose 59 

When Christ is in the heart 84 

When darkness once her wings. 135 

When, his salvation bringing. . . 230 

When I shall reach the 123 

When I survey the wondrous. . . 218 

When love shines in 20 

When my life's work is ended. . . 125 

When my soul is oppressed 31 

When the Bridegroom comes... 1 

When the pendulum of time 119 

When the veil is lifted 138 

When we reach our home 1~>~> 

Winn you start for the land... L63 

Whilst thee I seek 

While life prolongs its 216 

Will you he one 14 

Will you come to the feast 

Work, for the night is coming. . 159 

Working, watching, praying — .39 

Would you go rejoicing 58 


Your mission 97